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Trapped By Love – Season 1 – Episode 4

Episode 4 🌹

💜Story by Certified Daniel Etim Jnr 💜
Tessy was froze seeing her mom at the door but it was not a big deal cause she did nothing but the problem is that she won’t take it that way.
“Tessy! Mrs Jerald called shaking her head

“No mom I can explain, it’s not how you are thinking ” she defended giving Desmond a deadly look for causing her the problem.

“Quickly come outside now ” the mother ordered and without time wastage Tessy was out of the room to settle issues with her mom, but Desmond was not helping matters at all cause he didn’t mind he was still standing there.
It’s obvious that he really needs to talk to Tessy.

“You came here just few days ago, does it mean that you came here to act a porn movie “? Mrs Jerald asked spreading her hands wide

“Mom it’s not like I came to act a porn movie, the guy just came uninvited to collect his… to collect his… I.. His lesson note 📝 ” she replied stammering.

“It better be so cause I won’t take any nonsense from you ” she fired at her which she smiled in response.

Back to the hostel Desmond was still standing waiting for her to return just then the door opened and she enter closing it back.

“Don’t tell me you are still here “? She asked

“Does it seems like its my ghost that you are seeing “?he joked smiling at her

“Who’s smiling with you here”she replied folding her hands and having a straight face without smiling

“Wow I like your angry face, you can still keep it that way ” he said with his hands in his trouser pocket.

” I need to talk to you Tessy, outside ” he said and walked out which make her to sigh of the stress in college, how guys are already giving her restless time.

She later went out to meet Desmond who was still outside, getting there she stood at a distance giving the both of them space not to get to each other.

“I’m here ” she said out

“Good girl, I just wanted to know whether you will be chanced tomorrow for us to have lunch together ” he broke the silence which Tessy chuckled remembering that Raymond also invited her to his house, just as she was anticipating her phone vibrated and the green message light beep. She unlocked the phone and look at the message content “67 Malaysia road, if u are late then consider another punishment ” she read it and the anger in her rise of which Desmond noticed it.

“I gotta go now ” she broke the silence and then walked out from him

“To Raymond house I guess “? Desmond said and she stopped at her track and then looked back at him.
How did he know that she will be going to Raymond’s house? Who told him? Are they planning this together? What is even happening? She asked herself all those question and then entered her room again.


The street was bright due to the presence of the street light, the taxi just dropped Tessy as she looked at the unfamiliar environment. She was wearing a long red gown with her long hair on her backside.
She was just at Raymond’s gate, a mere looking at it you will know that it smells money cause the wall near the gate has a scanner that scans you before entering the house. It’s been days and Tessy didn’t care to call Jerold which was bad and she has been missing his calls.

Swing herself at Raymond’s gate, she wondered what she was doing there but suddenly recall that she’s there for her missing documents, she walked to the gate and just as she was about pressing the doorbell a voice came from inside of the house and it was loud and clear which was from a microphone.

“Come in Tessy ” the voice sounded and she could detect that it’s the proud guy voice called Raymond she stepped inside and was wow with the looks, no wonder he is behaving like God because his father is damn rich.


“Welcome to my small palace ” Raymond brag about himself

“Thank you ” she replied and checked her wrist watch to be sure of when to go

“What!? 10:00pm. No please it’s late give me my documents let me go” she broke the silence but Raymond didn’t say a word but rather chuckled which got Tessy irritated.
“What is funny here “she asked him

“It’s just that you are funny” he replied and climbed the bed without saying anything again and the room was so silent neither did Tessy say a word again. Raymond laid facing the ceiling the silence was just too much as Tessy finally broke it.

“Raymond please let me have my documents ” she pleaded which he still didn’t say anything which got Tessy angry.

“Fine, have it to yourself ” she said I’m an angry tone and picked her bag heading to the door.

“Wait! ” Raymond voice sounded from the bed which made her to stop on her tracks without looking back at him. Raymond climbed down from the bed and open his bedside drawer bringing out the documents and walked close to her in a way she adjusted backward to the door stretching her hands to him for the documents.
“let me have it please ” she said stretching her hands to him and Raymond was now wearing a baby face which she has not seen before.

“On one condition that I will give you ” he replied hiding the documents in his back

“What’s that? She asked angrily
“Tessy you are beautiful ” he said as his eyes keep trailing her body which she didn’t want it to happen and his eyes finally rested on her lips.
“Thank you for the compliment, please can I have it now? She said and Raymond walked closer to her, she adjusted backwards until her body hit the wall which no space was left for her again to move. She was vibrating physically hoping that he doesn’t do what she is thinking oo.
“Please stop! She fired at him but it seems he was deaf, his two hands rested on the wall guiding Tessy and they were now closer to each other.

“Please let’s have lunch tomorrow ” he broke the silence and Tessy was kind of confused on what is happening. Desmond asked her to go for lunch with him and now it’s Raymond turn or does it mean it all the mond’s are trying to play pranks with her.

“there’s no way I’m coming she replied folding her hands

“Please Tessy “he pleaded looking directly into her eyes which she looked back at his.

“Okay fine maybe I will, just give me what belongs to me” she said and Raymond handed her the document she tried to walked away as Raymond grab her on her waist and she froze,their lips were now close to each other. Looking at each other, Raymond slowly lean forward bringing his lips closer to her own, she tried to resist it but it was too late as their lips finally joined with each other, Raymond kissed her, she didn’t respond to it at first but finally responded it it kissing him back which Raymond smiled rubbing her back and she immediately pulled away from the kiss.
What has come over me? She asked herself as she ran out of the house

“Noooooooooooooooooo! Tessy coming back it’s too late to go alone please “Raymond shouted and she stopped, it’s true that it was late cause the time was 12:00am. She turned and walked back to him

“Please spend the night here, we have a guest room please don’t go now it’s dangerous “,he said pleadingly as Tessy looked at him after series of arguments accepted to sleep over.


7:00am was the time as Tessy rushed out for school so as to meet up with her lectures, she was in a hurry not looking forward and watching her tracks still thinking on the night event, how could she possibly kissed Raymond back? How will he take her? As a slut or what? She asked herself but it was too late for her to recall that she was still walking on the road as she bumped into a figure and was about falling when the person grab her on the waist as she regained balance looking at the person that rescued her.
To be continued.

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  • Jerold I feel sorry for you, cos Tessy is changing slowly, imagine staying for days without calling the boyfriend, and now another handsome bobo is on her neck… Hmm!!! I’m short of words.

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