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TRAPPED – Season 1 – Episode 12

Ariana opened the door and it turns out to be Peter and Harry.

Harry:hi cutie…we need to talk

Ariana:uhm..(she swallowed the drop of saliva that’s about to choked her)Ivy is resting and I can’t leave her here all alone

Harry:follow me now or it won’t be funny

Ariana:😧I will scream…

Peter:we aren’t going to to kidnap you he only wanted to discuss with you

Ariana:(she closed the door and lock it from outside holding the key

Harry:did you really have to lock Ivy up?it’s not like we’re gonna eat her

Peter:since you decide to play the heroine come with us then.

Ariana POV
Is there no one around?they look so determined.

Harry held Ariana’s wrist and took her away.Peter was about to leave when he mistakenly dropped a small tube containg poisonous gas which he picked from the camping site since the door didn’t cover the whole rolled inside.

Peter:oh no Ivy…(he tried opening the door)fuck Ariana locked it


HARRY:does it look familiar?

Ariana:what?what are we doing here?

Harry:I know you’ve been here before..kindly give me the recording.

Ariana:what recording?

Harry:are you not scared of me already? because I look sweet and sexy doesn’t mean anything give me the recording now.

Ariana:I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Harry slapped her and she fell on the hay she use that opportunity to put her phone in recording and hid it in small pocket in her jacket.

Ariana:how can you be such an animal?first you tried to rape, Kyle,Peter and Lance because she knows your secret.Mr Greene’s is treating you well and give you full score because you’re having sex with him… because you are a gay.

Harry:yes I am..what’s wrong with being different?Mr Greene’s is also a gay and since we’re the same we should favour each other don’t you think?

Now look what I’ll do to you.give me that key(Ivy’s room key)

Ariana:(if he should search my body for the key he will get that I’ve been recording his confession since)I dropped it on the way
Harry:then your best friend will die I guess
Peter just messaged me that Ivy is suffocating inside the room due to the purple vanilla gas we saw during camp.

Ariana:oh no oh my God.

Harry raised her up and checked her body there he saw the phone in recording mode.

Ariana pushed him away and ran outside heading for the hostel.unfortunately Peter cornered her and grab her they both fell on each other rolling down the slopy forest.Ariana hit her head on a stone but she managed to stand up.that made her changed her direction from the hostel to a more deeper forest but still they never stopped chasing her.
she got to a hill and stopped since it’s dead end

Harry:nice try Ari

Ariana:you don’t have to do this..leave me alone please

Peter:you caused it ..just give us your phone and we will leave you alone.

They started closing in on her..she was scared and she slipped.she fell off the cliff .⛰️

Kyle decided to face ivy and confess everything to her when he heard her screaming for help and smoke coming out of her room there was nobody around everyone has gone to the camping site already.

Kyle:Ivy ivy are you okay?what’s going on

Ivy:(she is almost out of oxygen)I please save me Kyle

Kyle started hitting himself on the door but the door didn’t break so he rushed downstairs to get a stool and he slam it on the door .

The door was broken and he entered the smoke was too much for ivy and she fainted. Kyle carried her downstairs to the swimming pool and gave her mouth to mouth breathing cuz she need air.
He tried that for 5 minutes and pressing down her chest before she woke up.She saw Kyle looking worried.

Ivy:why is it always you?

Kyle:..ivy I have a confession to make regarding your accident.

Kyle:I am a…. Actually im a

Then Harry arrived panting heavily that Ariana fell off the cliff and she has not been found.


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