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Trapped By Love – Season 2 – Episode 6

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Tessy couldn’t believe that Jerold was this heartless after all her pleadings and everything, Jerold had not called nor visited her. She knew Jerold to be a kind of man who doesn’t joke when it comes to seeing a tear drop from a woman’s eyes, but it was not so again. Jerold has changed because she made him went through hell.
Back to Jerold he has been planning on how to visit Tessy at least to tell her that she’s forgiven but he wasn’t chanced at all due to running errands from left to right.

“Mom you said he will come back but he’s not ” Tessy said to her mom wearing a teary face and Mrs Jerald understand how much she felt for him

“Tessy you really hurt that poor boy he’s going through emotional pains ” Mrs Jerald replied

“Mom I know but……

“Tessy understand what if he was the one that did this to you how will you feel? Won’t you be heartbroken “? Mrs Jerald said standing up heading to the kitchen. Tessy knew that her mom was right, she had really hurt Jerold to the last extent but she needed then was just forgiveness. She fixed her eyes on her nails playing with it and then a drop of tear fell from her eyes and she cleaned it away standing up to her room.

Back to the hospital Doctor Willie was down with the test he carried out for see whether Mr Louis blood is a match to that of Desmond. He carried the result out heading to his office, the situation was just complicated because all hope was gone.
Seeing Doctor Louis who just emerged from the lab both Mike and Patricia ran to him

“Doctor how is the result? How did it go “? Patricia asked and without time wastage Doctor Willie hand over the result to Patricia who couldn’t believe it as she showed it to Mike

“Not again Doctor, what is happening ? Does it mean no ones blood is going to match with that of Desmond, this is unbelievable and I’ve not seen anything like this before” Patricia said angrily folding her hands across her breasts as the breast went up instantly

“What are you trying to say? That I’m responsible for the happening”? He asked in a furious rage and Patricia kept silent instantly seeing the fierce look he was giving her

“Doctor all am trying to say is that you can’t just allow Desmond to die like that please do something to save him because…….

“I’ve tried my best young lady, I’ve used all my techniques a doctor and how I was being taught but it seems nothing wants to work out. So nothing else to be done ” Doctor replied as he sat down on his chair rotating left and right. All this while Mike was silent as all his thought drifted back to how he and Desmond has been together like brothers. Desmond was just like a father to him, he just couldn’t loose him like that, something needs to be done before its too late

“Bro, on your wedding day I will be glad to be the nice best man that will collect the bride and marry ” Mike said to Mike who couldn’t stop laughing at his joke. All this flashed back to Mike’s memory as he smiled feeling weak and unstable. If it was to donate anything like kidney to Desmond he would have done it to prove how much he loved Desmond. He opened his eyes to find that Patricia wasn’t in the room thinking that she might be tired, he left the office after glaring at Doctor Willie thinking that she’s at the exit but getting there Patricia was not there, he moved over to Desmond’s ward immediately and turned the door open to see Patricia uttering some audible words to Desmond who’s eyes were closed, she hold him on the hand

“Desmond please wake up for the sake of Mike, he loves you and we all loves you. The doctor says you can’t survive this but I’m proving him wrong, please wake up and prove him wrong, wake up and prove to the world that you are strong, wake up and let’s have fun just for once before toy go back ” Patricia said in tears cleaning her eyes as Mike who was listening to her too from the door felt bad and he walked closer to where she was and touched her on the shoulder as she looked up to see him looking down at her

“It’s okay Patricia he will be fine ” Mike assured

“For how long Mike, everyone kept saying this but it’s not happening. I really need Desmond back, I want him to tell me he loves me for the second time to hear. I’m eager to hold him in my arms and share lovely moments with, Mike I just discovered how much I’m in love with Desmond though he hasn’t given me the chance to tell him that I’m ready for him, but I’m really ready for him ” Patricia said bursting out crying on Mike’s shoulder who was busy consoling her that all will be well soon. After some minutes of staying in the room watching Desmond immovable body lying there, they finally left the room heading home together.

Raymond was looking so unkept, he has been wearing one clothes for a month now because of the fear of the cops and his dad he and arrow had been hiding in the forest making the wild animals and other domestic animals their meats both day and night. His beards overgrown and he looked so pale likewise arrow too. The both of them was now facing how wicked and cruel life is without thinking about how they have been treating others students and killing most of them.

“Man I need to be out of here, I’m tired I’m ready for the cops ” arrow said angrily tightening his grip 👊

“Me either but we need patience ” Raymond added

“For how long Ray,tell me for how long. I’m tired of staying here dude let’s strike and face it how it’s going to be at the end ” arrow said hitting his chest with his hands standing up and looked around the environment

“I know dude, but before anything I need to see Doctor Willie first “Raymond said leaning on a big tree in the forest

“What for “? Arrow asked

“It’s none of your business man, I will handle this myself ” he said walking away from him deep inside the forest for the lunch of the day. A full grown men just became animals who are living in the forest eating leaves and grasses without having q good sleep.

Arrow was starting to regret how he joined the bad gang after being warned severally by her mom, she pitied the old woman

“Mom I’m sorry I’ve disappointed you, this is not the was you wanted me to be. Please forgive me wherever you are ” arrow said to himself doing the Catholic sign of the cross though he was not a Catholic member.

Semester exam was about starting and all the students were busy preparing for their exams, likewise Juliet and Evelyn who didn’t stop surprising guys with their hot and attractive dressing which they didn’t stop wearing everyday.

“Babe I’ve heard that Tessy has been found and Raymond also was a cult member,they wanted to rape Tessy but everything happened so fast that she escaped it. Now the cops are after Raymond and all his team members. He will surely suffer ” Juliet said applying her make up sitting before the huge dressing mirror checking herself out.

“That means we need to pay Tessy a surprised visit, as for the rest of the story it’s for another day ” Evelyn replied pressing her phone.
Juliet was not dressed, her breast was dangling left and right due to series turning and movements she made with her body. It looked attractive and standing firm and balanced. Water was still dripping down her body, she was about applying the cream when Evelyn spoke up

“Let me help you with that ” she said standing up walking to where Juliet sat she collected the cream staring at her boobs licking her lips seductively and Juliet noticed it already she’s use to it.

She applied the cream on her hand taking it to her body, she moved her hands rhythmically round her body making series of movements still rubbing her, she moved to her breast region then pressed it and fond it thus making Juliet to let out a soft moan.
“Let’s do it at once, it’s been a while ” Evelyn said to her licking her lips adjusting towards her this time around Juliet had started making some audible sound too telling how she too felt at that time.

“I told you let’s initiate that girl but you told me to wait until the right time, who knows whether she’s gone for good “Juliet said in a whisper

“She’s not the only girl on this campus babe, we still have people to initiate, let’s have fun ” she said as Juliet kisses her and she reciprocate taking off her dress standing stalk naked just like Juliet. They both decided each other licking their saliva they both began going to the wonder land.

Tessy only saw the good side of them without seeing the bad side, she was lucky because she had escaped their plans.


Patricia kept visiting the hospital to check on Desmond, she kept staying with him not less than an hour before always leaving. She didn’t even believe that up till then Desmond couldn’t just make a move nor cough thus making it hard for her to believe that Desmond is truly dead.

Mr Louis too didn’t stop checking on the poor boy.

“Doctor what’s happening, it’s seems you are not serious In this case, I’m beginning to suspect you ” Mr Louis fired at him on the hot afternoon after returning from his office to see him looking unconcerned

“What do you expect me to do sir “? He asked standing up

“You need to save life and people, that was wasting you were meant for ” Mr Louis said to him angrily hitting the table

“But I’ve tried my best sir ” Doctor Willie said

“There’s none of your best you have tried, you did nothing. You are just looking unconcerned ” Mr Louis fired at him adjusting his glasses looking at him

“Sir you can’t just come and start telling me what to do and what not to do. It’s my profession and I know what’s best ” Doctor Willie said

“Just pray nothing happens to that poor boy or I will make sure this hospital is closed down ” Mr Louis said angrily and he was so mean he banged the office door leaving the office angrily.

He entered his car and zoom off with full on the highway.

“It’s time to go out dude ” I need to see Doctor Willie before it’s too late ” Raymond said taking all his belongings standing in a position to move

“You still not want to tell me who is Doctor Willie and how you are related to him ” arrow asked as Raymond glared at him

“I told you it’s none of your business and it’s still stand so. It’s my secret ” Raymond said

“Remember it’s one of your secret that got me here ” he mocked at him as they both were walking out of the forest.

Patricia was in her room when her phone started ringing instantly, she took it looking at the screen to see Mike name boldly written on it. She picked it putting it on speaker

“Hello Patricia, we need to talk. Come to the house now ” he said and hang the call without allowing her to say anything. It’s seems urgent to Patricia and she needed to be there to hear Mike out. She dressed up picked up her phone heading to Mike house.

Mike was on the bed lying when a soft knock sounded on the door, he knew it was Patricia he stood up sitting on the bed.

“Come In the door is open ” he said from inside while Patricia pushed the door open coming fully inside the house. After exchanging pleasantry and other necessary things as usual Patricia spoke up

“You sounded so urgent on phone, what’s it Mike ” Patricia asked

“I’m suspecting the doctor ” Mike voiced out looking at her

“How? And what do you mean by that “? Patricia asked adjusting to hear him well enough.

“From the story Mr Louis told at the hospital and the one Desmond told me. The two of them have something in common but it seems like the doctor is hiding something from us “.
To be continued

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