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TRAPPED – Season 1 – Episode 7

Ivy:when I woke up he was the first person I saw..that feelings I get when he cried I dunno as if we are really in to something but not sure if its good or bad

Mrs Caline: I hope you can tell me things like you’re doing’re always silent I also want to experience Mother to daughter’s private discussion

Ivy:I promise to change Mom

Mrs Caline:I need to inform Kyle that he is not returning to his house today..Mrs Bennet is not returning today


Ariana: (coming in)Her flight has been rerouted


Mrs Caline:you’re getting discharged tomorrow and you’re leg is not broken it was dislocated so the POP will be remove soon

Ivy:I guess God is with me

Ariana: yes a very quick recovery.

Mrs Caline went out and Kyle came in

Kyle: Ivy how are you now

Ivy:I’m getting better thanks to you

Kyle: (his heart skip a beat)thanks to me?
He went out

Ariana:Are you guys close?

Ivy:Are we not?but we live together.

1(one) week later. Ivy woke up at midnight and started crossing her eyebrow angrily then she went back to sleep
Kyle went to visit a Therapist.


He explained his problem to the therapist
Kyle: so is there any drug I can use to get back to my normal self?

Therapist: To being gay? well, I’ve not heard of a gay reforming nor about any drug one can use.

It’s in the blood I will just advise you to keep your secret well and stay away from that girl

Kyle: but why? it’s not like I love her it’s damn not possible

Therapist: I know you don’t love her but your heart’re falling for her.

Kyle: will you admit me so I can get better quickly.

Ivy’s Mansion

Ariana came over to visit her taking the pics they’ve taken together to show her if it will trigger some memories.

Ariana: hi Ivy how are you?

Ivy: ARIANA(confidently)

Ariana: you calling me like that… That’s Ivy

Ivy: yeah I remember everything now.

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