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TRAPPED – Season 1 – Episode 14 [Completed]

Ivy and Ariana went to the rooftop and she let out everything without leaving but she didn’t expose the issue about the accident and those boys trying to rape her “oh my God I can’t believe I just covered up for Kyle”she whisper to herself.
Mrs Fin called the police and press charges on the school she handed over the evidence to the police.
The school management summon Mrs Fin to make a compromise so it won’t defame the school name they beg her to drop all charges and promised to handle everything.
Mr Greenes lost his job and Harry and his peers were sent to administrative home for proper care until he graduates it’s more like a boarding house with strict security.

🍂Ivy was in her room pacing up and down and thinking about what Kyle said to her..then she heard the sound of car driving into the compound she pull her curtain aside to see who it is and it turns out to be Mrs Bennet she rushed downstairs and Mrs Bennet is already in the sitting room with Mrs Caline.

Ivy hesitated and paused after she took a step on the staircase.

Mrs Caline:what are you doing here?I don’t ever want to relate with you should be glad my daughter drop issues with Kyle so I really don’t get the reason why you’re here.

Mrs Bennet:I know I’ve been so lacking as a mother,despite knowing what my son is..still I keep covering up for him…i’m so sorry my friend

Mrs Caline:I trusted you and your son and left her in your even bribed my home chef all because of your son and that chef Mirone is back to where she belongs

Mrs Bennet:ok..don’t forgive me please but please save my son..I felt like I’ve lost him forever I indeed ask him to go study oversea but then when I realised my bad and wish to give him the love he’s been craving for years he ignored me and packed his belongings he said he doesn’t want to see me ever again now I don’t know where he is..please I need to see Ivy

Mrs Caline:and why is that?

Mrs Bennet:she’s the only one that can save him and save me please Mrs Caline I’m begging you .

Ivy heard everything and she’s already crying where she sat. Mrs Caline noticed her and went upstairs to bring her.

Mrs Caline:ivy my dear..I don’t know the reason why you drop the charges against Kyle but I think that same reason best known to you is what brought Mrs Bennet here please my baby go and look for Kyle.

She hug her mother and cried heavily then she rushed outside without wearing a proper clothes just a fluffy top and a trouser ..she didn’t pick her jacket and she went out with her purse and phone only.

Mrs Caline:let me drive you there(she shouted)

Ivy:no mom the car will be too slow(she holla back and ran out)

Mrs Caline:what?how can leg be faster than a car?

Mrs Bennet:she’s crazy in love

She stopped a taxi and went to everywhere possible Kyle might be but she didn’t even see his shadow she keep wandering around till she ran out of transport fare.She got down at the airport around 6:10 in the evening and call Mrs Bennet to ask details about Kyle’s flight but unfortunately when she checked the flight to Germany has left 3 hours back.

She sat on the chair outside the airport crying people keep passing and it’s getting more darker and cold as well then she felt something dropping on her body so cold and light and it melts immediately it is the first snow🌬️❄️💧 since she got no umbrella and she ran out of battery on her phone she stood up and start walking home with swollen face and purple lips she’s getting sick I guess.
Then someone draw her back under an umbrella,he hug her and put an umbrella over her head.
Weak Ivy thought finally someone is here to get her but then she smell the scent coming out of the clothes she dip her nose on it smell familiar she raised her face up and to her surprise it’s Kyle looking more handsome under the moonlight. She was excited and she embrace him more and tightly

Ivy: I’m I’m sorry I said all that to you..I didn’t mean those words please I’m so sorry

Kyle:it’s okay I can understand everything Ivy.and I know it’s not easy for you

Ivy:I’ve been looking for you since morning why are you still here?

Kyle:would you have love it if I had left?

Ivy:so you were waiting for me then?

Kyle:yes I believe if truly what I felt for you is true I shouldn’t give up and if you didn’t show up I would have come to your house to pester you.

Ivy:(she smiled admist her tears) I really think I love you Kyle

Kyle:you think?

Ivy:I love you

Kyle:(teary eyes)can I hear that again?

Ivy:I can say it thousand times that I..LOVE YOU 🧚💗💖 KYLE BENNET

Kyle dropped the umbrella and hold her wasist with both of his hands drawing her more closer than before and now they could feel each other’s hot breathe.

Ivy:My lips are purple do you still want to k!ss me?

Kyle:I was a [email protected] before do you still want to love me?

Ivy:of course my gay boyfriend

Kyle:My girlfriend with purple lips ..will you go out with me?

Ivy:Yes I will.

She smiled and Kyle k!ssed her open mouth with smile and they had this passionate kiss under the snow this time around they didn’t feel cold.

After few hours,they went to the school since that’s the closest place right now that they can go to with the remaining money left with Kyle.

Ivy:the light is still on.the junior ones are doing night lesson again

Kyle:we will stay in school to charge our phones then we can call mom to pick us up

Ivy:that sounds great.

They went upstairs to their class and Kyle charged his phone first since ivy didn’t take her charger along.Ivy sat on the chair far away from Kyle and Kyle went to her sitting very close to her

Kyle:come on you’re my girlfriend now isn’t it time for us to get intimate?

Ivy:(her heart skip a beat and she hiccups)what?we just started dating 2 hours ago

Kyle:and we k!ssed right?so sitting together is a crime

Ivy:uhm..I think I need to see the window

Kyle:pardon?you want to see the window.
Why are you getting nervous when it’s not your wedding night.

Ivy:stop saying things please(sounding scared)

Kyle:(teasing her the more)I think we should start making plans for our honeymoon now

Ivy jumped up from her seat with her heartbeat sounding even more noticeable
Kyle burst out laughing and mocking her

Kyle:Calm down my hot blooded girlfriend I was only trying to cheer you up.

Ivy punched his chest for teasing her so much like that and they sat together then ivy brought up the issue about his mother Mrs Bennet she pleaded to him on her behalf and explained what happened to him.
He agreed to go back home and make things out with her.

Ivy:it’s getting late I will charge my phone at home let make a call with yours.

Kyle:okay. We will call someone let go out first.

They exit the class and proceeded to open the next door to go downstairs but it’s been locked already.the students ended their lesson few minutes ago and have locked the door.They shouted for help but nobody is left in the school

Ivy:why am I trapped again?

Kyle:this time around I’m with you.

Kyle placed a call and Mrs Bennet promised to be there soon.

🗼💒THE END 🗼💒

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