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Trapped By Love – Season 1 – Episode 14

Episode 14 🌹

💜Written by Certified Daniel Etim Jnr 💜
Desmond walked slowly to them fuming in anger, what he hates most is what those guys just did. He hate seeing a lady being maltreated by a guy talkless of laying hands on a lady. He tightened his fist walking towards them, his eyes already was showing anger burning like anger, Patricia turned back to see Desmond standing right beside him while she still held her cheek rubbing it to get rid of the pains.

“Why lay your finger at her “? Desmond asked in anger tightening his fist and gnatching his teeth.
Mentor turned slowly to see Desmond standing next to him fuming in anger him and he froze in shock immediately seeing the least person he didn’t even expect. Mentor is one of Raymond’s gang which is the dragon lords and the issue of Desmond and his Capone flashed back into his memory as he recalled all that happened.

“Why did you touch her “? Desmond asked for the second time and he could detect the fear in Mentor action, even when he pretended that nothing is wrong.

“Man I’m sorry it’s a mistake ” he apologized lying

“Laying your hands on a lady is a mistake “? Desmond asked walking close to him with his fist tighthen, seeing that he adjusted backwards in fear. Action stood up too to defend Mentor.

“Take it easy man he’s really sorry, it won’t happen next time again please let him be” Action pleaded on behalf on mentor who also pleaded.

“Apologize to her before anything else ” Desmond said and without time wastage mentor apologized to her who accepted the apology walking out with Desmond.

“Never lay your hands again ,I mean never again ” he said and walked out with Patricia following behind

“Do you still want the payback “? Desmond asked chuckling and Patricia knew where he was driving to so she smiled.

“Of course you tricked me and I’m still mad at you no matter how you helped me just now. Get ready for my payback ” she said almost knocking Desmond on the head playfully and he dodged it holding her hands looking into her eyes.

“Don’t even try that guy, don’t look at me in those eyes cause I knew what it means and it won’t work ” Patricia said looking down to avoid his gaze and Desmond noticed it without another thought he walked out on her heading to the street just about to board a taxi.

“Hey! Hey wait ” Patricia yell at Desmond who turned to look at her and wait for her arrival.

“At least since we are not friends you don’t care to know my name ” Patricia said

“I’m Desmond ” he said with a straight face trying to enter the taxi again and Patricia prevented him from entering

“At least please be friendly ” she said and Desmond chuckled if this not the same girl that wanted to kill him so days ago.

“I’m sorry, no I can’t be friendly I’m a wicked type ” Desmond said and entered the taxi as the man zoom off and Patricia kept looking at the, direction wondering how he behaved like that.


After all efforts of searching and looking for Tessy and still the result was negative Jerold and Mrs Jerald left disappointed which Mrs Jerald was bound to having heart attack if serious care is not taken.


Along the express road which car were passing in high speed while some in low speed, some were even trafficating to branch, Mr Lonnie Raymond’s father was speeding on the road which his car looked expensively beautiful, his phone began beeping and looking at the screen he saw the unexpected, Raymond holding a gun with a lady hold captive.

“What “? He exclaimed and matched the break In shock ,he took off his eye glass to be sure that it’s his son that’s is on the screen and behold it was him. He couldn’t believe his sight as he exhale deeply, he, scroll over to the next multimedia message and saw a picture of a pretty girl of 23 years which was Tessy on the phone screen and the message attached to the picture reads “The girl on the picture is said to be your son’s boyfriend and she got missing on your son’s birthday and she’s nowhere to be found, tell your son to provide her or he will face the penalty for it” the message reads and Raymond’s father couldn’t control his anger as he threw the phone to the passenger seat in the car and accelerated the car again back into the highway in anger heading straight to the house.


Tessy was really face real hell in the hands of arrow who didn’t want taste her yet but waiting for his fellow members in the fraternity to be present before they all did it at the same time.

“Please let me go, I promise I will give it to you anytime you want it but please let me go my mom is really worried about me and she might die ” Tessy pleaded in tears running her two hands in the air pleading but arrow was busy smoking cigarettes as he pof the smoke on her face and let out a loud laughter grabbing her on the neck, he pushed her to the bed admiring her beauty, he was lost looking at her he didn’t want to wait again for his fellow colleagues to be there before he did it, it’s his own chance cause Tessy is held captive in his own house which no one else knew except the members of the dragon lords fraternity. ♈ Arrow house was located inside the forest but it was the best building ever seen in a forest, he knew what really makes him to make such choice of building a house inside a forest cause he is a notorious man. He unzip his trouser revealing the long hungry prick dangling in his trousers left and right, seeing that Tessy pleaded the more, the tears kept running down uncontrollably

“Please don’t do this to me, I’m still a virgin ” she pleaded and that got arrow annoyed the more as the incident of how Raymond raped his girlfriend to death flashed back into his memory.

“When he killed my girlfriend did he care? When he raped her till death even when she was pleading with him did he care? It’s the law of our fraternity and we must carry it on ” he said in anger

“Who do you mean “? Tessy asked looking confused

“I’m talking about Raymond your boyfriend, he raped my girlfriend till death, I loved that girl with all my hearts but she ended up that because of the cruel rule of the fraternity”he said as his eyes moistened with tears in it.

“Sorry for that, please let me go ” Tessy said again and arrow hate hearing the word sorry, it’s just like telling him kill me. Arrow eyes turned to red instantly as he removed his boxers standing stalk naked before her and Tessy let out a loud scream seeing his long erected dick starring at her, it was too big for her to bear, she shouted in fear and shock.

Arrow pounced on her tearing every single clothes of her apart leaving her naked too as he began the journey.
To be continued.

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