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Trapped By Love – Season 1 – Episode 7

Episode 7 🌹

💜Story by Certified Daniel Etim Jnr 💜
Days run into weeks and things were going on smoothly, this time around Tessy had became so close to Raymond than Desmond, she has not even given Desmond time again to discuss with her talkless of having his time. At the same time Patricia was not herself she felt that Raymond is cheating on her of which she didn’t know the person that Raymond is cheating on her with.

Jerold too on the other end has been communicating with Tessy like never before which Tessy didn’t even understand.

Juliet and Evelyn has been monitoring Tessy movements to be close to Raymond than Desmond but they didn’t have anything to say since its her life let her be.

“Hey babe where are you dressing to “? Juliet asked seeing Tessy in a hurry standing before the small dressing mirror doing some make up.

“To somewhere “she replied still concentrating on her make up.

“And where could that be “? Evelyn asked

“And why do you care to know? Are you my mom”?she asked Evelyn who was now looking at her

“I think it’s Raymond you want to visit right “? She asked and Tessy was quiet as she picked her hand bag and head out of the room.

“Be careful Tessy “! Evelyn yelled from inside cause she knew how dangerous her decision might be.

Tessy boarded a cab 🚕 who stopped and winded down the glass.

“Texas roadhouse ” she said and hop in relaxing on the sit nodding her head to the music that was playing inside the car which she really enjoyed it. The long drive was enjoyable to Tessy cause of the sweet and melodious tracks that was played inside the car by the driver 💺.

“Yeah stop there I’m okay ” she said pointing to a huge gate that was right in front of her. She stepped down and paid the taxi man as he drove away, she looked at the address and looked satisfied. She walked near the gate and there was a guy relaxing on the wall with his back on the wall, he had a white cap on and his face was on the floor. His two hands were folded and 📁 Tessy walked closer to the guy.

“Hi please excuse me ” she said and they guy nod his head without looking up

“Please is this Mr Richard house “? She asked and he nodded and just then the guy lift up his face to Tessy greatest shock it was Desmond. She adjusted backwards in fear

“Desmond? what are you doing here? Are you stalking me “?she asked in fear just then the gate open and Raymond walked out wearing only a white singlet and a jean trouser his face expression showed that he was really angry seeing Desmond at his gate waiting for the same girl he was expecting.
Seeing Raymond Tessy ran to his back and stayed there looking out at Desmond who didn’t even care.

“The explanation is sure now Desmond I think so you should find your way home ” Raymond said mocking Desmond who didn’t shake nor move. A woman was nothing for Desmond it’s him that has been surviving all this while without a woman, it’s not now that he will die when a woman has rejected him but he truly loves her. Since she’s not ready for him he has no choice than to back off.

“Tessy !” he called stretching his hands to her but she ignored it

“I’m sorry Desmond ” she said shaking her head as Desmond left immediately.

“Welcome baby ” Raymond said leading her inside the house as the house was just superb.

“Feel at home, what can I offer you ” he asked

“I think a chill juice is okay for now “she said sitting down on the couch as Raymond left for her offer and returned soon with her offer and placed it on the table as he poured it into two glasses giving one to Tessy and took one.

“Thank you ”

“You are welcome ” she said

“Dude, forget about this girl I’ve told you already. Just calm down bro ” Mike said to Desmond who just returned from his journey. Mike is Desmond roommate who they have been staying for so many years and they all like brothers to each other.

“Bro I know but I really like that girl a lot ” Desmond said with his hands on his head in a confused state

“I know bro but you have to let it go, you don’t need to drag a girl with a guy. What If the guy is dangerous and you loose your life because of a mere girl” Mike said and Desmond find truth in what he said as he relaxed on the couch

“Take it easy bro think no more ” he said patting Desmond on the shoulder as he nodded his head in agreement

“Let’s toast for your normal self bro ” Mike said bringing out a red wine 🍷 and pop it as it makes a loud sound in the air. He poured it into two glasses as they lift it to the air.

“Wow, to the best paddy man I ever have called Desmond ” Mike said lifting his cup and Desmond said same with Mike name in it as they both drink and smiled and Desmond didn’t even remember whether he was the same guy that came back home moody because Mike was really doing an great job by entertaining him with jokes as they both laughed out loud.

“Babe I’m having a strange feeling about this Tessy relationship with Raymond ” Evelyn blurted out to Juliet

“Me too but I think nothing is going to happen, she will take care of herself ” she assured her and continue with cutting her nails 💅.

“Babe why saying that Raymond is cheating on you “? Angelina asked Patricia who was busy sniffing and tears were formed in her eyes. They were in Patricia room because she invited her over.

“He’s not picking my calls neither is he inviting me over as usual ” Patricia said in a shaky voice and Angelina can easily detect that she’s really hurt.

“Babe its okay, don’t kill yourself because of a man. Let’s just follow him slowly and see what he’s up to” Angelina said as Patricia cried on her shoulders.
Tessy was really enjoying her life with Raymond without thinking twice. Raymond’s phone vibrated and it was a call from Patricia, he ignored it for the first time and it kept on ringing disturbing him and Tessy didn’t like it.

“Pick your call now ” Tessy said trying to touch the phone but Raymond stopped her from doing so.

“It’s not important, it’s one of my friend ” he lied stroking her hair as she rested her head on his chest.
The day was becoming dark it was already 7:00pm Tessy has spent more hours than expected in Raymond’s house.
She announced her departure and Raymond walked her to the road and boarded a cab for her pecking her goodbye on the forehead.

Tessy entered the lecture hall as early as 7:45am she located her sit near Patricia but was so surprised to see that Patricia was not in a good mode even her eyes were red showing that she has been crying for love.
She settled down on her sit placing her hand across Patricia shoulder.

“Hey babe what’s wrong? Why the sad mode and red eyes “? Tessy asked

“Really my eyes are red “? She asked and Tessy nodded in a yes gesture

“Oh something flew into my eyes on my way to lecture ” she lied to her and Tessy could easily detect that she’s lying.

“I’m your sister and friend Patricia, you can count on me anytime. Now tell me what’s the problem, what’s bothering you “? She asked again and fresh tears formed in Patricia eyes again.

“Hey babe chill down na, tell me what the matter is please don’t cry “she said cleaning away her tears.

“Tessy, I’m really hurt ” she began and Tessy was listening

” The guy I trusted and loved so much, the guy that I so much cherished cheated on me ” she blurted out almost crying and resting on her shoulders. Just then reality struck Tessy that she has also treated someone like that, she has made someone to undergo heart break too which is Jerold and she regretted it.

“Oh my gosh that’s the worst of it all baby, I’m really sorry babe that’s too bad but you need to be strong for me babe “she said

“I know but I didn’t expect it so soon, after everything we shared together he decided to dump me just like that ” she cried and Tessy knew that she’s really hurt to the last extent that if care is not taken she can harm herself.

“And if I may asked who could that be? What’s his name? Tessy asked as if she will beat him for Patricia because seeing her hurt is really bad to her.

“His name is Ray……..

“Good morning class ” the rest of the words was returned to her stomach with the presence of the lecturer who just entered the class and everywhere was silent thus making the hall to be silent 😶.
To be continued.

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  • Patricia doesn’t know that her boyfriend is after her own very friend (Tessy). I wonder how it will appear the day she will get to know that Tessy is the one her bf is cheating on

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