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Trapped By Love – Season 1 – Episode 16

Episode 16 🌹

💜Written by Certified Daniel Etim Jnr 💜
“You shouldn’t have done it that way babe, it now seems as if you are taking things too far ” Angelina said to Patricia who explained everything to her and how and what they discussed with Desmond.

“But I was just trying to be friendly with him ” Patricia explained hoping that her response will be okay with Angelina

“I know but I’m just warning you to be careful so as not to be hurt again like what Raymond did to you and I’m not okay with those that their names end with mond ” she said looking into her eyes

“What if he doesn’t loves you as you think “? Angelina continued seeing how weak and hopeless Patricia was

“I know he loves me too but…..

“But what Patricia? What? Please be careful I won’t stand to see you hurt again, never. If he loved you he would have made a move up till now ” Angelina explained and seeing the truth in the words Patricia leaned on her shoulders sniffing as they hug each other

“Yes you are right but I love her more, I know I’ve taken too much time but I was waiting for the right time ” a voice sounded from outside gaining their attention, they disengage looking at the direction the voice came from and to their greatest shock there stood there handsome Desmond leaning on the door. It’s obvious he heard everything they all said, Patricia stood up in alert checking whether she’s naked or fully covered.

“Wait oo, how did you get here in the first place ” Patricia asked feeling shy

“Love made it simple for me to locate you. I love you Patricia ” Desmond said boldly

Jerold was busy making call so as to have information about how Tessy case is going.

“yeah D. P. O how’s the case going “? He asked placing the phone on his ear

“My boys are working on that, don’t worry it will be solved soon” he assured and Jerold ended the call having it clear that Tessy will soon be found.

Raymond’s father was also looking for his son Raymond who has been a big mess to him, he has really dragged his name on the mud. How could he join a secret cult and have someone’s daughter kidnapped? He reported the case the cops too that Raymond is wanted, they carried out the order with immediate effect. It was a bad day for Raymond because it’s three teams now that are looking for him, the axe men, his father’s police men and Jerold police men who were looking for just one person called Raymond.


Tessy was so weak to carry herself up after being untie by the cops, they looked into arrow’s wardrobe to find a shirt for her to wear and cover her nakedness which she covered herself immediately feeling shy.


“What’s the meaning of this? Why playing tricks with me “? Arrow barked at his fellow guys angrily for such thing.

“No it’s not a joke they were after us and I can’t really know where they went ” mentor explained bringing out his pistol

“Let it better not be a joke oo because if it is, you will have your life for it to pay ” arrow said angrily and just then he knew that there’s another route that leads to his house, in alert he shouted

“Let’s go this way boys”! Arrow ordered taking the lead running to the route the cops took.It was going to be a big war between the two teams who are going to exchange bullets.

The cops came out with Tessy, she was well covered and she was in the middle, the cops make sure that she’s save. The speed arrow and his men were carrying so as Tessy would not be taken away by the cops, they were in a very high speed but their speed retarded immediately they saw the cops leading Tessy out of the house.

“Go down everybody “! He ordered his men who took their cover on the bush positioning Their pistol well to shoot.seeing that, the cops ordered for Tessy to be covered so as the bullet should not get to her, two officers carried out the order while others wait behind with their riffles to fire when the order is being passed.

“Surrender now or never ” Sir James commanded who was the leader of the cops

“Never “! Arrow voiced our loud too from his hiding place with a deep voice, he wasn’t ready for defeat so as the cops.

Soon bullets began flying on the air between the two teams who were not ready to allow the other foot defeat them.


Patricia stood watch Desmond like a ghost, seeing him in her house when she didn’t even expect was like a dream to her and how he even got to know her location was another story too. Hearing the confession Desmond made earlier was like she was hallucinating, they looked at each other in a eyes which was filled with love and strength as they began walking slowly towards each other still looking into each others eyes as they slowly stopped before each other in a way they were so close to each other so that their lips were not far from each other.

“I’ve loved you Patricia for a while now ” Desmond said again holding her palms.
To be continued.

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  • Desmond and Patricia are in love, and they confess their love to each other. This arrow get nerves o

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