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Trapped By Love – Season 1 – Episode 8

Episode 8 🌹

💜Story by Certified Daniel Etim Jnr 💜
The rest of the lecture was so boring to Patricia as all her thoughts were on Raymond and how he dumped her just like that without any reason after using her. The tears that was held in her eyes was bound to drop anytime soon if care is not taken.

Tessy on the other hand wondered who Patricia was trying to refer to as the person that chested on her because the name wanted to sound like that of Raymond but the lecturer distracted her from telling her the person name. Could it be the same Raymond that I know? No it couldn’t be because he told me that he hasn’t date any girl before ” Tessy said to herself and then stood up heading to the door with her books trying so hard to tell Patricia not to kill herself because of a man.
Desmond was now concentrating more on his studies and he has forgotten about Tessy so soon to the extent that even if he’s being told that he once fell in love with such a girl he couldn’t believe it. Mike his best friend was doing a good job by encouraging him to sit tight in terms of academic that one day through education he can be the man all the world will be looking for.

“Hey man you look bright today what’s the matter “?Mike asked after a handshake with Desmond who was busy doing some assignments on his notes.

“It’s nothing bro, I’m just my normal self as usual ” he replied and Mike didn’t take that as an answer

“And I guess that you are in love again with another girl ” Mike said smiling hoping to hear Desmond saying yes but he stopped writing and looked at him chuckling.

” in love? When my father has told me not to fall in love again but to rather concentrate on my studies ” he said smiling and Mike knew where he was driving to thus making him to smile along with him.

“If I may ask who is this your father “?he asked

“Who else do you think If not you ” he said aloud and they both end up laughing together.

“You are not serious and I don’t blame you silly boy ” Mike said in response as he drop his school bag and relaxed on the bed.
The taxi dropped Tessy at her father’s compound whom she lose some years ago, the environment has not changed and everything seems the same. She scanned the environment as she stepped inside the huge compound after being welcomed by the cool breeze that blows from inside the compound. She just decided to visit her mom though she didn’t inform her about it, she just wanted it to be a surprise to her which she knows that Mrs Jerald always likes surprise things.

“Hello anyone home “?she said holding the door knob and turn it down to see her mom on the cushion relaxing and watching TV.

“Hey mom ” she called walking to her and Mrs Jerald spread her hands wide to welcome her daughter who just visited her and they embrace each other feeling the family bond again.

“You didn’t inform me that you were coming dear ”

“I just wanted it to be a surprise to you mom ”

“So how’s school and everything my baby girl “? Mrs Jerald asked sipping her drink and pouring it into another glass for Tessy who didn’t hesitate to take it.

“Mom everything is going on fine and school is full of stress mom ” she replied and she nodded her head in collaboration. After discussing about random stuffs Mrs Jerald entered th3 kitchen with her daughter to prepare lunch that they both will eat, they were done after 30 minutes which was just fried rice with delicious stuffs that accompanied it.
Only the sound of spoons that was heard making noise in the dinning room where mother and daughter were eating, Mrs Jerald kept glancing at her daughter bit by bit and she finally broke the silence.

“Baby girl, when last did you guys called each other or meet “? She asked and Tessy didn’t understand

“Me and who mom “? She asked

“You and Jerold of course ” Mrs Jerald replied thus making her to face reality now and her mom noticed that from her actions and behavior that all is not going well, though Jerold complained it to her some time ago but she thought that it was resolved not knowing that the situation was still the same. Now here is her daughter Tessy being haunt by her action.

“Talk to me Tessy I’m your mom ” she said

“Mom we are fine and everything is going on fine ” she replied faking a smile but deep down she was hunt by her speech and words.

“Are you sure Tessy “? She asked and she nodded her head in a yes gesture.

“Are you sure Tessy “? A male voice said from behind them which startled the both of them and of course they knew who the voice belonged to. It’s Jerold that owns the voice, they both turned to see Jerold standing and leaning on the wall, it’s obvious he overheard everything and Tessy response to her mom question. Tessy heart began racing fast and fear enveloped her, Jerold walked down from where he stood to where they both were sitting.

“Tessy are you sure of what you just said “? Jerold asked and the house was as silent as a graveyard, teddy couldn’t find her voice neither she couldn’t withstand Jerold presence, she knew that she has betrayed his love for her and she’s not worthy to stand with him anymore.

“I’m sorry mom I gotta go ” she said and grab her bag running out of the house as fast as her legs could carry her

“Tessy! Jerold and Mrs Jerald shouted at the same time which Jerold ran after her immediately, she was out of sight but Jerold kept running until he found her on the road.
“Tessy please wait ” he said walking close to her, he really loved her though she betrayed him

“Jerold I’m so sorry it’s coming late, I wanted to tell you earlier since that day we met. I didn’t plan for us to end up this way, but it’s not my fault Jerold I’m really sorry, I know you loved me and I love you too but you have not been giving me the time I needed, you have not been giving me the love I needed, you have not been showing me the care I needed. You choose your carrier over our love, Jerold I’m really sorry it’s over between us. I’ve found someone else that is less busy, so I’m sorry Jerold it’s over between us ” she said and the tears finally dropped. Jerold watched her speaking as if he was dreaming or as if she was drunk but she was not and she was telling him her heart which was so hard for him to believe. He so much loved and cherished her, she’s his first love, he knew that she was cheating on him but he accepted it that way he didn’t want it to end so soon but here is Tessy telling him that all is over. Jerold couldn’t believe his ears as he couldn’t move nor say anything, his eyes were fixed on Tessy who was now looking at the floor after telling him her heart. The pains was just unbearable for Jerold but for the sake of being a man he controlled it, his eyes were wet with tears and everything was just meaningless to him that moment. Tessy wave down q cab 🚕 who stopped and she hop in telling him her destination after waving at Jerold

“Bye Jerold I need to go ” she said and they car zoom off

“Tessy “! He yelled but she was out of sight. That pain alone was so unbearable to Jerold.
Tessy was sniffing inside the taxi as the man finally dropped her in school, she paid the man and left for her hostel, getting there she greeted her roomates and jumped on the bed after they all noticed that her eyes is red and swollen without them knowing the cause but decided to let it go for now they just need to allow her get some rest.


Tessy ringing phone brought her back from her dream world and it was Raymond calling her though she was not herself but she didn’t hesitate to pick the call. It was Raymond’s birthday and it was going to be boom and wow because of his personality and who his father is really is. He always celebrate it every year and none dare to miss it because it’s always amazing, he always celebrates it in his father’s house which was just some metre away from the school.

“Hello cutie ” Raymond voice sounded on the phone

“Yeah Raymond ”

“Remember tonight “? He asked in a lovely tone

“Yeah I know about that and I can’t forget it, I will be there in no time ” she replied

“Okay take care, see you soon ” he said and hung up the call.
Tessy sat on the bed now fully awake as she walked into the bathroom to have a quick shower so as to attend her new boo to be birthday party 🎊.
“Man today is Raymond’s birthday, I hope you will be there “? Mike asked Desmond who seems uninterested

“No bro I wont be chanced ” he replied without looking at him

“Come on bro , I know it’s because of that girl stuff. Chill man and focus on life don’t allow anything to weigh you down ” Mike said and after so much arguments Desmond decided to follow him to the party when the time comes.

🎶 🎶 🎶 🎶 🎶 🎶 🎶 🎶

Cool music played in the compound of Raymond, the blue light that illuminated the area could be seen rotating at each interval. The evening breeze as cool, the loud music that blast out or the foreign speakers was so cool and mode changing. Chairs surrounded the swimming pool, the colour was blue and the high table was there even the stage do some students who can sing who will perform live was also there too. Security was so tight to enable safety, people began coming gradually especially the students and sooner the arena was filled with so many people that it couldn’t contain many people again.

Patricia though she was feeling hurt in the heart still decided to go to the party just to set her eyes on her one time love who happens to cheat on her but got the shockest news of her life. She was struggling with the security men to pass into the venue but he was not allowed to enter after being told that it’s the order of their boss Raymond that they are working on.

“I’m sorry miss Patricia, you can’t enter the venue. Our boss instructed us not to allow you in ” one of the men who were dressed in black voiced out to Patricia who felt her legs weak and she felt embarrassed already because some people’s eyes were now feeding on her as if she’s acting a movie. She couldn’t bear the pain again as she ran out of the place crying her eyes out.
To be continued
Is Raymond doing the best thing by not allowing his girlfriend to enter?

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  • Tessy am sure your case will be worst than Patricia own for dumping the luv of your life for a heart breaker

  • Raymond is trying to hide Tessy from Patricia that’s why he instructed the securities not to allow to enter the venue. Its a pity, who’s gonna console Patricia right now.. I feel for her

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