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Trapped By Love – Season 1 – Episode 5

Episode 5 🌹

💜Written by Certified Daniel Etim Jnr 💜

Tessy looked closely to see Desmond holding her on the waist and his eyes fixed on her own, they stayed like that for a minute before she realized that he was still holding her and that she has a lecture to attend to.

“Thanks, please let me go ” she said looking into his eyes as he looked into her own too before finally letting her go, she tried to walk away when Desmond hold her back as she turned and looked at him seeing the pleadingly look on his face, she knew that he still wants her to go with him for lunch

“Tessy please remember what I said yesterday, please I will send you the address on where to meet me please ” he said looking at her

“Did I tell you that I’ve agreed yet “?she said a little bit harsh

“that’s too harsh for a lady to say, just try. Hope to see you there “he said and walked away while Tessy kept looking at his retrieving image.
“Why are these two people disturbing me at a time? Maybe I will start hiding from them to avoid any embarrassment “she said and hurries down to the lecture hall.
Everywhere was full exception of one sit near which happens to be next to Patricia, she settled down brough out her notepad and other writing materials to start writing.

“Hey Patricia, we meet again ” she said

“Yeah Tessy nice thing you are not late to class today “she said and they both chuckled at her statement.
Tessy phone beep in alert as she slid it open looking at the message from Jerold “College life has taken away your time from me, you missed my calls without calling me back even to text me is a problem now, I guess it’s over enjoyment ” the message reads and Tessy frown but deep down she knew that Jerold is saying the truth cause it’s up to a week she started school but didn’t call Jerold. She slid her phone inside her jean pocket and concentrate on what was on the board.


Tessy was so tired after several lecutures, she slumb on her bed to relax from the stress of the day. Her stomach was telling her to fill it but no food was in the house, she started yawning cause she was really hungry and tired. The time was already 4:43pm in the evening which she did not have any other lecture for the day.
Her phone started ringing and it was her mom when smiled and pick the call

“Hi mom”

“Yew baby, how are you doing “?Mrs Jerald asked on phone

“I’m fine mom and you “? She asked

“I’m fine too sweetheart but Jerold is not happy with you ” Mrs Jerald said

“Mom, I know but it’s not my fault, it’s over stress. Please I will make it up to him I promise “she said

“Okay dear, but please don’t do anything that will hurt him oo”

“Okay mom I’ve heard you”

“Bye sweetheart and please take your studies serious oo”

“Okay mom bye” she replied and ended the call, just then two messages beep in at the same time, one message from Desmond and one message from Raymond, she opened Raymond’s own first.

“Hey pretty, remember 6:00pm today at “High class joint, I will be expecting you ” the text ended and she scroll over to Desmond own.

“Please Tessy I will be expecting you by 6:00pm and please don’t keep me waiting, I will send you the address soon” the message ended. Tessy was so confused she was nervous cause the two people wants her at the same time, she didn’t want to do anything silly as she kept her phone and then head to the kitchen to prepare herself something to eat,but she really wanted to try Raymond own out.


Tessy was dressed in a white long gown and pair of flat shoes that added to her beauty, she was described as a queen herself. She looked stunning as she stepped out of the house locking the door, her phone beep and it was message from Desmond “High class joint please meet me there now I’m there ” the message reads as she was wondering whether to go or not. Why are the two people at the same place and same time? Could it be that they want to use her? Could it be that they wants to trick her? Many thoughts were flying in her head as she kept thinking on the outcome of the situation at hand, fine I know what to do” she said and boarded a taxi to “HIGH CLASS JOINTS”.

Raymond kept glancing at the door and at the same time looking at his wrist watch to check the time whether Tessy will still be coming or not coming again, the time was already 6;15pm but Tessy was not found. The music that played in house made the house comfortable for customers to enjoy their stay. Blue bulb light illuminated the house likewise the AC that made it more cooler than it supposed to be.

Desmond also walked into that same joint and then sighted an empty table that has two chairs expecting Tessy too he sat down there too. He was in a simple clothe, black polo 👚 back trouser and a black face cap as if he belong to the family of black’s.

Just then Tessy stepped into the environment scanning it very well, the place was cool for her liking and everything was just okay and normal, she stood at the door and then step inside the house and was welcomed by the pleasant scent that emerged from the house and the lovely song that played along, her eyes instantly caught Raymond glancing at his wrist watch occasionally and she knew that it’s her that he’s expecting, her eyes also caught Desmond who was sitting at the far end of the house looking down and sipping his drink as if he’s not expecting anyone, she was really disturbed cause the two guys being at the same place if she accepts one and reject one they will end up fighting for her and she didn’t want that to happen. It’s high time I make my own decision before things get out of hand” she said to herself just then Raymond’s eye caught with her own, he signalled her to come to his table, she started walking towards Raymond table when someone grab her from behind

“Hey Tessy what are you doing here ” Patricia said

“Hi Patricia what are you doing here too”? She replied her question with question

“I’m here to see my boyfriend and he’s there” she said pointing to a particular sit but the sit was empty as nobody was found there again

“Who are you talking about ?nobody is there ” Tessy said and Patricia was shocked too because when she entered the guy was there and now he’s no where to be found.

“Excuse me Tessy I’ll be back soon” she said and ran out of the joint in search of her boyfriend
Looking again she couldn’t find Raymond on his sit and the sit was empty, it was only Desmond that was still there, she didn’t come there for Desmond so she decided to take her leave. She proceeded to the door when Desmond eyes caught with her own, she averted it and look at elsewhere for him not see her but it was too late cause he had already seen her

“Please don’t stand there and keep me waiting, just come over I’m waiting “TGE message reads and she look up to see Desmond looking at her to come, she finally walked to his sit. She sat down folding her hands and looking down pressing her phone

“What will you like to take? He asked

“Thank you I’m okay ” she replied and Desmond frown

“What “?

“I say I’m okay, I won’t take anything ” she replied a bit harsh and Desmond gulp down the lump that was in his throat.
“Okay fine no problem ” he said and sh3 continue pressing her phone

“Tessy “he called in a soft and romantic voice and she looked up to meet his gaze
Desmond holds her on the both hands looking at her in the eye.

“Tessy you are so beautiful ”

“Thank you ”

” I don’t have much to say but, I want to tell you that you are such an angel dear, the first day k saw you I could think straight again and all my heart longed for you Tessy,you are the one that captures my heart, please Tessy give me a chance to love you, give me a chance to show you love, give me a chance to be the man in your life, I promise never to hurt you “he confessed looking at her as she looked down expecting to hear her own response but she was quiet all through.

“Please Tessy say something ” he pleaded

“I’ve heard you Desmond but…..

“But what Tessy “?he cut her in

“Nothing, sorry I’m not ready for it” she said looking away to avoid his angry eyes

“Tessy! ” another masculine voice called her from her back she turned to see the most shockest person she didn’t expect to see by then

“Jerold!, what are you doing here? I…. Mean…. Who are you looking for “she stammered and Jerold shook his head in disappointment


“No let’s leave here I can explain, please don’t create a scene “she but him short dragging him out of the joint.
To be continued

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  • I feel for Jerold cos he doesn’t deserve this I’ll treatment from his gal. Maybe Raymond is Patricia’s boyfriend and he’s out there looking for another gal… Odiegwu!!!

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