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Trapped By Love – Season 2 – Episode 3

Without being told the second time, immediately Mr Louis heard that Desmond just opened his eyes and closes it back, he knelt down thanking God seriously.

“Doctor let’s go and meet him ” Mr Louis said aloud

“Calm down sir, you need to take it easy I know you are excited but take it slowly ” doctor Willie said smiling while taking some necessary things required before the left the office.
“Jerold ” Tessy called softly looking at him but he turned his back on her facing the wall, he didn’t want to say anything cause she has really hurt him to the extent he didn’t even expect.

“I know how you are feeling right now, but I came to say that I’m really sorry Jerold, it wasn’t really my fault to……

“Whose fault was it Tessy, tell me whose fault “? Jerold bark angrily at her with red eyes and in a way she has not seen him before, she was really scared in the mode Jerold was because this is the first time she’s seeing him in such mode which means that he’s really really angry. Tessy adjusted backwards because Jerold was looking at her angrily without blinking his eyes thus making Tessy to be scared of his next action, his fist was tightened and his jaws were strong like someone who is fighting boxing.
The fear in Tessy increased the more seeing in such state, she walked back further to him trying to touch him but he shifted away

“Jerold, I was trapped by love, it just happened like a flash please I’m deeply sorry that’s all I’m asking for, just for forgiveness.

“Because I have a fragile heart, that makes you to cheat on me and later come back for break up right “? Jerold said as tears were already formed know Tessy eyes, she blinked her eyes trying to prevent it from dropping.
“I went through hell Tessy, you made me go through hell just because of you. Have you think about how hurtful I always feel remembering the last word you told me “? Jerold said looking more angrier than he was.

“I’m bad I know, I’m a shit and spit I know but I just need your forgiveness Jerold just forgive me please. I’m deeply sorry ” Tessy begged while the tears that was formed finally dropped as she tried to clean it. Jerold noticed it but he decided to pay her back by keeping silent, they stayed like that for the next ten minutes without any of them saying anything. Tessy seeing that Jerold was not ready for forgiving her, she was hopeless as she turned holding the door knob ready to twist it down.

“Jerold, I’m leaving ” she said opening the door fully but Jerold payed deaf ear to her as he was backing her, she left and closed the door back forcefully leaning on the door from outside. Jerold finally collapse on the cushion as he stood up just immediately scattering everything that’s before him, he pushed the glasses and flowers in the house as it scattered into pieces, his hand was bleeding but he wasn’t caring. Tessy who was outside heard it too, she understood what just happened inside the room, she sniff knowing fully well that he has hurt him badly. She wiped her eyes and head out of the house opening the hug gate and step outside.
Seeing Tessy before him he felt like carrying her up kissing her and hugging her for returning but she had hurt him badly, he needed to pay her back by keeping silent on her. That way will be much better than laying his hands on her which is not right.
He sat down on the floor after scattering everything on the floor, he looked at his hand to see it bleeding and that was when he was feeling th3 pains, he stood up heading to the bathroom to wash the wound.

Doctor Willie had finished examining Desmond body who was lying still lifeless, he was surprised at the result he got again he looked at nursery ego told him that Desmond opened his eyes to be sure she really said it because the results didn’t prove that. Maybe she saw it in her dream land or she was hallucinating because of Desmond’s handsomeness. He kept on shaking his head negatively as Mr Louis wondered what it mean but he couldn’t figured it out.
“Are you sure that this man opened his eyes and shut it back again “? Doctor Willie asked the nurse who told him the news

“Yew sir, I’m sure of what I saw and everything. He opened the eyes and shut it back again ” she explained and the whole thing seems like a drama to Mr Louis

“What’s happening here doctor ” Mr Louis asked as he looked from the nurse to the doctor

“Nothing serious sir but I’m just surprised at the result I just got her3 now. The report doesn’t said so ” doctor Willie explained

“Since yesterday didn’t you find anything useful I mean how we can contact his relatives “? Mr Louis asked

“You are right sir, we found a piece paper which contained a letter, maybe 🔤 he wrote it for his friend” Doctor Willie said bringing out the paper and unfold it looking into the content again as Mr Louis looked at it too. Seeing the contents he shook his head negatively

“Let’s call the number that’s there ” Mr Louis suggested

“Yeah, just do it sir ” Doctor Willie said as Mr Louis dialed the number and placed it on his ears waiting for the call to be answered.
Mike didn’t even understand the story he heard, it didn’t make sense to him because Desmond could not just get lost like that would without dropping him anything or telling him about it so he found it hard to believe the story. Just as he was thinking still in Patricia’s room, his ringing phone brought him back to reality while he took it out looking at the screen to see unknown number. He didn’t want to pick at first but remembering about Desmond case that he might use another phone to call him since his phone is there with them he reluctantly picked up the call putting it on speaker 🔊 🔊.

“Hello ” said Doctor Willie who collected the phone from Mr Louis to speak with Mike alone

“Yes good afternoon sir, please who am I speaking with “? He asked still the phone was on speaker as Patricia and Angelina kept silence to hear the conversation out.

“This is Doctor Willie and your presence is kindly requested in SAINT CHARLES HOSPITAL today ” he said just immediately and that alone made Mike to be confused, how can his presence be requested just like that without reason?

“Sorry sir to ask, why am I requested to be there “? He asks calmly

“To identify a body ” Doctor Willie said exchanging looks with Mr Louis. Immediately at the mention of to identify a body, Mike’s nerves failed him as he screamed

“Desmond!!! ” he shouted on phone as that was when reality strucked all of them that Desmond is the body they want him to come and identify. Hearing the shout of the name Desmond from the other end and the tone the guy was using got the two people looking at each other.

“Sir I will be there just now ” he said hanging the call as he slide the phone back to his trouser pocket. Hearing that Desmond is in the hospital got Patricia worried immediately, she was really broken. Mike rushed to the door and grab the knob to twist it but was distracted by Patricia’s voice.

“Wait! “she shouted as Mike stopped looking back at him

“I’m sorry but I will follow you ” she said calmly

“I’m sorry too Patricia but you can’t follow me, I will handle everything ” he said trying to close the door again but Patricia held it with her hands preventing from closing it.

“Please allow me to come and see him “? She begged but Mike wasn’t ready for that she nodded his head negatively and bang the door on her rushing to the main road to board a cab to the hospital.

He waved down one cab which stopped just immediately and he hop trying to close the door but the door was being held by a, strong hand preventing him from closing it. He looked out to see Patricia holding the car door, he was surprised because he didn’t know that she’s following him.

“I told you to stay back ” he fired angrily at her

“And I also told you I’m following you ” she said to him seeing that she’s not ready to go back and he if he continues arguing he might be late and probably Desmond could loose his life, he allowed the door and Patricia hop in closing it back again as they both looked at the road praying in their different minds that all should be well worth Desmond.

The taxi just dropped them, Mike paid him off and rushed inside followed by Patricia who was trailing. The way the both of them were walking, one could easily detect that all is not well.
Mike with the speed be was carrying he would have bomb into a nurse who was holding a tray full of medicine.

“Hi excuse me, I’m looking for Doctor Willie ” Mike said to the fair nurse

“Just take your left handside and you will find yourself there ” the nurse replied

“Thank you ” he said and left, without time wastage he was there. He knocked on the door and after being told to enter he turned the door knob and entered. The person he saw, was like making him to faint wondering what he’s doing there. Patricia entered from behind also, seeing the vice chancellor of the school both were surprised and a bit scared.

“Good afternoon sir ” Mike greeted

“Good afternoon, I guess you are Mike right “? He asked glancing at him and he nodded his head in a yes gesture

“Do you know one Desmond “? He asked and hearing the name Desmond proved that what his instincts told him was right.
To be continued.

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