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Trapped By Love – Season 1 – Episode 6

Episode 6 🌹

💜Written by Certified Daniel Etim Jnr 💜

“Tessy what’s this and why are you here”? Jerold asked after she had drag him to a cool place.

“Jerold it’s not what you think “she pleaded

“Then explain it for me to understand “Jerold bark in anger and Tessy could detect it from his voice and his actions

“Jerold I’m sorry you met me at the wrong place, but that shouldn’t mean that you should judge me according to where you meet me” she said looking into his eyes.

“Can we settle this at my place please”? Teddy pleaded and Jerold was confused but she had known and trusted Tessy for a long time and knowing very well that she can’t cheat on him so he decided to let it go that way.

“Tessy you know I love you and seeing you with another guy being so close is just like that he will take you away from me and I don’t feel comfortable with it ” he said holding her two cheeks and looking into her eyes, Tessy returned the eye contact thus creating more forum for their love to flow in the air. Slowly slowly they lean to each other until their lips finally meet, Tessy lips was moistened and the pink area shown very clear, they kissed from what seems like eternity or that they will never see each other again but that was true because Jerold has loosed her.

Jerold finally broke up from the kiss looking unsatisfied but that was not the main place it should have been done.

“I gotta go Tessy I have something to attend to ” he said

“Okay dear bye ”

“I love you Tessy ”

“I love you Jerold ” she said as Jerold walked out of sight


“Stay away form that girl dude, she’s mine ” Raymond said angrily looking at Desmond who didn’t even care whether he’s talking to him or not.

“And what if I refuse to adhere to your instruction what will happen “? He asks sipping his drink

“You will have yourself to blame for it man” Raymond threatened

“Don’t you think it’s a silly thing for guys to fight over a lady? Why not allow her to make her own choice? Desmond asked standing up to look at him in the face

“I repeat myself stay away from that girl or…….

“Or what “? Desmond cut him short before he knew what was happening Raymond send out a punch 👊 but Desmond was so fast to caught his hand on the air

“Not so fast dude ” Desmond said bringing down his hand.

“It’s a silly thing for two guys to agree over an issue especially coming to girls stuff, so I’m not a fool. Enjoy your day ” Desmond said and walked away from him leaving him behind.
“Hey girl whatsup with you? You have been busy these days even to stay in the room we don’t find you again gist us ” Juliet said looking at Tessy who was lying on the bed facing the ceiling

“Babe say something na we are waiting to hear you, or did they taste you without paying you “? Evelyn added and Tessy looked at her in an angry eyes

“It has not gotten to that extent girls, stop deceiving yourself. The point is just that I’m confused “she said

“Confused about what? Tell us na we are here to help you ” Evelyn said adjusting to where Tessy was.

“Hmm okay, the situation is just complicated because two guys are after me and at the same time making things hard for me to understand ” she said looking at Evy and Julie

“You mean Desmond and Raymond “?Evy asked and she nodded

“And how did you get to know”?Tessy asked in alert

“Have you forgotten so soon that they both came here looking for you “? Evy said and Tessy remembered it.

“Oh I remember now, sorry for that, but I’m really confused they are really troubling me” she said and Evy held her on the shoulder looking at her

“But who do you love amongst the two of them “?she asked and the question caught Tessy unaware because she wasn’t expecting such question yet. Seeing that there was no response from her, Evelyn decided to let it go.

“Okay, I think you should follow your heart and let your heart decide it ” she said out loud

“Yeah you are right ” Tessy concluded

“But as for me I think I will go for Raymond cause he is damn rich and his father is the vice chancellor, he can even help us with some stuffs ” Juliet ranted out and Tessy couldn’t help than to smile at her funny attitude

“Shut up there Juliet, it’s not all about money, it’s about what you feel for each other “Evelyn said

“I know but Raymond is the best. ..” she said again

“Shut up, who told you that”? Evelyn fired

“Shut up too, who are you to command me “? Juliet said standing up and facing Evelyn as if they are about to fight an intercontinetial championship in the wrestling.

“Hey girls that’s enough, I think that’s okay, it’s my case and I will settle it not for you guys to fight over it “Tessy said and they both space from each other after exchanging deadly glare between each other.

Patricia could be seen pacing up and down with her phone on her ear, trying to reach someone but it was not going through.

“What’s this all about ? How could Raymond possibly invited me and now he is nowhere to be found? Is this how his friends go on a date with their girls? He better change oo or else ” Patricia said resting on the wall.
She has been waiting in high class joint expecting to see Raymond who invited her there but Raymond was nowhere to be found and it was already getting late which she didn’t like it a bit just then Raymond came from behind and hold her on the waist which made her to startled in fear and after seeing that it’s Raymond her mode changed to that angry one again, probably Raymond understood why she’s like that. He doesn’t need a soothsayer to tell him why, so he went ahead in apologizing.

“Baby I’m really sorry for keeping you waiting for long, I’ve been really busy with my dad in the office ” he said and Patricia didn’t seem to buy the idea.

“Come on babe, I say I’m sorry please ” he pleaded again looking into her eyes and holding her two hands.

“Why must you always come up with excuses when it gets to me “? She asked and he was quiet for a while

“Where you not the one I saw earlier this evening in this same joint who happens to escape immediately I entered “? She asked looking at him to find the truth which instead of that Raymond frowned

“What are you trying to tell me now? That I was here earlier and after seeing you I ran away? Is that it “? He asked raising his voice a little which made Patricia adjusted backward.

“Did the person wear this type of clothe? He asked turning for her to see his clothes, after examining it Patricia noteiced that it was not the same as the other person wear so she wore an apologizing look.

“It’s obvious that you are tired of this thing cause you are full of complain ” he said angrily

“I’m sorry Raymond it has not gotten to that, I love you still as before and nothing can change that ” she said and Raymond smiled after hearing that.

“Can we go now “? He asked spreading his hands

“Sure we are good to go “she replied

“Then smile for me na” he said and Patricia let out a charming smile which made Raymond to chuckle.

“That’s my girl, let’s go ” he said and they walked hand in hand inside the joint.



The night was already dark and scary due to different sounds made by the animals both aquatic and terrestrial. Every part of the street was dark including some hostels which happened to be only candle light illuminating the room. But in a particular busy were the darkness took over, a fire was burning with the help of 🎆 firewood which lighted the environment. Deep inside the bush were nobody could possibly think that people were there, Raymond could be found standing in the middle of a circle made by heavy and strong guys who sat down around the fire as if they wanted to play moonlight 🌙 play in the night. All were dressed in red from head to toe which means that something is happening at that particular hour of the night.

“Dragon lords”!

“We are poisonous than poison!

“Dragon lords “! Raymond shouted again

“We are poisonous than poison! They shouted in response

“Dragon lords”!

“We are poisonous than poison! They all chorused and then exchange hands with each other and then returned to their sits again.

“I summoned this great meeting because of what’s on the ground and that it should be solved with immediate effects ” Raymond said looking at each and everyone of them.
Dragon lords was known to be the most notorious and baddest cultist gang in the campus but the secret is that nobody knew that Raymond the only son of the vice chancellor was their leader. None can ever think of it even if such a person is being told, they will not believe because Raymond is one of the cool type who doesn’t talk much nor make trouble but little did they knew that he is more dangerous than they thought.

“Capone we are ready to handle and carry out the mission ” Lighter said who happens to be one of them who had broken teeths and a skull hairstyle, he was not smiling nor laughing.

“There’s this new girl that I’m crushing on,but it seems like one rat is also crushing on her too ”

“Who be that cock to crow when the boss and Capone is on stage, Capone nothing do you, we dey your back ” arrow concurred

“So let’s be ready incase he refuses to listen to my warning so that we will strike when it’s time to do so ” he said and sat down on the ground while silence took over and sooner did they smoke began to filled the area as they began smoking like never before.

Desmond not home, his day was really bad thinking that Tessy will accept him, but due to how he see things it will not be easy for him to have her as his own. He changed into his night wear not minding to eat because he had already filled himself in the restaurant, meanwhile Desmond is an orphan who struggled to send himself to school cause his parents died while he was in jss1 in secondary school, so he had passion for education that was why he wasn’t ready for defeat, he did all via best to make sure that he makes it in life no matter how much it will cost him. He finally jumped on the bed, and cover himself with hmtge duvet while Tessy image appears into his memory again, he sighed and closed his eyes to erase the picture. He switched off the bedside lamp and drifted to a deep sleep.
To be continued

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