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Trapped By Love – Season 1 – Episode 9

Episode 9 🌹

💜Written by Certified Daniel Etim Jnr 💜

The music that was playing was a cool one is Raymond’s party, sooner did Tessy arrive wearing a long white gown and a pair of gold necklace added to her earrings. She was looking extremely hot in the dress as all the male attention drifted to her wondering who she is.

Raymond too was not bad in his own dress, he had a gold earring on his left ear and he was dressed in a pair of white short and a polo that had his name stamp on it.

Drinks filled everywhere as the all drank and satisfied themselves, they pop the wines and the sound blast in the air, guys were chanting his name like never before. His father too was present and he invited some of his friends to his son birthday party who were top government officials.

Patricia got to the house her tears was like endless river that the man she loved most had dumped her and even make life more miserable for her to bear. She collapsed on the bed and drifted to a long sleep.

“Hey I need your attention everyone” the MC voice said aloud on the speaker 🔊 which made everywhere to be silent as all listen to what he has to say. A special sit was decorated and located at a far area where lights of different colors were rotating and that was where Raymond was sitting. Smiles didn’t depart from his lips and camera lights were flashing at him at all interval.

Tessy who was sitting also in the crowd looking at Raymond she smiled and her heart beat increased, Raymond was smelling money all through.

After the donations being made by the invited guest which was a big amount of money, Raymond was finally called to the stage to say a word or two to thank those who honoured his invitation. People screamed his name and some snap him using their phones. Raymond was so pleased as he stepped on the podium and everywhere became calm once again to listen to what he has to say.

“Let me start by saying a very big thank you to all of you who are here to celebrate with me as I become a year older. I’m grateful, but before I say anything else I will request Tessy Jerald to come forward and stand by my side ” Raymond voiced out and Tessy couldn’t help than to smile as she walked through the crowd walking towards the podium and finally climb it standing next to Raymond who crossed his hands on his her shoulder holding the microphone with one hand. They looked much Like and they were a perfect match to each other. Mike glanced at Desmond to see him being jealous of Raymond and Tessy so he tab him on the shoulder bringing him back to reality.

“Man don’t be jealous your own turn is coming ” he Assured Desmond who didn’t bother to reply him but kept looking at the two new love birds.

“So I’m pleased to have this pretty damsel by my side and I must say that I’m lucky, I don’t have much to say than to say enjoy your stay here ” he ended his speech and he was being applauded as he stepped down with Tessy behind him holding hands together. He looked at Tessy knew the eyes and placed a soft kiss on her lips which she reciprocated to it without minding the crowd that was there.

Raymond walked around the place with Tessy who didn’t help than to smile and camera lights kept flashing on the both of them. Some ladies were even crushing on Raymond praying that he noticed it and some wished to be like Tessy who’s always by his side. Security were following her from behind just in case of any emergency. He sighed Desmond and Mike sitting at one angle though they didn’t drink anything nor eat, but seeing them there especially Desmond his nose changed instantly to an angry one as he walked to the both of them.

“Hey want are you doing here dude and who invited you here ” he said aloud to Desmond who didn’t even care to look at him so as not to look as as if he’s talking to him.

“Man I’m talking to you, what are you doing here ” he asked for the second time thus increasing his angry mode and he tightened his fist ready to react anytime.

“Calm down Raymond don’t create a scene it’s your day ” Tessy said slowly looking at him in a seductive eyes hoping he listen to her but he didn’t pay attention to it.

“Dude I told you that I’m not coming, but you forced me here now see the insult and embarrassment I’m seeing ” he said to Mike who knew that he was the cause of Desmond’s embarrassment.

“Calm down man I invited him” Mike said In a low tone

“And who are you to invite someone to my party “? He asked raising his voice and it attracted people’s attention who wondered what was happening.

“Now leave this place now “! He ordered in a deep but commanding voice

“I will go but know that you are just enjoying this for a short period of time, you are not Mr Louis son, you were just adopted because he lost his son some years back. Don’t you think that the boy will one day be found and you will be helpless “? He said and chuckled then continue.

“The funniest part is that the guy is schooling in this same school but they don’t know each other, he doesn’t know how father and his father doesn’t know him. That’s the news I heard and I hope you know it too, so don’t be too proud man ” he said and the words had effect on Raymond, it could be visibly seen as his hands tighten in a fist as if he’s in a wrestling field. That’s the third time he’s hearing that news, could it be true that’s Mr Louis is not his biological father? He was so angry at the instant for Desmond to open his mouth and say such to him, he felt like squeezing him in his palms until he does but he didn’t have such power.

“Guards get him out of here ” he commanded

“Hey stop there, none of you should come close to me or you will regret it ” Desmond said standing up

“Take it easy na” Tessy said caressing him on the chest.

“I say now “! He commanded as they walked to Desmond trying to hold him, Desmond send a heavy blow to one of them which landed directly on his nose as blood rushed out and he landed on the floor, seeing that others retreated backwards.
Desmond stood up followed by Mike as they both left the place immediately.

The party was finally over as everyone retired to their different hostels to enjoy their sleep not after being filled with food and drinks, they left so as to prepare for their lectures the next day.

Raymond was still angry and mad at the same time, Desmond words was hunting him real hard and it was the truth though, he walked to and fro in the house without resting as he kept pondering on Desmond’s words.

Tessy seeing his mode had left to her room though Raymond didn’t plan on letting her go for the night, it was a night that Raymond planned to make it pleasurable to Tessy but Desmond showed up from nowhere and ruined everything.
He couldn’t bear it anymore as he placed a call to his partners in crime asking them to tighten their seats belt for the upcoming event.
He slept off.

**Next Day **

The day was bright as usual as everyone began their duties of the day so as to gather for themselves, so was the students preparing themselves for the lectures of the day and Tessy was not left out too, though on the other hand Jerold had been fighting with the break up, he was looking pale and unhealthy because he so muched love Tessy, he couldn’t stand to see her with another man. He was really hurt, he tried calling her for several times but her number wasn’t going through though her phone was on but Jerold call couldn’t reached her.

Mike and Desmond were on their way to the lecture hall, they were both dressed in a pair of white long sleeve and black trousers which they tucked it in as if they are working in the bank. Mike was a bit taller than Desmond but Desmond had a nice and attractive body structure, his beards made it all that he’s a handsome dude.

“Guy the way you talked to Raymond yesterday was a blast ” Mike striked a conversation

“And he deserves more than that cause he’s a bitch, just because of a lady he wants to embarrass his fellow guy ” Desmond said and continue without saying a single word again as they both walked to the lecture hall.

8:00pm same day

The house was so hot for the two guys Mike and Desmond as they were sitting outside receiving cool breeze just with their singlets on. The environment was so dark and scary but they didn’t mind cause they were guys.

” I think we should take a stroll down town na Desmond ” Mike suggested and Desmond too liked the idea as they both dressed up locking the door and head down the streets to have a nice time. Desmond was a wise guy which Mike didn’t know nor understand him but he was a devil in his own way though he doesn’t look like one. They all had fun in the streets walking and gisting about random stuffs as the street lights kept reflecting on them, Desmond checked his time and it reads 10:00pm which means they have spent two hours on the tour

“Man it’s late let’s go ” Desmond voiced out and without time wastage they both left for the house. On the way, the environment was so dark and scary they didn’t have any light with them. They were still walking when they heard people following them on the back without them knowing who they are but Desmond knew who they are which Mike didn’t know.

“Stop p there the both of you “! The voice commanded which was so deep and scary.
They didn’t mind as Desmond continued walking, Mike already was shaking in fear and Desmond noticed it and chuckle if only he knew who he is.

“I said stop there “! The voice came again and they finally stopped turning back to see ten big hefty guys all dressed in black and on their head are red beret and axe on their hands as they walks towards the two guys. Mike this time around was bound to fainting cause he was so afraid and frightened.

“How dare you speak to the dragon lords king when he speaks “? The leader said walking towards them this ttime around very close to Desmond as he kept hitting the axe in his hands.

“Today marks your end of stay on the universe ” he said .

“Get them”! He commanded just as they were speaking Desmond let out a loud laughter which startled all of them and making them wondered what was funny at that time. Desmond didn’t looked scared a bit after all what they said and all their threats he kept on laughing until he couldn’t laugh again. He stopped laughing and looked at all of them from head to toe.
They were all annoyed as they walked in annoyance towards him, just then another group of ten hefty guys too wearing red and green berets came from behind and surrounded Desmond and they were in the middle as the two groups surrounded them.

To be continued.

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  • This is gonna be war. Its like Desmond is a cultist too. But this Raymond is going too far, you have the gal that you two were dragging and you still went ahead to embarrassed someone on your special day

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