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Trapped By Love – Season 2 – Episode 14

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The room went silent immediately just as Desmond collapsed on the bed, Sir Lancelot rushed to his side calling the nurses to bring the appropriate injection that will be given to him to calm him down. Without time wastage the nurses returned with the injection handing it to Sir Lancelot who collected it from them, filled the syringe with the liquid and injected Desmond. Meanwhile Patricia’s heart racing so fast thinking about how it happened that even when Desmond was awake he couldn’t recognized her, but he recognized a stranger immediately which she couldn’t understand, she didn’t even care to look at the strange lr but due to how it so much disturbed her she turned to see that Tessy was the girl that just entered who brought about the current situation of Desmond.

“Tessy “? She called bending her neck to have a clear view of her to be sure it’s her, the rest of the men didn’t care about their conversation all their concerntration was on Desmond to see what will happen next if he will run mad which they were ready to catch him incase he tries to run or if his senses will be restored, so the two ladies conversation was meaningless to them.

“Patricia “? Tessy called also walking close to her, the surprised looked on her face showed how surprised she is.

“What are you doing here “? Patricia asked Tessy feeling her heart beat increasing or was Desmond trying to play on her too after suffering from that of Raymond .

“I should be the one asking you that, what are you doing here “? Tessy smiling but seeing that Patricia was not smiling, her smile vanished immediately.

“I came to check on Desmond ” Patricia replied looking at Tessy’s lips to see the truth from there

“How do you know him “? Tessy asked without waiting for Patricia to say anything else.

“We are just closed friends how about you “? She asked as her heart beat increased praying that it should not be what she’s thinking it happens to be what she’s thinking, she will never fall in love so easily again. She waited like a little child patiently to hear what she has to say.

Tessy took time to tell her how it all started from the beginning till the end even told her about how Raymond betrayed her which she fell so easily for. After explaining everything to her, they both see that they are on the Same side.


The court was filled with hundreds of people which was there present to witness what is going happen in the case of Doctor Willie who instead of saving w soul tried to kill.


“I need to see you in my office sir ” Sir Lancelot said as they both left for his office, leading the way he kept on shaking his head occasionally. Sir Louis seeing how tensed up he was wondered what could be the problem.

“Have a sit sir” Sir Lancelot said relaxing on his office chair as Mr Louis drag a sit and then relax on it.

“Sir, I will start by asking you a question. For how many years now has your little Alex got missing ” he asked thus making Mr Louis to be in a confused state about the cause of the discussion because it has already been discussed some days back but for the doctor requesting for the story again he didn’t know the cause but as a man he had to answer.

“Why asking the question again sorry “?

“For confirmation sake and safety purposes ” Sir Lancelot said

“How ? Who’s safety “? He asked again but Sir Lancelot was not ready for too much questions as he drew out a drawer which contained w zeal documents. He opened it and removed the plain sheet that has something written in it, probably a test results. It looked like a movie to Mr Louis everything that was happening he didn’t even understand what was happening.

He took out the result and hand it over to Mr Louis who collected it and looked closely at the contents, due to how it was written he didn’t understand so he looked at Sir Lancelot to see him staring at him.

“What is this “? He asked adjusting his sit

“It’s your test results sir ” Sir Lancelot explained to him still the confuesd look was still on his face.

“I know it’s my test results but how about this one, who owns it “? He asked showing the other paper to Doctor Lancelot who collected it and then stretched it back to him as he collected it.

“That’s the boy test results, and that’s your. Now look at the contents what is different “? He said to him looking elsewhere. Mr Louis took time to studied everything which happens to be almost the same thing.still doctor Lancelot eyes were on Mr Louis thinking of what his fate will be if he sees the main results.

“Everything here is the same “? He asked as Doctor Lancelot nodded his head in a yes gesture, he drew out another test result which he carried out to be sure he’s not tormenting Raymond but trying to figure out the truth from him.

“a DNA test results “?

“Yes sir, I’m afraid to say this but I will say it in anyway. From the test and everything we’ve carried on Desmond blood and the one of yours. Sir, it’s true that Desmond is your missing Alex of 5 years old ” he said looking at Mr Louis to see his reaction.just then a sharp pain crossed Mr Louis heart immediately.

“Doctor if this is a joke you better stop it before it gets of hand ” he said to sir Lancelot who was not laughing nor smiling.

“Sir Desmond is your true biological son who got missing years ago” he said out loud. Mr Louis heart started racing so fast ,the happiness that filled his heart was just unimaginable.
He stood up instantly walking out of the ward with a full speed, as Doctor Lancelot tried to call him but later decided to let him reach his destination.

He opened Desmond’s ward to see him lying peacefully sleeping, Mike and others were nowhere to be found, maybe they are trying to solve some issues.

Mr Louis took a step of faith walking near Desmond’s praying in his heart for it to be true because he couldn’t just believed it.

“Son, if you are really my son. I’m sorry for everything I’v done to you sorry for not being able to find you the time you got missing. I love you son, we love you, mom loves though she’s gone and I love you ” he said drying the tears that was waiting to drop anytime soon. He pecked Desmond on the cheek and sat down behind him to watch his son whom if not God he would have killed through accident. He didn’t know how to start appreciating God nor to tell him thank you for saving my life.

“Doctor Willie tell us nothing but the truth because it’s the truth that will save you ”


Back to the hospital Mike, Patricia and Tessy came back to see Mr Louis shedding tears which was nothing less that tears of joy for seeing his missing son.
Seeing how sober Mr Louis was, Patricia rushed to his side to be sure Desmond is still alive, she placed her hands on his chest to feel it moving.

“what’s it sir “? Mike asked as he drew forward likewise Tessy too. Mr Louis handed over the test results to Mike who collected it and looked into it with excitement he dropped the paper looking back at Mr Louis

“Sir you are Desmond’s father and Desmond is your missing son “? Mike asked as Mr Louis nodded his head positively. So all this while Raymond was just an adopted child enjoy what he didn’t sow while the real son is suffering somewhere without knowing himself.

The joy was unspeakable, Mike rushed to Mr Louis giving him a strong handshake which was a handshake of happiness.

The noises and the jubilation was just too much especially Mike who was so glad that finally Desmond is no longer suffering instead will be enjoying.

He opened his eyes slowly and moved his body feeling a little headache, seeing him Mr Louis stood up immediately on the bed as Desmond sat up too. Mike was busy smiling, Desmond sat on the bed holding his neck looking at everyone from first to the last in the room. Patricia too wasn’t stable as she kept praying he should remember her.

“Mike is that you “? Desmond called softly looking closely as Michael

:Yes Desmond it’s me ” he replied as he rushed to his side and embrace him do tight in a brotherly way. Micheal has missed him so very much all thanks to God that he is alive now.

“Tessy “? He called out but she was afraid to go near him due to how and what she did to him, Mike have her s go ahead nod to come and embrace Desmond. She walked like a shy baby girl going to apologize to her mom, she stopped and a drop of tear fell from her eyes.

“Desmond I’m so sorry ” she pleaded in s shaky voice then the tears finally fell as she embrace him so tight. Patricia was jealous already about the way she was embracing him. They finally disengaged as Tessy cleaned her wet eyes.

“Who’s she “? Desmond asked Mike pointing his finger at Patricia as she felt embarrassed that Desmond had recalled everyone but couldn’t recognized her. She swallowed the lump in her throat.

“Desmond you said you can’t recall her “? Mike asked already Patricia was feeling weak and teary.

“So Desmond you don’t know me again “? She asked sniffing remembering how she spent her precious time to be with him when he was unconscious and how she sacrificed everything to him just to see that he’s fine. Now he can’t remember her again, what’s the essence of her stay there? She ran heading to the door sniffing, just as she grabbed the door knob to twist it down Desmond called her back.

“Patricia ” called out. Hearing the voice she had so much missed, hearing the derp voice and the love in it made her to stop on her tracks as she turned back to see whether it’s Desmond that called her or not.
She stood there looking at him.

“Who wouldn’t have recalled my own Patricia? The only trouble maker I know, I was just pulling your legs, come over here ” he said spreading his two hands wide as Mike smiled.
Patricia heard it, she felt relaxed, she felt joy in her heart, she felt happy but the joke was just so expensive.

Without time wastage she remembered down to where Desmond sat and embrace him tight feeling the moment, she didn’t feel like letting go but she need to. It was an awesome event as Desmond’s memory returned back.

Looking up he saw Mr Louis and wondered what he was doing right in front of him.

Mike explained everything to him that sir Louis is the one who mistakenly knocked him down in his car and that he has been there to see that he survives at last.
Desmond was so pleased though he couldn’t believed that he had stayed that long without opening his eyes and other things.
He looked at Mike again and smiled, they both missed each other. All this while smile didn’t depart from Sir Louis mouth as he had finally found his missing son. Mike and Tessy was on Desmond left hand while Patricia and sir Louis was on his left hand side.

Desmond was talking to Mike who didn’t tell him about his real identity when he heard his name being called, a name which none knew not even Mike except his father, a name which his father loved calling him back then, for the past 36 years he had missed the name so much. He looked around but couldn’t see someone farmaliar that knew the name making him to wonder if he’s hallucinating which was not so. That instant he started missing his parents remembering that tragic night what happened and praying deep down to meet his parents on day.

He started talking afresh with Mike when the name came again ” Alex The Super Coke ” he looked around to see Mr Louis smiling at him which he didn’t knew why he was smiling but it looked as if he saw his mouth moving.

“Who called me “? He asked and the three of them Tessy, Mike and Patricia pointed their hands at sir Louis.

“It’s your father that called you ” they said in unison.
To be continued.


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  • Wow!!! The will be joy in the morning, o child of God cry no more. Thank God that finally Desmond has retrieved his memory, and getting to know that Mr Louis is his father. His joy knows no bound

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