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Trapped By Love – Season 1 – Episode 2

Episode 2 🌹

✏ Written by Certified Daniel Etim Jnr ✏

Tessy woke up and looked through the window to see many students walking on the school environment, it’s obvious she has overslept as she double tab her phone and the time boldly displayed 3:15pm ,she had lecture by 3:30 she quickly jumped up from the bed throwing away the duvet she used in covering herself, Evelyn and Juliet had already left though they are not in the same department 🏬.
She quickly rushed into the bathroom, took a quick shower without doing much make up but wearing a simple gown that stopped on her knees she grab her books and biro pen and head out of the door. She wasn’t familiar with the environment because she’s new to the environment, looking at the busy school compound as students kept booming our from nowhere and it confused her the more, she didn’t watched her steps as she hit her leg on a hard stone and she fell down instantly feeling the pains as her gown flew open.

“Here take my hand ” Desmond and Raymond said at the same time stretching their hands to her at the same time, none of them knew Tessy before. Raymond saw Tessy falling so he decided to go help her up likewise Desmond too. Teddy was confused as she didn’t know who’s hand to accept, both of them were not ready to withdraw their hands.
“don’t worry I’m fine ” she replied trying to stand up but fall again to the ground thus keeping the two guys hanging on the air. She didn’t want to hurt any of them so she decided to ☑ do it her way not to hurt them.
She finally stood up dusting herself and picked up her books and walked out of them, just then reality struck her that she don’t know her destination and they are the only people to help her out she quickly turned back to them.
“Please I’m new here can you help me to the economics department “?she asked looking at the both of them.

“Let me take you there ” they said at the same time again, thus confusing her the more. The whole thing seems like a drama to her, she didn’t understand what was happening neither did she know who’s hand to accept.

“Are you guys kidding me? What’s happening? She asked as the two guys glanced at each other exchanging a deadly glare.

“Okay fine, don’t worry I will find my way to where I’m going ” she concluded and walked out and her phone began ringing instantly, she took it out and looked at the screen to see that it was Jerold that was calling, she smiled and slide the phone to receiver side as she smiled.
“Hey lover boy how are you? She asked just immediately

“I’m good and you ?he replied
The looks on the two guys faces could be described as jealousy
“I’ll call you back, I’m heading to lecture now” she said and hang the call.

She was still looking for the right place to enter when she finally saw Juliet and Evelyn walking holding hands together with each other at a far distance, she shouted their names but that was crazy cause they won’t hear her due to the noises. People turned looking at her wondering whether she’s on her right senses to be standing there shouting.
She started running towards Juliet and Evelyn and she finally caught up with them breathing hard and panting as an animal who escaped from its prey. Juliet and Evelyn was startled seeing her like that thinking that someone is after her
“Who’s after you? Juliet asked
“Thank God I’ve found you ” she replied holding her chest

“What’s it speak up cause you are making us scared ” Evelyn said looking at her expecting an answer from her

“It’s nothing, I was just looking for the right direction to get to the economics department but none care to help me” she said and Juliet chuckled

“And that’s why you are panting like this, come let me show you there cause time is against us” she said leading the way, already it was 3:59pm which means that she’s really late.


Please ma’am can I come in”? Tessy asked standing at the door expecting an answer from the lecturer both she didn’t paid any attention to her as she continue writing on the board. She stood there feeling embarrassed as some people laughed at her silly act, she thinks that she’s still in secondary school that you will take permission before entering the class not knowing that in lecture hall you just enter like that without any permission.
She has been standing for 5 minutes without the lecturer caring to say a word to her or asking her to come in.
A lady who was sitting by the door snap her finger at her to come in as she walked slowly as her shoe kept making noise noise. She was really boiling in anger for such embarrassment on her first day in school, she sat down with the girl and brought out her pen to write.

“Here you don’t take permission before entering the class, you just enter like that ” she whispered to her so as not to attract people’s attention.

“Okay thanks ” she replied

” By the way I’m Patricia by name, a 100 level student ” the fair lady said

“I’m Tessy by name same 100 level studying economics, thanks for helping me or else I would have still been standing there ” she replied and Patricia smiled

“You can count on me anytime ” she replied and they both concentrate on the board.
Tessy exhale as she dropped her books on her bed, the day was so stressful. Her first day in school was not pleasant at all as the incident of the day flossed back into her memory, all thanks to Patricia who helped her out, she owed her a lot. She undressed immediately and then the thought of the two handsome guys who happens to to help her out when she fell earlier pop into her memory as she smiled. It’s weird though for the both to offer help to her, she didn’t want to hurt any of them so, ignoring them was the best idea for her to do.
She remembered the fair one telling her that he’s Raymond while the one that had brown skin with with a gap teeth happens to be Desmond.
Just as she was reflecting on the days issue her phone began ringing, she looked at the screen and it was boldly written UNKNOWN ” she slid the call and pick it and deep masculine voice sounded on the other end

“Hello Tessy “the voice called

“Yes hello please who’s this”? She asked

“It’s me Raymond “the voice sounded on phone and Tessy was really shocked. How did he get her number? Who gave it to him? Her hands were vibrating as she wondered where he got her number from.

“how did you know my name? And how did you get my number? She asked hoping that he answered her.
To be continued
How did Raymond got her number?

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