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Trapped By Love – Season 2 – Episode 2

Mr Louis left in the morning for work, he slept in the hospital just to make sure that the young boy is save but the report was still the same . A young guy of just 32 years, he knocked down dead without knowing his relatives nor anyone that knows him what a bad day.
Mike left early in the morning to where Tessy directed him the previous night, Desmond was more than a friend to him so he needed to know where he is what is happening.

“Hello Patricia I’m outside please ” Mike said and ended the call after being told that she’s coming out. He waited for few minutes before Patricia emerged wearing a long handles pink gown, Lo her sight alone was stunning because Patricia was so charming and awesomely awesome. He didn’t want to be carried away by her beauty but his main aim was to hear about Desmond and where he is.

“Hi ” Patricia greeted after getting close to him

“Hi I guess you are Patricia “? Mike asked scanning her and she nodded her head in a yes gesture

“Please let’s just go to the house first before any explanation ” she said leading the way to her house as Mike followed her from behind.
Tessy had finished dressing up after explaining everything that happened to her mom, her mom adviced her to visit Jerold and explained the same thing which was the reason she was dressing up to go and explain the same thing to Jerold herself. She looked at herself on the mirror to see herself charming and attractive though not the same way she used to be before the incident.

“Mom, I’m leaving “! She yelled from her which got her mom attention from the kitchen

“Explain everything to him from how it starts I know how will understand everything ” Mrs Jerald adviced as she pecked her on the forehead and left

“I love you mom ”

“I love you too ” she replied as Tessy left
Evelyn and Juliet didn’t understand what was happening again because since then they haven’t heard from Tessy mother to know how far the issue have gone. The case was not an easy one though but they just wish all will be well soon before it’s too late.

“Babe do you think Tessy will survive this “? Evelyn asked

“I pray she survive this too oo cause it’s getting out of hand ” Juliet said cutting her nails and chewing bubble gum at the same time.

“I didn’t knew that Raymond is this wicked until now ” Juliet said breaking the silence again

“Me neither, no one knows how wicked he was until now, we just have to be careful babe ” She replied
Mr Louis got home looking worried and the time was pacing up and down in the lonely house thinking about the guy that is lying lifeless in the hospital . The case was just too much for him to bear if not for the case of his son Raymond he wouldn’t have gotten into this big mess. He went directly into his room without wasting, he undress and walked into the cool shower and allow the cool water run on his body as he forget about his worries. After a long while he dressed up to go back to the hospital to check on Desmond.
After explaining everything to Desmond how they fought with arrow struggling with the gun and how they came back seeing blood all over the floor. Mike couldn’t believe it, he just hope everything will turn out to be a dream but It wasn’t, he stood up standing at the window looking outside with thoughts that filled his head whether Desmond is still alive or not. Patricia too was down too because she had started loving the guy already so he prayed nothing bad happens to him too.


“Hi Jerold ” Tessy greeted looking down and feeling shy to look at Jerold in the face and Jerold understand it too that she will be feeling guilty,he opened the door wide for her to enter as she entered and Jerold closed it back leaning on the door. Tessy stood there not moving again as she was filled with guilt, she started playing with her finger nails bending her head to one direction. The house was filled with silence as none of them said a word to each other

“Jerold ” she called slowly looking at him on the face

“Tessy ” he replied looking at her too and none said anything again as the silence too over again, they stayed like that for some minutes exchanging looks.



Mr Louis arrived the hospital dressed in black long sleeve and a long black trouser too, he immediately walked to the doctor’s office , he met him going through some of the documents

“Good day doctor ” Mr Louis greeted thus making him to look up.

“Good day sir welcome ” he replied stretching his hands for a handshake as Mr Louis accepted his hand

“How’s the case sir “? He asked feeling weak again

“Sorry sir the report is still the same, we have tried our best and he was to be moved to the mortuary we were just waiting for you ” the doctor said

” No sorry to interrupt, the boy can’t die just like that, please doctor help me any amount it requires I will give e it to you just save his life first ” Mr Louis said feeling concerned

“It’s not about money sir,but we have tried our best but no positive report I just don’t know what else to do”

“I believe in God doctor, he save lifes and I believe the life of this young boy is in his hands please doctor for the last time do something ” Mr Louis pleaded as the doctor shook his head for such faith the man had hoping that it works out too. He stood up and carried his code walking to the ward Desmond was lying

“Thank you doctor ” Mr Louis said

” welcome in advance ” he said and walked away.

Getting to the ward, everywhere was busy as the nurses were walking up and down to deliver their messages and errands, the young doctor stood near Desmond bed after ordering for the appropriate equipments to be used. He pressed him on the chest looking at the metre but no sign, he shocked him so many times but the response was still the same, he tried different methods and ways he knew but nothing changed. After a whole 1 hour nothing happened, he removed the gloves and everything as he walked out looking dissapointed. He was thinking of what to tell Mr Louis again that the report is still negative, he entered his office and closed the door from behind. His looks alone can show that the result was negative.

“How did it go doctor”? Mr Louis Asked standing up in alert

“I’m sorry I…….
Before he could complete his speech, the door was opened with full force as his name was being shouted from the outside. A nurse came in dressing and panting at the same breathing hard.

“What’s it Mary ” he asked

“Sir, the guy ” she replied

“What happened to him “? He asked looking tensed up as Mr Louis looked at her too to hear her out

“He just coughed and opened his eyes and closes it back instantly ” she narrated .
. To be continued

I love you all

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