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Travails Of An Abused Woman – Episode 11

Jofin punched, kicked and beat up Alexis to the point of bleeding. “Nobody humilates my sister and go scot-free.” Alexis went on his knees and pleaded. “I am sorry, I will never insult your sister again, I won’t even cross her path, I promise.” Jofin punched him again. “Now you can beg when your big boy has been ruined huh? Listen up everyone, my eyes and my people are on you, anyone who insult, abuse or even so much as sneer at Emerald Janda, I will make sure that that will be the last act of your life.

You are all idiots, am sure when most of you become lawyers you will be corrupt and insincere why? Because if you can mock and humilate someone who has gone through an emotional trauma, then there is little hope for the abused out there all because of your personalities.” And it is still this same Emerald you all mock that is the best in your faculty. Shame on you all.”

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He kicked Alexis few more times and left. After this, Emerald never had issues till she graduated. Alexis, stayed clear of her and made sure he didn’t upset Emerald because of Jofin.

After five years at Imperial University, Emerald graduated with a first class honours in law, she then proceeded to Law School. “Hurray, a toast to the first graduate in this house, Emerald.” Emerald, Jofin, Sophia and Doctor Manuel were all celebrating the successful graduation of Emerald.

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Jofin was then in the clinical part of his medicine and surgery degree, he still had two and a half years to finish university. “Am proud of you Emmy, thank you for not disappointing me.” Doctor Manuel embraced her. Emerald smiled. “I’m also grateful aunty, you’ve been there for me at my best and lowest times, encouraging and cheering me on. I love you.”

Sophia grunted and smiled. “Please don’t turn emotional, let’s celebrate instead.” And they celebrated all night.


One bright morning Doctor Manuel and Emerald sat down discussing. “Aunty, I have this idea, I want to start helping abused people, give them hope and counsel them emotionally but I have no funds and am still in Law school what do you think? Doctor Manuel smiled. “That’s great, I also have the same idea, the thing is we can start by using my clinic’s hall for the venue and we will create some awareness, this should make most of them that are scared of rejection come out. You can also be a living witness as you can encourage them with what you have achieved so far.”

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Emerald smiled. “Am happy thank you aunty, I will write some things out for you to go through.” Doctor Manuel nodded. “No problem, we will call it ‘Sanctuary Foundation’ a place where they can become better without fear of rejection.”

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