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Trapped By Love – Season 2 – Episode 9

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Sir Lancelot carried out the test in Mr Louis body, everyone were waiting to hear the result of it. The looks on Sir Lancelot face showed that a severe has been unleash.

“Where is the boy “? Sir Lancelot asked Doctor Who knew that the truth has been found.

“He’s in ward 121 ” he replied trembling

“Sir will you donate your blood to the boy, your blood is a perfect match to his ” Sir Lancelot replied thus creating a moment of silence in the room as everyone attention drifted to Doctor Willie. It’s obvious he lied and they all needed an explanation to it, he looked down to avoid the angry eyes of Mr Louis which was feeding on him

“Doctor, how could you lie “? Patricia asked feeling her tears of joy forming in her eyes. Mike was not himself he was fuming in deep anger and his face expression changed instantly to the one of an angry lion, his tightened his fist before the knew what was happening Mike sent Doctor Willie a strong and heavy punch which landed him on one of the laboratory bed.

“You wanted my brother dead? After much of my pleading to save him you are an animal ” he fired at him as the cops held him tight

“Calm down we will handle this young boy, just thank God all is okay now ” Sir Lancelot said bringing his eyes to look at Doctor Willie who was bleeding seriously.

“You deserve even more than that for playing with your license. Now tell me what didn’t you want to save this poor boy ” he fired at him. He wasn’t ready to say anything so Sir Lancelot orders his men to show him how to talk.

Raymond arrived the hospital that night, he cap covered his face likewise arrow who followed him from behind. Without time wastage he moved over to where the doctor’s office e is located, knocking on the door he heard no sound nor voice asking him to go in, he twisted the knob down and pull the door open to find the office empty.

“I think he’s in that bitch ward, today marks his end idiot. He thinks he can come and take my place just like that ” Raymond said bringing out the deadly drug Doctor Willie sent him to buy so as to inject Desmond for him to die instantly.

“Man just be careful ooo ” arrow added before they proceed to Desmond ward.

Doctor Willie was seriously bleeding this time around, he refused to mention why he wanted Desmond dead and who sent him, they were still trying to get the answers from him. The room went silent immediately as if they knew there something is going to happen. Raymond got close to the door, he listened very well to sure he’s the only in the ward.

“Doctor “? Raymond called from outside because the door was locked from inside, they all went dumb and Sir Lancelot signalled Doctor Willie to talk if course Doctors Willie knows who was at the door because of the mission they had that day but it was so unlucky for him that he’s being caught.

“Doctor Willie am here with the drug ” Raymond added and Sir Lancelot orders his men to take a perfect stand though he didn’t know the person but he was sure it was not an ordinary case.
Slowly Doctor Willie walked to the door to open the door, he was being guarded and follow from behind, he was handcuffed he slowly unlocked the door from behind.

“We are running out of time doctor let’s carry out everything ” Raymond said just immediately, Doctor Willie was trying to eyed him but he didn’t understand.

“Doctor you are taking me far or you allow me to do it my own way “? He said rubbing his bald head. He pushed Doctor Willie out of the way to reveal a group of police cops with their riffles, instantly without waiting for anyone to tell him, he jamb the door back which hit Doctor Willie.

“Who was there “? Sir Lancelot asked gently, the door was far away from them so it was not possible for them to hear them clearly. Meanwhile Raymond heart was racing so fast thinking of how he would have got caught by the cops which is the last thing he doesn’t want to happen.

“I always tell you to be careful ” arrow said as Raymond looked at him

“Do you know if it’s a set up from the doctor ” arrow added and Raymond found sense in the word thus giving more chance to think.

Doctor Willie was badly wounded since he wasn’t ready to tell the cops the truth. Sir Lancelot handed Doctor Willie to his men while he went to do the necessary for Desmond to come back to life. The transfusion was successful as Sir Lancelot carried it out.

“Let’s see how the case is going to be in the next 10 hours ” he said to Mike and Patricia who nodded their heads.

“Take him away!” he ordered his men as they drag sir Willie away with blood all over him.

Mr Louis was lying in the laboratory after the transfusion, the room was cool and fit as he was asleep due to the blood he had loosed to Desmond. His eyes were shut while his breathing rate was a slow one.


” I sense trouble somewhere, we need to get rid of that bitch before he wakes up or else I’m doom ” Raymond said to arrow pacing up and down in the room, the bright light that was illuminating the room shone on his forehead.

“We need back up for the work or else we will be doom ” arrow added while Raymond sat down .

Early in the morning Tessy woke up stretching her body and yawning, she stood up heading to the bathroom for a quick shower. She checked the wall clock to see 7:40am. She stood on the cold water and allow it to shower in her like early morning shower from above. She closed her eyes allowing the water to do its work. After 30 minutes she stepped into her room to do the usual make up just then a soft knock sounded on her door. It was too early for a knock to sound on her door so she was surprised

“Mom”? She called softly but no response came, she stood up holding on her towel which she tied across her chest walking to the door she grabbed the door knob and twist it down to reveal handsome Jerold standing before her. He nerves failed her, she was weak, she couldn’t move nor talk they kept and maintain that position, Jerold stood there with his hands in his pocket looking more charming and handsome. The atmosphere moved from normal to a lovely one as love filled the air, the looks on Jerold eyes showed love he bend his neck to one corner looking at Tessy who was busy holding her towel well wondering what he wants

“I love you Tessy ” Jerold broke the silence with a smile on his face, Tessy couldn’t believe her ears her heart was no longer stable as it kept increasing it’s beating rate. The tears were already formed ready to drop, Jerold opened his arms wide as she ran to him and embrace him crying on his shoulder

“I’ve learnt that everyone has their past lives, it was part of your past life Tessy I love you ” Jerold said as Tessy was busy sniffing.


Mike and Patricia were sitting next to Desmond to see the miracle that will happen, they didn’t sleep for the past night they were guarding Desmond. Mike felt Patricia’s love for Desmond and prayed he love her back the way she does.

It has pass 10 hours already Sir Lancelot said but nothing happened, no sign of Desmond waking up nor moving his body thus increasing the fear in them meanwhile no doctor was there to do anything in case of emergency cause Doctor Willie is already in the custody answering questions. Sir Louis coughed waking up after the long sleep, he looked to find himself on the hospital bed and he was wearing a patient clothe,just then he recalled what happened the previous day. He stood up heading out of the ward to Desmond ward opening the door he found Mike and Patricia beside sitting next Desmond. Seeing him Mike stood up rushing to him

‘You are awake sir, how are you feeling now “? He asked

“A little okay ” he replied

“What did the doctor said “? He asked

‘He said that he still be awake in the next 10 hours but this is exactly 15 hours without any sign of life ” he replied looking back at Desmond again to see the outcome of the situation which got then worried again. Just as he was still talking to me Louis Desmond coughed and began vibrating instantly the machines were beeping which was connected to his body.
It was so serious, Mike rushed to his side likewise Patricia trying to calm down the situation but he kept vibrating the more, he kept shaking the bed and shaking until he stopped and went dumb instantly.

“Doctor “! Patricia shouted on top of her voice but no help came.

To be continued.

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