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Trapped By Love – Season 2 – Episode 13

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Patricia got to the hospital still with her heels in her hands running inside Desmond’s ward with full force thus making Mike to jerk up in fear wondering who is after her.

Seeing the shoes in her hands he didn’t understood what has happening he looked strangely at Patricia expecting an explanation from her but instead of saying a word she wore her heels walking to where Desmond was.

Angelina emerged from the bathroom after her bath, she used the towel to clean her wet body that water was dripping down.

“Babe, where can we go……” she paused looking at where Patricia sat but she was nowhere to be found. She shook her head in disbelief that Patricia has finally escaped from the house to check on Desmond after being warned but her, she smelt love in the air praying that she also finds a man after her heart and who will also in turn love her back.


Sir Lancelot after explaining the whole thing to Sir Louis who didn’t take what Sir Lancelot said as truth but it is left for time to tell the truth.

After shaking hands with Sir Lancelot, Mr Louis stood up walking to the door he stopped on his track looking back at Sir Lancelot.

“Once again thank you, I owe you a lot ” he said still holding the door knob

“It’s our duty to save lives not to destroy. You are welcome Louis ” Sir Lancelot said giving Mr Louis a thumb up 👍 👍.


It was just few days left for Doctor Willie to face the people to tell his reasons on why he wanted Desmond death according to Raymond’s words as a professional doctor like him who’s duty is to save lives but he did the opposite of it.
His looks was really bad as her body weight reduced, he couldn’t eat nor drink thinking oh what to say to the crowd on that day because if care is not taken he will be hanged. Remembering what happened to some people earlier and he witnessed it not easy as they suffered before they were finally destroyed.

“I said it but you kept telling me that you got everything in control now what’s is happening “? Arrow asked raising his voice in an angry tone feeling the hotness and suffering he had seen because of Raymond’s case.

Saint Charles hospital was there without a doctor to take are of patients but with doctor Lancelot on Desmond side everything www bound to be cool and great.

Patricia sat down on the bed watching Desmond as he coughed waking up from sleep, he looked around seeing Patricia who was busy staring at him like s new born baby who couldn’t stay without the mother.

“Desmon d “? She called waiting to see his reaction but he stood up with full force and grab her the neck angrily as Mike rushed to her sight to rescue her.

“I don’t know you, take me home j don’t belong here ” Desmond shouted on top of his voice standing up from the bed taking off the hospital clothes walking to the door to move away. Mike had to prevent him by blocking him on the way.
Patricia already had started crying that Desmond even in that situation is not responding to treatment upon all the doctor’s effort all seems lost.

Mike tried to stop Desmond but a sharp and powerful punch landed on his face making him to groan in pains as he looked at Desmond who in turned looked at him

“I don’t know you, so please stay away from me” Desmond said as Mike stay calmed

“Even me?? You don’t know me “? Patricia asked and Desmond shook his head in a yes gesture thus making the already formed tears in her eyes to finally formed.

Mike tried bus best to calm Patricia down that everything is going to be fine but his effort was fruitless as she didn’t listen to him.


Tessy was sitting in the parlour as the cool AC kept blowing the house making it to be cool.
She was watching a TV program which the news came on instantly, she picked up the TV remote just as Desmond’s case was about displaying she pressed the power off botton and the TV went off immediately, she crossed her legs on the table feeling cool and calm with her juice in a glass cup sipping it bit by bit.

Just then her phone vibrated an it was Juliet calling her, he picked the phone again hearing the ringing tone, she put it on loud speaker placing it on he4 ears.

“Hello where are you now “? Juliet asked her on the phone which she didn’t understand.

“Yes I’m home what’s it “? She asked

“Turn on your CBB news and see what is happening, do it now ” she said and end the call as Tessy picked up the remote again turning on the TV again. Seeing Raymond and arrow on the screen, she threw away the remote shouting and vibrating, she was happy that the cops has finally got Raymond. It was her happiness but the next thing that displayed on the screen made her weak instantly. There was Desmond’s picture which was shown with the caption that says “RAYMOND LOUIS WANTS DESMOND DEAD” there she shouted on top of her voice remembering instantly that there was a man called Desmond who disturbed. She quickly stood up wearing her heels and clothes heading to saitnt Charles hospital after seeing the address on the screen. She started praying that he survives but her prayers was late already.


Sir Louis arrived the hospital with Sir Lancelot heading straight to Desmond’s ward to see how he’s fairing. Opening the door there was Desmond standing right in front of Mike, it seems they had quarrels but they were not sure. The two old men glanced at each other and back to the teenage boys in the room who they didn’t understand what was happening.

“Desmond”? Sir Lancelot called softly as he turned slowly looking at him, just then the door flung open again instantly revealing Tessy who was panting and breathing hard, her breathing rate was nothing to write home about. She was physically sweating and her hairs where scattered seeing Tessy, Patricia wondered what was happening likewise the two men exception of Mike who knew her. She looked to see Desmond standing at a spot she called softly


Just then Desmond held his head firmly with his two hands, he began screaming and shouting so loud still holding his head as it kept spinning and turning, images kept displaying and appearing but it was so blurry that he couldn’t figure the face. He kept shouting and screaming holding his head, everyone in the house were dumped not knowing what to do because they didn’t understand what was happening.

“Noooooooo!!!!!! ” Desmond shouted on top of his voice which brought a repeated echoe in the house. He collapsed on the bed.
To be continued.

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