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TRAPPED – Season 1 – Episode 9

Harry:I think Ivy has regained her memory

Kyle:(he scoff at him) you know that’s not possible.
Memory loss is not a small thing

Harry:I dunno but I saw her discussing things with Ariana when your mom came to pick you earlier.

Kyle: that’s your imagination.. Stay calm and let think of how I will get to camp

Harry:should I come over to convince your mom?

Kyle:you know you’re writing an invitation to death.

Harry:so your mama don’t like me..what is my fault with helping you awaken who you are I didn’t turn you into a gay anyway

Kyle: You’re really getting on my nerves

Harry:what’s wrong with me calling you what you are?


kyle hang up and sank deeper in bed facing the ceiling and thinking of how he’s gonna make it to camp then he called Ivy to help convince his mom,Ivy was like”of course you must go to camp so I can get you guys” Ivy pleaded to her mother to talk to Mrs Bennet and she agreed after much begging and whining.

🏫 School🏫
Everyone is seen smiling and with their bags queuing on a line to enter the big coaster bus they are going to the camp.its a far away forest reserve but fenced from invasion of predators.
Inside the bus.

Kyle sat beside lance,Harry sat with Ariana and Peter sat with Ivy (lolz the security is really tight here)Everyone fell asleep on the way but kyle didn’t.

He opened his eye and tilted his head back to check on Harry but met Ivy’s gaze instead staring at him.

Kyle couldn’t take his eyes away and this staring continued

Kyle:(soliloquizing) why is this happening to me?no I must not)
Ivy:(in her thought)Do you really wish to change?but not me please don’t fall for me I need to expose and avenge what you did to me)
Lance changed his sleeping position and this end their staring and mind talk

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