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Tunnel Of Love – Season 1 – Episode 2

It was resolved that should go back to the sitting area until help arrived but a lot of conversation and three hours later there wasn’t a sign of any rescuers. The big worry was having no food or water if nobody bothered to look for them for a couple of days. Reiko started to panic.

“Why the f*ck isn’t anyone coming,” she cried, “They know I’m not at the office, my cars just outside here – so why isn’t anyone here – shows how much they f*cking care about me.”

Russ tried to calm her down but she was becoming quite hysterical. In the end, he decided to go and look if there was an emergency exit somewhere. For over an hour he searched the various tunnels and rooms until he came up to a metal ladder that led to, what appeared to be exactly what he was looking for, but unfortunately, it had been secured, probably when the military moved out.

Reiko didn’t take the news well and so he sat beside her, put his arm around her and tried to console her.

“Could we die here Russ?” she asked.

“I don’t think so,”

“But you’re not sure are you.”

“I’m pretty sure – even my car is parked in the center of town – that will arouse some suspicion.”

“No it won’t,” she babbled, “They will simply tow it away and the office manager will think I just took off for my weekend and we’re going to sit here and die of thirst and it’s all too horrible to think about.”

She kept on crying for fifteen minutes or so and then she came out with an unexpected suggestion.

“Just in case we are going to die Russ, would you like to f*ck me – I mean this could be the last time for both of us.”

He was amazed that she would be thinking about s*x at a time like this but she was a very beautiful woman and to turn her down would be insulting – not to mention the fact that he was beginning to get a hard on.

Russ didn’t answer her he just pulled her towards him and kissed her sensuous lips. She responded by throwing her arms around his neck and their tongues were soon familiarizing themselves with each other.

When he slipped his hand up her top she held him even tighter and as he unfastened he bra at the back she started to tremble a little. Once it was off he began to fondle her soft warm tits and then bowed his head to take her nipples in his mouth. While he sucked and licked them he put one hand up her short skirt and forced a finger up one side of her panties and into her warm wet crack.

It seemed that the horror of being locked in a virtual tomb had been forgotten for the moment as she eased him away so that she could take off all of her clothes and Russ did the same. She had an absolutely gorgeous blemish-less body and he could wait to hold it against his.

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