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Two Side Of A Coin – Episode 10


Kimber dropped by my house on her way back from work. She looked very tired and stressed. I couldnt help b ut asked.

Lucia: How was work today ?

Kimberly: I dont even want to talk about it, it was very hectic.

Lucia: Its evident on you but why didnt you just head home and get some rest ?

Kimberly: I needed to see you, spending time with you, relieves me of any kind of stress.

Lucia: I’m flattered.

Kimberly: That wasn’t meant as a compliment.

Lucia: Then what was it ?

Kimberly: Nevermind, how about you, how was your day ?

Lucia: Boring. I have been home alone since i came back from the boutique earlier today.

Kimberly: What about your mum ?

Lucia: She travelled to get some new stock.

Kimberly: So what are you going to do ?

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Lucia: Dont worry about me, i’ll get by.

Kimberly: Could i use your phone to make a call ?

Lucia: What happened to your own phone ?

Kimberly: The battery is dead.

I gave her a suspicious look and then handed her the phone. She dialled the number and listen. When the person picked up, she spoke.

Kimberly: Hey Chris, its Kimberly.

I couldnt believe my ears, i promise to kill her for this.

Kimberly: Am good and you ?

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A moment of silence’ then she said ” she is fine”. I knew she was referring to me. Another moment of silence then she finally said. ” Hold on, let me pass her the phone”. No! She didnt, i cant believe this is happening. She t—-t out the phone to me and whispered. ” Talk to him please”. I collected the phone but not before i told her i’m going to have her head in the stakes for it.

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Chris: Hi

Lucia: Hi

Chris: How are you.

Lucia: I’m fine.

I could you put me in sure a position, i muttered under my breath. She look at me and smiled.

Chris: Is this your number ?

Lucia: Yes it is.

Chris: I’ll give you a call later. Take care, bye.
Lucia: Bye.

Immediately i dropped the phone, i turned to her and said.

Lucia: You devil.

Kimberly: Am i ?

Lucia: Yes you are. He is going to give me a call laterh thanks to you, he now has my number.

Kimberly: Wow! Be nice when he calls yo u.

Lucia: Why should i ?

Kimberly: Why shouldn’t you ? He just wants to be your friend, nothing is wrong with that.

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Lucia: I dont need more friends.

Kimberly: Exactly, how many friend do you have ?

Lucia: Atleast i got you.

Kimberly: And you think, just me is enough.

Lucia: How many friend do i really need.

Kimberly: Alot and Chris is one of the many.

Lucia: What about you, dont you need more friend.

Kimberly: That isnt the point, this is about you not me. And when he calls be nice. Am warning you.

She sounded that warning with a note of finality and i couldnt care less. I get her and i dont think there is any need for someone else.

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