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TRAPPED – Season 1 – Episode 8

Ariana:oh my God thank God you’re back(crying)

Ivy:don’t be such a cry baby You’re a fashionista at that

Ariana:I’m just so happy I thought you will never regain your memory.I really miss my best friend.

Ivy:I will never forgive those guys

Ariana:who.. And how did the accident happen?

Ivy:Kyle is a gay as well

Ariana:(she cover her mouth)what???

Ivy:Kyle,Lance, Peter and Senior Harry they are all 100% full blooded gay.

Ariana:but..but how is that related to the accident

Ivy:that day when I said we should hang out together.. That night they wanted to [email protected] me(feeling embarrassed)

Ariana:what. Gang rape are they crazy?they want to ruin your life for knowing their secret. But Kyle he’s acting strange. I think that incident lessen his wickedness

Ivy:he is playing funny…I font care if he has reformed or not I’ll still teach them a lesson.

Ariana: will you tell Mrs Caline bout them?

Ivy:I can’t say anything without proof.I will have to catch them red handed also our P.E teacher its a big battle Ariana

Ariana:I’m so bittered right now but I’m with you don’t worry Ivy

Ivy:no one must know I’ve regained my memory


Its Monday Morning Mrs Caline went to Ivy’s room to wake her up.

Mrs Caline: Good morning sweety how was your night?

Ivy:it was splendid Mother and yours?

Mrs Caline:it was great so are we ready for breakfast?

Ivy:yes I will just brush my teeth

Ivy:mother can I start going to school tomorrow?

Mrs Caline:no I want you to rest well

Ivy:but mother I think School will heal me I really wanna resume back to school I’m always lonely when you guys leave in the morning

Chef Mirone:young miss I’m here for you

Ivy:(in her mind=talking of the devil why didn’t I remember your role in the crime before ?what exactly have I done to deserve that from her..I must find out who she is as well.)

Mrs Caline:I’m getting late honey see you later.

Ivy:okay mom

Mrs Caline left for work and Ivy went to the sitting room she fell into the sofa lazily and she saw an imaginary figure above her head it was upside down and its looking at her somehowwww not sad nor happy just a face of regret

Ivy:oh my God Kyle you scared the hell out of me

Kyle: sorry I didn’t mean to

Ivy:why didn’t you go to school?

Kyle: I dunno.. Just wanna help you with your memory stuff

Ivy:really?so anything to show me?

Kyle: by chance do you remember not wanting me to stay in your house the first day i came?

Ivy:. Uhm …no I don’t think I do and why will I be against you staying with us..I mean you’re cute and all.

Kyle: this is not working

Ivy:what’s not working

Kyle: I need to go to school

Ivy:uhh lolz its past 11 already

Kyle: can I confirm something?

Then Kyle lean over her Ivy who’s sleeping on the sofa he gently placed his lips on hers and press deep on her.he noticed his heart beating faster than before when their classmates came in.actually it was Harry that came in first.Kyle after smelling his end disengaged his lips and sat beside Ivy. I disturbing some progress here?

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