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TRAPPED – Season 1 – Episode 10

They arrived at the camp and they start offloading their camping materials.Just few minutes walk is their hotel where they will lodge.
They went to the hotel and they shared the rooms two students each.Ariana and Ivy picked a room and in front of their room is Kyle and Lance’s room,Harry and Peter’s room is 10 steps away from them. Mr Greenes their P.E teacher and two other teachers accompanied them to the camp.

The forest🐇🐁🐀🐭🐰🌼🌸💮🏵️🌹🥀🌺🕸️🕷️🦂🕸️🌴🌳🌲🌱🌷🍃🍁🍂☘️🌿

Mr Greene’s:hey..all of you gather here right now..we’re gonna start with a bonfire tonight we will sing and get to know the surroundings well before we start our games stating from tomorrow.
I hope you enjoy your stay

Harry:Thanks Mr Greene’s.

Mr Greene’s: oh Harry come see me later we need to discuss about the games.

Ivy went to Ariana

Ivy:Heaven is on our side..don’t you think this is the perfect opportunity?

Ariana: is it not too early? Let stay calm and study them.

They left the gathering and start gathering firewoods from different angles by splitting up.Harry grab Kyle’s hand and took him to the inner part of the forest in a barn

Kyle:how did you know there is a barn here?

Harry:I had the map with me before coming me no one will come here

Kyle: so..what?

Harry:look I’m sorry for the other time..I lost my cool and I really regretted it.I’m sorry

Kyle: its okay. I’m not angry can I leave?

Harry:so soon?(he push him back to the wall of the building closing in on him

Kyle: what about Mr Greene’s? You have to go meet him

Harry:let talk about us not him

Harry rub Kyle’s lips before crushing his lip on Kyles’

🏨 Hotel🏨

Peter:Ivy what’s up

Ivy:I’m fine…and you?

Peter:uhm I don’t know if you’re interested in regaining your memory faster cuz I know just the best way I can help


Peter:you need to see something.

Ivy:(soliloquies “what’s he up to now.. He is always up to no good with his bloody mates.I’ll be stupid if I follow you.stab me once shame on you,stab me twice shame on me.

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