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Trapped By Love – Season 1 – Episode 17

Episode 17 🌹

💜Story by Certified Daniel Etim Jnr 💜
The gun battle between the cops and the dragon lords finally ended which the cops killed 2 of the dragon lords men and they killed 1 cop too. Arrow escaped from them but not after a bullet caught him on his shoulder which he used it to run, blood was running down the place the bullet hit and he didn’t care but kept on running.


Raymond too was hiding hearing the news that his father wants him arrested, the news had already gone viral that Raymond the son of the vice chancellor is a bad and cruel cultists who happens to be the capone.

The house went silent for a while immediately Desmond confessed his love to Patricia who didn’t know how it even started, the eye look was just too much and the silent in the room can cause everything to be heard from a far distance, tears were already formed in Patricia’s eyes as she looked away preventing it from dropping. Angelina noticed it and she had to speak on behalf of her friend which she stood up immediately.

“I’m sorry, you need to allow her to rest for now ” Angelina said to Desmond who didn’t understand it.

“What did you say”? He asked again to be sure he heard her well though he heard it but needed the confirmation.

“I sat let her be for now, she’s not ready for anything ” she replied looking at Patricia who nodded her head in a yes gesture and disengaged her hands from his own walking down to the window sight looking away so as not to be carried away by Desmond handsomeness. But deep down she felt like hugging him and never to let him go,she loved him too and that makes it a perfect but she had to control herself for the mean time.

“Yes Desmond she’s right, you have to go” she added still looking outside the window

“What do you Mean I have to go ” he asked but got no response as Patricia sniff.

“Please just leave first, we will talk some other day ” Patricia said looking at him this time around and Desmond felt hurt deep down but has to control it, he was at the same time feeling angry but pretended.

“But I overheard you saying you loved me too “? He stopped and looked at her and Patricia didn’t know what to say again as she exchanged eye contact with Angelina who understood what she meant.

“Fine I’ve heard you, I’m leaving ” he announced and just as he turned to leave the door was kicked open by a strong leg which seems so powerful, there stood arrow before Desmond with his shoulder being tied with clothe and it was soaked with blood. Be stood there pointing the pistol at Desmond ready to pull the trigger, the girls were already killed with fear as they vibrate shaking In fear, they all hide behind Desmond.

“Hello mister Desmond we meet again ” arrow said in a mockery tone but Desmond didn’t say anything cause he was busy stragegising on how to get the gun from him.

“What are you doing here and who are you here for “? Desmond asked

“And who are you to ask me such question “? Arrow fired back in anger not minding his blood that was wasting

“I demand to know ” Desmond spoke again boldly to him

“I’m here for that bitch over there ” he replied pointing the gun to Patricia who looked up in fear seeing that he was referring to her. Arrow has discovered that Patricia and Raymond were dating secretly without their knowledge before they broke up, he’s here to take his revenge on how Raymond killed his own girlfriend by rape. The transfer aggression was just too much.
The silent in the room was just too much as arrow cracked the gun and was about pulling the trigger when Desmond pounced on him and they both landed on the floor, Desmond send him a punch on the jaw which caught him unaware and blood started dripping down. Arrow rolled over and was on top of Desmond, he sent him a heavy punch too on the nose which blood s Te started oozing out. The ladies were just screaming and crying, though arrow was wound but he still got power, he sent Desmond different blow which landed on his body, Desmond was now weak and had no hel, he was still struggling with arrow and the gun was now far from the both of them.
“Kick the gun away Patricia” Desmond said to her sounding weak, Patricia was just shaking in fear not knowing whether to run or carry out the order.
Arrow sent Desmond the last punch which got him dumb immediately, he stood up and pick the pistol.

“I’m sorry dude I have to finish what I started ” he said pointing the gun at Desmond who kicked him in the balls immediately and he fell to the ground groaning in pains. Desmond stood up slowly staggering

“Run! Patricia run and save your life “! He shouted on top of his voice and the Two girls ran out of the house immediately.
Arrow was crying in pain rolling on the floor.


“I will be there now ” Mr Louis said and match the accelerator as the car increased it’s speed on the highway. He just received the news that Raymond is about to be caught and they need his presence which he had to be there.

Arrow had struggled up from the floor and picked up the pistol again pursuing Desmond who was now running helplessly on the street as he winced in pain. Mr Louis was with s high speed on the road as he kept glancing at the car mirror, just then Desmond appeared on the road from nowhere on the track Mr Louis was driving.

“Noooooo!!!! ” Mr Louis shouted on top of his voice as he matched the break and the car made a screeching sound but it didn’t stop as it hit Desmond in s way he flew on the air as landed him on the floor as he hit his head on s big rock on the road and he lost consciousness immediately as blood kept coming out in his mouth ,nose and everywhere was filled with blood.
Mr Louis alighted the car in a hurry.

To be continued.

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