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Trapped By Love – Season 2 – Episode 7 & 8

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Desmond finally hit the tarred road with arrow not after checking for the road to be clear before crossing to the other side. They took time in studying the environment before making any move so as not to be suspected by s some people who doesn’t know that it’s them the cops are looking for.

Tessy was in her room with her earphones in her ears, she was busy swinging her head left and right according to the rhythm of the song that was playing in her phone. She kept humming the song and later followed singing the song along feeling excited due to the lyrics of the song.

“I’m off to work Tessy take care of the house ” Mrs Jerald said closing the door from behind. She kept enjoying herself with the music, a knock sounded on the door again after few minutes that her mom have left, she didn’t heard it so the knock came again this time around more harder than it was before and that was when her attention was drifted to the door.

“Who’s there come in the door is open ” she replied replied and paused the music that was playing, Jerold pushed the door open walking fully inside. She jumped up from the bed because she wasn’t expecting him, she thought that he has given up on her so she was surprised seeing Jerold at his door who was looking so handsome and neat in his plain trouser and a red polo neatly stampped “JEROLD”. She didn’t say anything again though she felt his eyes on her but she was so ashamed to say anything. Raymond’s name has been erased from her memory long time ago since the incidence happened, so she doesn’t know if such person is in existence or has once falled in love with her. Jerold walked to her standing close to her in a way the both of them were so close to each other .Tessy was in her bumbshort which shows her full view this making her look more charming and attractive, she slide her hair backwards to have a clear view of Jerold who was standing before her without saying anything. She felt her heart beat increased.

“Jerold ” she called slowly looking at him as Jerold returned the look

“I said I’m sorry for everything ” she said pleadingly

“I know and I’ve heard that before that’s why I’m here ” Jerold replied going straight to the point.

” I’ve forgiven you Tessy ” he voiced out thus making her heart to skip and leap for joy, he could see the happy expression written all over her face but she controlled herself

“Jerold that you so very much, thank you and once again I’m really sorry. Everything happened so fast ” she repeated playing with her fingers

“Good bye Tessy, I gotta go now ” he said opening the door and walked out of the room closing it from the outside. Tessy knew very well that she has messed up and Jerold is no longer interested in her anymore, he just came to say that she’s forgiven only without adding anything to it “? She asked herself collapsing on the bed, she was expecting a hug from him which she has missed for s long time and she wanted to hear that word “I love you ” which she had not heard for a long time but Jerold didn’t do any of that instead he did the opposite of it.
She felt her heart beating for Jerold the same guy he told months ago that it’s over between them now her heart and soul is longing for him. She sat down thinking about her whole and miserable life.

Me Louis was really fed up with the mess after his threats to Doctor Willie he didn’t even care to act in any way at all. It obvious he doesn’t really know the dark side of the man called Mr Louis. He was sitting in his parlor well dressed in a pair of suit as usual, it seems he was about going to work but it wasn’t work. Carrying his phone he dialed a number and placed it on his ear allowing It to ring as the call was answered on the fourth beep.

“Hello sir ”

“Yes sir good afternoon my chancellor ” the receiver said

“Please am I speaking with the commissioner of police in the highest zonal level “? Mr Louis asked in an impatient mode

“Yes you are ” he replied

“Please I need your to send me your men for emergency case by 7:00pm please ” Mr Louis requested

“Request granted sir, they will be there just send the address ” he replied

“Thank you sir, I will send the address right away ”

“You are welcome, police is your friend ” he replied as Mr Louis ended the call typing the address to send it to the commander in chief of the police force. He clicked the sender button after typing everything and forward the address to him.

“How is the case Patri “? Angelina asked Patricia who was lost in thought though she was physically present but her mind was far from the place. Seeing that she had no response to the question she tap her on the shoulder bringing her back to the land of reality.

“Are you okay Patri ? Please don’t think too much please to avoid high blood pressure. Desmond will be fine ” she replied as she nodded her head smiling

“Who told you I’m thinking about Desmond “? She asked smiling

“Who doesn’t know who has stole your medulla and heart way if not Desmond ” Angelina said aloud

“If that’s what you are thinking that means that you are wrong ” she replied chuckling looking at Angelina to hear her response

“And do you know I will surely tells him when her wakes up “? Angelina joked and the both end up laughing and forgot about their worries as Certified Daniel Etim Jnr always did and make people forget about their worries in his group called “THE STORY PALACE “.

“You are not serious ” Patricia said hitting her on the shoulder as she groaned in pain.

“You hit me “? She said standing up as Patricia stood up running the door

“Caught me if you can ” she replied laughing, Angelina kept mute then walked slowly to the bed as if she has forgotten about it, just then she walked back to the bed and Angelina jumped up catching her on the waist as the both of them fell on the bed

“Yeah I caught you ” she replied holding her really firm.


Raymond and arrow had finished freshening up in the house though they were not staying in the house but the both of them were lodging in a hotel in the same room. Raymond was busy dressing up in one of the new dress he bought earlier in the boutique, he applied his perfume then stood at the mirror scanning himself well to see the error. After everything he took his black face cap and covers his head making it to cover his face too so as that he won’t be recognized that easily.

“What’s this dressing all about “? Where are you heading to “? Arrow asked sitting on the bed

“No time for silly question dude, it’s none of your business. I’ve said this over and over again so don’t stress me ” he replied still concentrating on the window

“Okay I’ve heard you, I hope you are not making plans to give me to the cops cause if it’s that I will make sure the bullet passes through your skull before they got me ” arrow replied

“If you like, I’m going somewhere so If you feel like coming you are free but two things involved. Cover your face well with cap ooo and don’t leave your pistol behind ” Raymond instructed as arrow stood up dressing also and boom they both left the house.

The night was a bit bright due to the presence of some electrical lights in the streets that illuminated the whole area. Mr Louis was on his way to the hospital likewise Raymond and arrow too. His car was fully seen speeding on the highway, he later brought the car to a halt after reaching his destination. He alighted the car heading to the doctors office directly, he pushed the door open with full force and storm inside the office with an angry look, his face showed it all that he didn’t came for peace. He stood before the doctor watching him eyeball to eyeball.

“Doctor Willie,you are trying my patience and I’m smelling something fishy In this case ” Mr Louis said looking dangerously at him

“What could that be Mr Louis “? Doctor Willie asked standing up form his seat and looking back at Mr Louis as they both stared at each other angrily

“You are trying to play upon my intelligence Doctor and I’m warning you ” he fired and the door flung open instantly revealing Mike and Patricia who were shocked seeing how the two men were looking at each other Mike understood what was happening so he had no option than to keep quiet. The both of them kept quiet watching the whole drama,just then the door flung open again and the cops came into view they were 5 in number all dressed in their uniforms.

“Doctor Willie you are under arrest, you have the right to remain silent ” Sir Lancelot said ordering his men to handcuff him

“What for officer? Why came into my office and arrest me just like that without reason officer”? Doctor Willie said looking confused

“You need explanations ? You need it “? He asked and Doctor Willie nodded his head in a yes gesture. Mr Louis has explained everything to Sir Lancelot on how everyone he brought to donate their blood to Desmond turns out to be negative. Sir Lancelot was a doctor too though he joined the force due to some circumstances but he is a full matured Doctor Who knows everything. They lead him to the lab where the test was carried on, Sir Lancelot took off his police uniform wearing the lab coat to carry out the test himself. He first started with Mike who’s result came out to be negative and he later proceed to Patricia who got the same report and getting to Mr Louis, he paused looking at him

“Are you sure you will try this sir “? He asked and Mr Louis nodded in agreement

“No need for you to try sir ” Sir Lancelot said and all this while Doctor Willie was really shaking and vibrating,he was physically sweating without anyone knowing the cause.

Without time wastage Sir Lancelot proceed to that of Mr Louis.
To be continued.

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  • This is terrible!!! Why would doctor Willie do that kind of thing? Does he know Desmond before. Louis blood will definitely match with Desmond ‘s

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