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TRAPPED – Season 1 – Episode 4

Kyle: I guess I’ve been lacking in my care. I will put in my best tonight ma’am

M.Caline:Are you going out tonight

Kyle:yeah we plan on hanging out with friends.


❣Episode 8

🌺Ariana’s Mansion🌺

Ariana after trying Ivy’s number like 17 times already before reporting switched off.she slept on her bed but isn’t feeling at ease she turn from one side to the other

Ariana’s POV
Is something going on?why do I miss Ivy all of a sudden? I need to find her..she promised to come over today so….OH MY..

Ariana tried Harry’s number

🏢 Ivy’s Home🏢

Harry:hey guys wait..its Ariana

Lance:who cares?let deal with this one first we will get her tomorrow.

Harry:no let trick her to come here as well

Kyle:do you think that’s gonna end well?

Harry:(picking the call) hi bae what’s up

Ariana:(scared)uh are you

Harry:not fine plz Ariana we need to talk I really deserve an explanation

Ariana:where are you?is Kyle with you?

Harry:no am at home. Why don’t you come over tomorrow.. We can meet at Kyle’s.

Ariana:OK.uhm can you plz call Kyle and ask of Ivy for me her phone is switched off.

Harry:OK sure I’ll call u later thanks bye love.

The conversation ended and he turn to see eyes on him

Lance:how can you be so good at this?
Kyle: what’s the plan?

Harry:Ariana didn’t know your secret she knows mine.Ivy knows our secret(looking at the helpless Ivy who has fainted)

Kyle you will stay at home and keep watch on her, I will go to school to bring Ariana then we can teach them the lesson of their life

Lance:won’t things be suspicious?
Harry:trust me.

They untie Ivy and they sat down discussing other things.

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