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Trapped By Love – Season 2 – Episode 15 [Completed]

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Doctor Willie was found to be guilty for trying to kill a soul instead of saving a soul according to his profession but he did the opposite of it.
Many evidences were provided from Sir Lancelot to prove everything they said against doctor Willie to be true. He didn’t say anything nor has anything to say.

The house was so silent as everyone were waiting to hear the final judgment and what will be done to Doctor Willie was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment with hard labour while Raymond and arrow was sentenced to life imprisonment.


“My son come here it’s me your father ” Mr Louis said as tears were already formed in his eyes, Desmond wasn’t ready to be told that the man in front of him is his father, the man he has been seeing in school is his father it was not easy for him to believe it. He looked at Mike and Mike gave him a go ahead nod to embrace his father but he averted his eyes instantly standing up from the bed and stood at the window looking outside. Patricia too was touched even Tessy who knew the power of reunion and how let feels.

“Mike is this true “? He asked Mike who spread his hands wide

“The results prove it true ” Mike replied him as he returned his gaze to Mr Louis who’s hand was still hanging in air ready for a hug.

“I can’t believe you are my dad, my dad and mom died long time ago ” he said almost breaking down in tears

“I know it happened that way during the fire out break but I survived it and your mom wasn’t able ” Mr Louis said walking close to Desmond who was now starting to believe that it’s true as the memories came back in a fierce way replaying in his memory, how it all happened and he loosed his parents in a fire out break. Tears were formed in Desmond’s eyes already seeing that he wasn’t ready to admit that he’s his father. Mr Louis took of his wrist watch and showed him the mark he had since childhood and he has been showing it to his little boy back then as a mark he will use to recognize him in case of any thing and here comes that time.

“Little Alex, here is what I have been showing you ” he said showing him the mark, hearing his childhood name which he changed his brows narrowed in shock as he walked to Mr Louis slowly.

“Dad? Is this you? My soothsayer “? He asked making Mr Louis to chuckle because that’s the name his little Alex like calling him back then.

“Yes my hero I’m the one, I’m here come here ” Mr Louis sad spreading out his hands as Desmond ran in and embrace his father so thight like never before, he wasn’t ready to let go, the both cried on each others shoulder it was a peaceful and happy moment for the two missing family to finally reunite. Tessy cleaned her eyes, she was crying for the reunion of the family even Patricia. The most happiest person was Mike because finally his buddy has finally seen his real dad. He gave Desmond a thumb up for a perfect time for a perfect reunion.

“Oh what did I missed here “? Sir Lancelot asked as he walked in from the door. Desmond disengaged from his father smiling at Doctor Lancelot because he has been told how sir Lancelot saved his life while Doctor Willie was trying to play wise.

“Dad I missed you” Desmond said still couldn’t believe that it is happening real. He walked to Sir Lancelot and looked at him in a special way.

“Thank you sir for saving my life ” he said and embrace him so tight.

The atmosphere in the room was so awesome for everyone for the great reunion.

“What about Raymond “? Mike asked Sir Lancelot who took his seat

“He and doctor Willie are facing their penalty in prison ” he explained as they all chuckled.
2 weeks later
Desmond was finally discharged from the hospital without time wastage that same day, Sir Louis ordered for Desmond things to be moved to his own house. Desmond was busy parking his stuffs still smiling that Mr Louis is his real father.

” Leave those things there let’s move I’ll get you new stuffs ” Mr Louis said to Desmond who tried to carry his stiffs outside

“Dad, those are special and also expensive ” he said trying to continue as Mr Louis dragged him away from where he stood.

“We need to go son, it’s already late let’s move ” Mr Louis said as he grabbed the door knob ready to twist it anytime soon.
Desmond looked at Mike who was smiling at him from the corner he stood watching him, seriously he was really happy for Desmond for discovering his real identity and who he is.

“Man I’m so happy for you ” Mike said standing next to Desmond who was now reflecting on how his life was with Mike always by his side as a brother, a true friend, and adviser and everything. Mike was just like everything to him, he couldn’t forget him so easily, he thought of how life would have been without Desmond. Truly he was just like his second brother.

“Dude, I’ve cherished our friendship so much, you’ve done much more than that I would have done to you, you stood by my side in times of troubles and pains. I can’t love you less bro, you are one in a million I want you to…… ”

“Shhhh don’t talk too much, dad is waiting why not join him we will talk some other time ” Mike cut him short to save Mr Louis time. Desmond looked back at his father to see him looked at him too.

“Dad please I want to…….

“Don’t say anything , Mike better get that your ass up and follow me, people are waiting for your arrival ” Mr Louis said as Mike looked at Desmond and Desmond to his father.

“Dad “?

“Son”? Mr Louis said looking at him

“Sir”? Mike called looking closely at Mr Louis

“You heard me well young hero, just as he has said you are his hero. Without you and your help I wouldn’t have found him, so you two are brothers. Now get up from there let’s go to the house that is waiting to welcome us all back ” Mr Louis said as Mike heart skipped

“Wow dad, thank you thank you so very much I love you dad ” he said embracing him.
It’s been a week Mike and Desmond moved to their new home with Mr Louis Desmond’s father, they were like cat and dog. Staying together with each other was just an amazing thing for Mike and Desmond to come together.
The house was just amazing.

“Dude how about Patricia when last did you call her “? Mike asked him lying on the bed with his phone in his hand, his masculine body was just amazing just like that of Desmond who was busy looking at the ceiling as someone who was expecting manner to fall from heaven. He didn’t say anything and Mike turned to see that he’s was lost In thought and he didn’t hear him, he shook him and he jerk up in alert.

“Man Whatsup with you? You’ve been acting dull since morning what’s it “? Mike asked sitting on the bed

” Bro I don’t know what to do now but relax I will tell you later ” he replied patting Mike on the shoulder , he picked his phone and walked to the mirror looking at his image and then smiled like a little kid who has just been given a cabin biscuits.

He walked out of the room heading to the parlor he grabbed the remote and then sat down to watch the TV program that was ongoing, it was still boring to him, he switched it off again and then walked outside of the house to receive fresh air.

He relaxed on the wall still thinking which none has a glue of what he was thinking about, he folded his arms leaning on the wall.

Patricia couldn’t believe that since Desmond left the hospital he doesn’t even care to call him or visit him, a sharp pain crossed her heart. The phone she was holding to call him she has missed him but it will be so silly for her to call him instead of him calling her. It’s obvious all men are the same he was just a player just like Raymond he’s the same. She kept moving up and down in the house heading to nowhere in particular but all her thought was on Desmond.


Desmond was well dressed in a black jeans trouser and a white long sleeve shirt with a pair of glasses in his eyes, the car key was jingling in his hands, he checked his wrist watch at every interval.

“Mike let’s go we’ll be late ” Desmond said checking his time again. Mike didn’t have a glue of where he wanted to go, he insisted on him to follow him to where he wants to go. He emerged from the room too dressed in the same dress code as Desmond which made them looked like twins. Without time wastage the both head out of the room as they proceeded to the car garage.


” Patricia was not feeling well at all, she was really burning. He body temperature was so hot as she covered herself with a duvet, the worst part is that Angelina was not around to help her out. She was shivering. Just then a knock sounded on the door, she wasn’t expecting anyone at that time

“Who is there “? She asked standing up but no response came. The knock sounded again for the second time still no voice came out. She began to tremble. She walked to the opened it and there stood Desmond before her, his Prince Charming. Her heart melted but she was really mad at him, it’s so childish for him to abandon her for the past days.

“You don’t want me to come in “? Desmond asked spreading his hands on the air as Patricia gave him space he entered the house scanning it.

“What are you doing here Desmond “? Patricia asked not looking at him

“Why do you ask me such question”? Desmond replied taking off his glasses

“Because I don’t think you know me, it’s up to two weeks now you left the hospital without checking nor calling to hear from me ” she said with a shaky voice which tears were already formed in her eyes.

“It’s obvious your heart belongs to someone else, you just came to lie to me ” Patricia said sniffing

“You are right Patricia, my heart beats for someone else, my heart belongs to someone else and guess what? My heart is for Tessy ” Desmond dropped the bomb, she wished she didn’t hear him well, he just said it now that he’s in love with Tessy not her, he loves another not her, her heart was like failing her, her vision became blurry due to tears, her throat was dry instantly, she wished death should just come now, she wished she could just strangle him to death now. She was backing Desmond hearing such from him was just like dying, she was burning in anger added to her health issue, the heart break, the time wasted and her precious heart being destroyed.

” Desmond I hate you right now, I hate with everything in me
You are a fool to play someone’s heart get out “! She shouted on top of her voice screaming, turning around she found Desmond on his knees with a sparkling ring in his hand, he was just looking directly into her eyes, her voice heart beat increased, her legs were weakened , her headache arrived, Desmond was just looking at him and what she saw she couldn’t believe it.

“Patricia, I can’t say much but all I can say to round up everything is that you have changed my world Patricia, you were there for me even when I was announced death, you stood by me, you loved me even when I didn’t tell you much about myself, you are the kind of woman I need, please Patricia I love you, please will you marry me “? Mike asked looking directly into her eyes. Patricia couldn’t believe that it’s the same Desmond once told him trash is now trying to tell him something else or is it true ?

Patricia kept mute without saying a word but felt her heart rate increasing, she looked at Desmond to see sincererity in them.

“Please Patricia be my wife ” Desmond asked again as Patricia eyes was moist with tears.

“Will you marry me please he asked again for the third time

“Yes Desmond I will marry you ” she replied covering her mouth with her hands. Desmond slide the ring into her finger then stood up and embrace her as they both have a good time with each other.

“Why do always like starting a serious business with a joke “? Patricia asked smiling and disengaging from her

“Because you made me fell in love with jokingly ” he replied as Patricia laughed out loud and hit him on the shoulder.

“I love you dear but you almost make me faint ”

“I love you more my angel ” he replied giggling.


Jerold finally engaged Tessy too but for Mike he didn’t find his true love yet until she later discovered that Angelina Patricia’s fiend was the best choice for him. Mike and Angelina became the unexpected lovers and truly they were all “TRAPPED BY LOVE ”

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  • Waoo it’s been a wonderful journey am glad it’s ends in luv and the evil ones are punished

  • Wow wow wow!!! Nice ending Patricia really tried for Desmond so she deserve it, then Tessy with Jerold, mike with Anastasia. Such a happy ending. Thanks very much de9jaspirit for this wonderful story

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