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Trapped By Love – Season 1 – Episode 3

Episode 3 🌹

💜Written by Certified Daniel Etim Jnr 💜

Before Tessy could say another word Raymond had already ended the call thus returning the rest of her questions to her throat.
“What the fuck! She yell as she sat on the bed thinking of the next thing, just then her phone beep and the green light blink telling her it’s a message, she clicked it open “Meet me at the school cafeteria by 6:00pm ” the message reads

“This dude is not serious, how can I just meet him like that? Is he my father or who? She hissed and throw them phone to the bed and then fell on the bed dozing to a deep sleep.
Juliet and Evelyn came back to meet Tessy sleeping, they just mind their own business by sitting on their different bed discussing on how the day went.
Tessy woke up sweating profusely as she checked her time it reads 6:30pm ,ah had 12 missed called 3 from Jerold, 3 from her mom and 6 from Raymond. Seeing Raymond call too she hissed and then tried to call Jerold first without even exchanging pleasantry with her roommates.

“Hey Tessy whatsup? Juliet asked feeling a bit nervous

“Oh am sorry guys I didn’t notice your presence ” she pleaded

“Whatever ” Juliet replied heading to the kitchen to find something for her stomach.
Tessy dialed Jerold number at first it rang but no response, just as she was about dialing it the second time, a text message entered again “You want to be stubborn right? You better open the door cause I’m at your door ” the message reads and Tessy gasp for air wondering what Raymond is up to, she stood up wearing just a headless top to check whether Raymond is really at her door. Opening the door she found Raymond outside neatly dressed in a pair of jeans and white T-shirt coupled with white cap that is to match, Tessy quickly closed back the door leaning on it as her heart beat increased.

“You better open the door and come out now” Raymond said from the outside with his hands in his trousers pocket.

“Who’s that Tessy ” Evelyn asked looking at her

“A stalker ” she replied thinking whether to open up or not

“A stalker? Evelyn asked and she nodded her head in a yes gesture, Evelyn wondered who the stalker was as she walked to the door trying to open it

“No please don’t open it! Tessy yelled but it was too late cause she has already opened the door.
Seeing who’s at the door was a surprise to Evelyn

“Raymond? She called softly

“Yeah, you better tell that your roommate to come out here or I enter there and get her ” he said. Raymond is a cute guy and he is the son of the Vice Chancellor of the college, Evelyn entered the house again to meet Tessy sitting on the bed with her pillow.

“You better go out now oo or you will miss this opportunity ” Evelyn said eyeing her

” Tell him to leave me alone, I’m already dating ” she responded

“Did he tell you that he wants to go on a date with you “? She asked but Tessy kept mute 🔇

“Listen it’s a great opportunity, he’s the son of the Vice Chancellor you have to give it a try ” Evy said

“I love Jerold and I’m not ready for anything silly that will hurt him ” Tessy responded and Evelyn sat down on the bed and placed her hands on her shoulders

“I know Tessy but you just have to hear him out first “she said and stood up. After what seems like eternity that Raymond is not ready to go except he sees Tessy, she stood up and dressed up and walked outside to meet him.

“Good girl, now follow me to my car” he said pointing to where his car is parked

“But you said that we will meet in the school cafeteria “? She asked folding her arms

“We are going in my car so don’t question me” he replied. After so much argument she later followed him and they zoom off.

The cafeteria was filled with people as Raymond located a quiet corner with a round table and two chairs.

“What will you take “? He’s asked her

“I’m fine and okay, can you please tell me why you called me here “? She asked without looking at him the waitress was still standing without them saying anything to her

“Bring two hot coffee ” he ordered

“For who and who? Don’t even do it o cause I won’t drink it. The waitress had already left after being told what to bring.

“Please tell me why I’m here and how you get my number, my name and my location ” she asked looking at him as he took a sip from his coffee and then place it on the table again.

“You want to know it “? He asked and she nodded her head

“Good. The day you fell your complimentary card fell 💳 down followed by your document which I picked and was about giving it to you but you walked out on me ” he explained. Hearing that Tessy heart skipped, that document is what she has been looking for sweating but couldn’t find it and here is Raymond telling her that he’s with it, what a complicated situation.

“Em… Em… I mean where is it? She asked as Raymond brought out the document and showed to her as she tried to collect it.

“Hey take it slowly. You want it? Then come to my house tomorrow by 3:00pm and get it ” he said and before she could say Jack he was out of sight heading to the door. She wanted to tell him that she has lecture by that time but he was nowhere to be found. The document that is with Raymond is very important especially in the case that she’s schooling in that school and without the documents she can’t be regarded as a, student of the school and she will be restricted from certain things. Many things kept flying into her memory right then thinking of the next thing to do whether to go or not. But why is Raymond asking her to come and get it in his house? Why not give her here? She asked herself and stood up heading to the door too.
Desmond was sitting next to them in the next table, due to the cab that covered his face they couldn’t recognized him, so he heard all their conversation as his heart sink into his stomach. He has been trying to get to Tessy but here is Raymond trying to be fast than him to get to that position, he was not ready to give up so easily. He took his last sip from his drink and stood up trailing Tessy from behind without her knowledge.
Tessy collapsed on the bed after the long journey, she took off her clothes thus leaving her with her black bra only and black pants, it was as if she belonged to the kingdom of the black’s with all her things were in black.
Since they were only females in the room so she didn’t need to hide anything cause they all have the same thing in common.

“How did it go”? Evelyn asked

” Worse ” she replied pinking her phone it was obvious that she was online chatting without paying attention to her as the notification sound keep sounding. Just then a knock sounded from the door, since Juliet was outside receiving cool breeze she thinks that it’s Juliet that is at the door

“Come in Juliet the door is open ” she said still concentrating on her phone and the door cracked open and Desmond walked in. Seeing Desmond she jerked from the bed throwing her phone aside as she struggled with the bed sheet to cover her nakedness for Desmond not to see anything, but already he had seen all.

“How do you get here and who are you looking for “? She asked

“I followed you from the cafeteria and it’s you I’m looking for ” he replied boldly

“Oh my God what have I gotten myself into “? She asked herself just then the door opened again and another guy entered standing at the door, seeing the new guy that just entered Tessy let out a loud scream that filled the room.
To be continued
Guess who’s the new guy that makes Tessy scream?

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  • How can they just entered girl’s room like that, and Raymond why is he asking Tessy to come to his house before collecting her file…. Tessy should just report to the school management

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