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Trapped By Love – Season 2 – Episode 10

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Doctor Willie was retained in the police cell, they needed more evidence to carry his case to a higher level.

Raymond and arrow were preparing to visit the hospital to get rid of both Desmond and Doctor Willie, thinking its Doctor Willie that betrayed him. Raymond took his pistol likewise arrow who was ready to strike.
The news got to the cops that Raymond is around and they have reinforce their team in search of Raymond which was unknown to him.

“Babe please be fast let’s go ” Juliet said to Evelyn who was busy wearing her heels to visit Tessy in the house.

Tessy wasn’t ready to let go of Jerold, she hold him wrapping his arms around him as she felt her heart beating.

“Jerold “? She called softly still hugging him

” I’m sorry ” she pleaded again disengaging from the hug and looking into his eyes.


Patricia ran out of the ward with full force to look for help from outside, nurse Abigail who heard the shouts came into the ward seeing how the atmosphere was. She came into ward, Mike grab her on the clothe

“Please do something ” Mike shouted at her as she stood there thinking of what next to do.

Sir Louis took his phone and dial Sir Lancelot number which rang instantly and he picked up on the second beep.

“Hello sir, please sir we need your help please the boy just coughed and then went still again without moving ” Sir Louis said aloud.

“I will be there right away ” he said ending the call

The atmosphere in the room was so hot as Mike kept pacing up and down thinking of what next that will happen.
Patricia too wasn’t in a good mode too she was also praying for Desmond to wake up. After 30 minutes Sir Lancelot arrived the hospital walking straight to the ward Desmond was, he twisted the door open and everything was being explained to him from the start. He took out some required things needed, he conducted a test in him as Mike kept looking at what the result will be.
Sir Lancelot took off his gloves and other things he used to conduct the test.

“He will be fine Sir ” Sir Lancelot said to him who kept mute but paid close attention to him

“Sir “? Mike called him drawing his attention

“Are you sure he’s going to be fine “? He asked him which Sir Lancelot nodded his head in agreement, the excitement that filled the house was just unexplainable.

Raymond arrived the hospital with arrow fully dressed in black attire with their face not covered but they had a face cap that covered their faces.
The long gown was rolling on the floor as they proceeded to the doctor’s ward.

“Sir we got them trap, they are now in Saint Charles Hospital ” one of the cop said in his walking talkie

“Good, get our team ready let’s strike with immediate effect ” Sir Lancelot said over the phone as he took his belongings heading out of the ward after assuring them that all will be well.

“Yes sir, ” he replied

“Let’s go sergeants ” he ordered as they all enter the Toyota Hilux and zoom to the hospital.

Raymond scanned everywhere before entering the doctor’s office. He kicked the door and Jr opened immediately he pointed his pistol directly but found the office empty. Thinking that he’s in Desmond’s ward they birthday proceeded to the ward.

He knocked on the softly

“Yes come in ” sir Louis replied. Hearing the voice it sounded familiar to Raymond but he wasn’t sure if it’s true because there’s nothing his father could be doing in there in the hospital.
Raymond with his pistol in his hand well positioned he kicked the door with force in a way the wall vibrated due to the force that was applied on the door.
Sir Louis couldn’t believe who his eyes caught, his son Raymond was before him pointing his pistol at him even Raymond too was shocked seeing Mr Louis because he wasn’t expecting him at that moment his aim was to kill Desmond and Doctor Willie but that will not stop him from doing his work. Mike was boiling in anger as for Patricia she was really shaking and vibrating physically. Seeing Raymond her first love with a gun pointing directly at his father. She was really shocked because she has never seen Raymond in such mode before.

“Raymond “? She called softly

“Yes Patricia we finally meet again but in a wrong way ” he said while his face was directly at Desmond lying on the bed.

“Get down now “! He ordered but Sir Louis was not move an inch even Mike too but Patricia was already on the floor.

“Where’s Doctor Willie “? He asked nobody in particular as none gave him the response

“I say get down now “! He ordered angrily but Mike proved stubborn even Sir Louis which got arrow mad, he pull the trigger and released one bullet but Mike dodge it.

“Please Mike let’s obey him and do as he has said ” Patricia begged from the floor she was with her face covered

“It’s too bad someone will not be alive to see his real father ” Raymond said drifting his attention to Desmond which the word got sir Louis confused thinking of what he meant by such.

“Time is going ” arrow said to Raymond who walked slowly towards Desmond bed looking closely at him.

“Am sorry man, I need to end it this way ” Raymond said ready to pull the trigger, Sir Louis hit him hard on the head with a nearby stool as he fell down and blood started running down his head.
Angrily arrow pulled the trigger and released the bullet towards Sir Louis as the bullet caught him on the shoulder. Sir Louis groaned in pain rolling on the ground.
Mike seeing that stood up with full force to attack arrow, the door cracked open instantly as the cops surrounded them

“Your hands on your head ” Sir Lancelot ordered as arrow stood in awe wondering how he got trapped so easily.

Without time wastage they handcuff the both of them dragging them out of the ward to the police vehicle.
Sir Louis was admitted instantly.

Desmond slowly opened his eyes to find himself in a strange environment after so many days and weeks which it seems strange to him. He looked around to see a figure covering her face on his bed he sat up.

“Who are you “? Desmond asked softly feeling a sharp pain crossing his chest. Patricia woke up to the sound of the voice she heard. Seeing Desmond awake sitting on the bed, she couldn’t hold her happiness as she jumped on him not minding his current situation.

“Mike ! Mike! He’s awake ” she shouted running out of the ward to Sir Louis ward to tell Mike of the latest news.

“Mike, he’s awake ” she said to Mike who ran out instantly following her from behind, he pushed the door open forcefully to see Desmond looking and scanning the environment.

“Dude, you are awake “? He asked smiling and sitting next to him

“Where am I “? Desmond asked looking the both of them from one to another

“Man relax you are save, just thank God for your health “Mike said

“Who are you ? What are you doing here “? Desmond asked looking strangely at the both of them as Mike and Patricia exchanged surprised glance at each other.
To be continued.

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