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TRAPPED – Season 1 – Episode 6

Now Ivy has lost her memory they all felt safe and happy except for Kyle.

💖 Ivy’s ward💖

Ivy:Who are you?I’ve been asking you that for the past 2 hours

Kyle: your name is Ivy

Ivy:I know my name okay?I’m asking for yours!where is Mom


Ivy:who is Mrs Caline?I’m talking about my mom today is Halloween right…I’m going out with Mom

Kyle:oh no
I will be back okay?

Kyle went out to meet the rest

Chef Mirone: any update(shaking) I hope she won’t report me

Kyle:she lost her memory the doctor is right. She didn’t even remember Her adoption.the memory of the Halloween night when she lost her mother is the one with her.

Harry:We need to call Mrs Caline

Kyle: I will do that now.

Kyle called Mrs Caline about Ivy’s accident she was shocked and regretted not being at home for her.she promised to arrive tomorrow. Mrs Bennet(Kykes Mother) promised to come as well.
Kyle returned to the room and met Ivy crying bitterly.He went to her

Ivy:Mom is dead… I remember now

Kyle:you…you remember what?

Ivy:I lost her on Halloween night

Kyle:what else did you remember(getting scared)

Ivy:I…I don’t seem to remember anything.. Plz who am I?

Kyle:you had an accident yesterday night and you’ve lost your memory. You are Ivy Caline.
Adopted child of Mrs Caline..we attend the same school

Ivy: seeing that you stayed with me since yesterday night we are best of friend I guess?

Kyle:umm ..well

Ivy: I hope you will help me regain my memory I get this feeling that I must remember you and my family.

💕 Outside the hospital💞

Ariana arrived crying at the hospital

Peter:who called her?

Harry:what the hell

Lance:we must keep her away from Ivy else she will spill the bean.


Ariana arrived at the hospital crying.
Immediately she saw Harry she went to meet I.

Ariana: Where is Ivy( almost out of voice)

Harry:how did you know?

Ariana:we didn’t see you guys in school today so I bump class to check on you to my surprise you all are missing. I asked around and learnt of the accident

Harry:(embracing her)its okay Ivy is okay

Ariana feeling uncomfortable pull away from his grasp

Ariana:stop acting like you feel anything


Ariana:and you?don’t tell me you all are… Oh my God

Lance:you’re misunderstanding things here Ariana

Ariana:(in her mind=it mustn’t be I will ask ivy about the rest)
I need to see Ivy

Lance:…..Ward 27

Ariana went inside and peter asked why he let out the room number.”she won’t recognise her anyway”said Lance.

Harry went to take a seat and it remained Peter and Lance.

Peter:We all like Kyle.. But you know he is with Harry why did you do that?how could you?

Lance:Love knows no bound.

Peter:by the time Harry will get to know bout this you will be in trouble

Ivy’s room
Ariana entered and saw Ivy lying on the bed with her leg in POP and her forehead being plastered.

Ariana:oh…no Ivy (crying)

Ivy:(opening her eye)hello who are you?

Kyle:Ariana don’t feel bad okay? She has lost her memory

Ariana: What!?(Crying louder)

Kyle: this is your best friend

Ivy:I have a best friend?

The next morning Mrs Caline arrived at the hospital,Ivy didn’t recognise her as well Mrs Caline was sad bout this but is trying her best to make her regain her memory.

Ivy:Mrs Caline..I really wish to regain my memory it pains me seeing you in pain as well for a daughter not to recognise her mother’s love

Mrs Caline:don’t worry my baby I will make sure you’re given the best treatment.

Ivy:the doctor said its not that worst that its a temporary memory loss

Mrs Caline:yeah

Ivy:Mother am I really close with Kyle?

Mrs Caline:I’m not sure bout that cuz you never tell me stuff like that..why did u ask?

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