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Trapped By Love – Season 1 – Episode 12

Episode 12 🌹

💜Written by Certified Daniel Etim Jnr 💜
The gunshots that resound on the air drew the dragon lords attention to where the gun came from, seeing the axe men in group all dressed in their uniform striking in their own ghetto, they are there for their revenge of their boys who were killed by the dragon lords.
Raymond took that as an opportunity to save Tessy.
“Cover me “! Raymond shouted as his boys covered him shooting at the axe men too, Raymond stood at one corner shooting but his eyes didn’t depart from the helpless Tessy whom he was planning on how to save and what his explanation will be, he was brought back to reality when he heard spider screaming in pain holding his arm which blood was running down, he was being shot by the axe men.

“Take her away ” arrow ordered as they carried Tessy away while some stood their ground to defend others, the gunshot was heard and it was very loud since it was night but none dare to come out and look at who are shooting cause they all knew that it’s the work of two fraternities fighting for one thing or the other.

Desmond was seen waiting at a corner with his back leaning on the wall, he had a cap that covered his face which makes it hard for you to know it’s him unless you study his physical appearance. He was looking left and right at every interval it’s obvious he’s waiting for someone to pass and waiting for someone. Desmond has stood there close to 30 minutes waiting for someone which nobody knows who the person is or what is his plans, he had a face cap that covered his face which made it impossible for one to identify him as Desmond, he kept glancing at his wrist watch which means that his time was fast going, just as he was waiting Patricia emerged from the lecture hall wearing a long red gown that stopped below her knees. She was in a hurry as she walked so fast, seeing the person Desmond was waiting for, he began to make a move slowly to where Patricia was walking.
He brought out his phone pretending to be pressing it, but he wasn’t just as Patricia was walking they both bump into each other and her books fell to the floor while Desmond was so angry but still his face wasn’t exposed. He was fuming in anger pretending to be angry when he’s not.

“What nonsense is this young lady”? He asked in an angry tone

“I’m sorry it wasn’t intentional ” Patricia pleaded and Desmond smiled that it was going on well the way he planned it.

“Watch your steps young lady next time ” he fired at her

“I’m sorry once again ” she apologized
but Desmond didn’t feel satisfied

“Young lady you can’t even apologized after what you did, see now you’ve dirty my clothes ” Desmond said angrily

“I apologized already that it wasn’t intentional, I’m sorry ” she apologized again for the last time bending to pick need books on the floor but Desmond had already picked it stretching it to her to collect which she did

“Thanks you ” she appreciated just as she was about walking away, Desmond hold her hand as she stopped wondering what the problem was, Desmond was now smiling

“Did you ever think that you will apologized to me too “? Desmond asked and Patricia didn’t understand what he meant by that thus making her confused

“Sorry I don’t understand ” Patricia said

“Look here ” Desmond said taking off his face cap and that was the time Patricia knew that Desmond has paid need back for what she she did to him the previous day.

“It’s called payback ” Desmond voiced out and before he knew what was happening Patricia held him on the collar and send a slap to him but he was too fast for dodge the slap as he struggled and freed himself from her grip running away.
Patricia didn’t mind as she pursued him too, it’s obvious that he was playing over her intelligence and she was angry, she kept pursuing him but he was more faster than her and she couldn’t find him anymore.

“So the idiot tricked me and planned everything, he even collide with me intentionally and asked me to apologized. I will teach him a lesson the next time I see him” she said and walked away

Mrs Jerald was restless in the house as she kept walking to and fro, she has been expecting a call from her daughter’s roomates that her daughter is found but nothing of such happened, she kept glancing at her phone whether it will vibrated or ring but it wasn’t happening which increased her fear. She tried Tessy’s number again and it was switched off as usual so her fear increased the more. She wasn’t ready to loose her because she’s the only failing she has now but it’s so hard the way things are going on.
Reality struck her that since the day Jerold left their house after being denied by her daughter Tessy that she hasn’t called him which was bad and she thought of calling him now because this was the right time, she dialed his number and put the phone on speaker 🔊 placing it on her ear.

Jerold was busy playing 🎾 Soccer in his phone, he was beginning to get over Tessy bit by bit but the feelings for here was still intact. Just then Mrs Jerald call entered his phone, looking at the screen boldly written” Mother ” wondering what could cause the call he slide the phone to the receiver side and placed it on his ears.

“Hello mom good day ” he greeted

“Yes Jerold how are you doing “?

“I’m fine mom and you “?

“I’m fine too my son but… ” she said and paused and Jerold could detect that all is not well at all

“Mom but what “? He asked

“When last did you call or speak with Tessy “? She asked

“Mom is that why to you are worried”? He asked as the sad memories flooded back to his memory, the hurtful words Tessy said to her that day and how she broke up with him just like that, he was really feeling bad but decided to summon his courage and speak to her

“My son, Tessy is nowhere to be found for the past two days and her number is not going through which is strange to me. And the worst part is that nobody knows here whereabouts ” Mrs Jerald said on phone almost crying, her voice was sober and Jerold knew that it’s serious.

“What “? He shouted on phone

“That’s what happened my son, I’m really confused ” Mrs Jerald said

“Mom where are you now, I will be on my way to the house ” Jerold said ending the call picking up the car key and head out of the house qa he set the car in motion.

“Babe whatsup why are you smiling ” Angelina asked Patricia who was busy smiling looking at the ceiling, the same Patricia that was like killing herself days ago because of Raymond.

“Am I really smiling? She returned the question

“No you are not , you are crying. Now tell me what is the cause ” Angelina said

“What asking and why do you want to know “? Patricia returned the question

“Because we all know that for the past two weeks you were like killing yourself because of Raymond and now you are smiling which I have not seen it for days now tell me what’s the secret ” Angelina asked adjusting close to her to hear what she has to say. Truly Raymond had really hurt her and was like killing herself for him, the sad memories came back again as fresh tears formed in her eyes, she prevented them from dropping, it was not easy for her bear but she has to face life and move on with it no matter where it’s leading her to and how it’s treating her. Angelina noticed that she’s sober and regretted ever asking her about it.

“I’m sorry dear if my question based brought back sad memories ” she apologized

“It’s nothing dear” she replied cleaning her tears as a smile crossed her lips again remembering Desmond funny attitude that took place some few minutes ago. She loved his funny character but she planned on teaching him a lesson for playing over her intelligence.


Tessy found herself in an uncompleted building, the house looked scattered and unkept with things littered on the ground. Her life is messed up, she regretted ever accepting Raymond into her life and dumping Jerold just like that, her life was miserable now, she wished to see her mom at least before she dies, she wish to tell Jerold am sorry before she dies, she wish to bade some people goodbye before she dies but she is not going to withstand ten good men coming into her and the pains of it all, remembering all that a drop of tear fell from her eyes as she blinked it praying that it all be a dream but it wasn’t, it was happening real and direct.
To be continued

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