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Trapped By Love – Season 1 – Episode 11

Episode 11 🌹

💜Written by Certified Daniel Etim Jnr 💜
The arguments was just too much between Raymond and his boys who says that the rules must be followed properly without any partiality.
Raymond couldn’t hold his anger anymore as he speak up in an angry tone.

“Enough of this “! He shouted in anger which made the whole place to be silent.

“I am the Supreme here, and what so ever I say must be final and it is final” Raymond said looking at each and everyone of them, arrow stood up in anger too facing him eye ball to eye ball remembering what happened to his girlfriend, the girl she so much loved and cherished how their fellow gang members including Raymond had sex with her until she dies. Her blood was hunting him really bad, he felt bad for everything that happened to Elaine his girlfriend who died due to the rules of the dragon lords that anyone who has a girlfriend must first be tested by his fellow gang members before he himself can have a taste of her.

“Who do to you think you are? We all made this rule and we must follow it, no breaking of the dragon lords rules remember “! Arrow said in a deep but angry voice which got Raymond wondering where he got such effrontery from to speak with him boldly without fear of being killed.

“My word is final cause I’m the leader of the dragon lords ” he said trying to sit down but seeing all his boys standing up in unison means that there’s problem somewhere.

“Capon, we all know that no law in this fraternity should be broken and here you are trying to break it, we must follow the rules ” Spider said and all of them concurred.
Before Raymond knew what was happening arrow signalled spider using his finger and two other people to bring her, Raymond eyes pop out of its socket seeing Tessy being tied both feet and hands and her mouth was covered with a tape.

“What “? Raymond asked in an angry tone bringing out his pistol 🔫 but it was too late because others had already pointed their own on his head ready to pull the trigger.

“I’m sorry capon but we must follow the rules, no body is above the rule of the dragon lords fraternity. Untie her and undress her immediately ” arrow ordered and his men carried out the order while Raymond was fuming in anger with his pistol in his hand.

“Babe, where could Tessy be since morning she left for lecture “? Juliet asked Evelyn who spread her hands wide without knowing what to say

“It’s strange to me too because this almost 7:00pm and she’s not found, where could she possibly be? Evelyn returned the question to Juliet

“She always knows everything, maybe she’s with her boyfriend Raymond ”

“Oh I almost forgot that she has a boyfriend, you are right dear, maybe that’s where she is ” Evelyn concurred but she she was still having a strange feelings about this which she didn’t even understand the meaning of it.

Jerold was tired of waiting to see whether Tessy will return but his stay was in vain cause she has made her decision and there’s no going back again. All this days without Tessy was hell to Jerold, he was looking unkept, slim and his beards were overgrown, he starved himself refusing to eat because of her. Jerlold was ready to move on with his life no matter how it’s gonna be he determined to face it.

“Hello ma, I’m on my way and I will be there soon ” Jerold said on the phone and stood up looking at his image on the huge mirrow,he shook his head negatively cause that was not his image on the mirror it was just his reflection.

“Oh my God what’s happening to Tessy, she’s not picking my calls since morning ” Mrs Jerald complained dialing her number again for the umpteenth time placing on her ears but still got the same response that the number not reachable. She walked to and fro in the house cause no Tessy number has never been off for once, she sense trouble but she was not sure of it. She kept walking round the house with the thought that no nothing should happen to her only daughter because she’s all she has.

Mrs Jerald decided to check on her daughter in school, she set the car in motion heading to the school on getting there she quickly matched the break and open the door walking like a man being pursued by a ghost inside the school where her daughter room is located.

“I’m sorry ma, we have not seen her since morning and it’s unlike her ” Evelyn explained everything to Mrs Jerald after she had told them too how her number was not reachable.

“What is happening “? She asked in fear

“Calm down ma, Tessy is not a kid she will take care of herself and she will be back ” Juliet assurred Mrs Jerald whom the assurance seems okay to her too.

“Okay dear just give me a call when she returns ” Mrs Jerald said to Evelyn who nodded her head in a yes gesture as she writes down her number for them bedding them goodbye.

“Bro I’m still surprised at your explanation you gave me the other day, it still seems to me ” Mike said to Desmond who was sitting on his bed with just a singlet ,hearing the quietness in the room instead of Desmond answer, Mike looked to see Desmond lost in thought as he was no longer concerntrating on the ceiling.

“Desmond! Desmond! Desmond ! He called for the third time before he jerked from his thoughts scratching his head.

“Desmond what’s wrong with you since you came back from lecture today “? Mike asked

“Bro it’s a long story ”

“Then make it short, and do t tell me that those guys blocked you again today “?

“If it’s that one, it would have been better than this one “Desmond said and Mike wondered why he said so

“Bro I’m eager to hear, please tell me something ” Mike requested

“I was slapped by a girl today on my way returning from lecture ” he voiced out and Mike couldn’t control his laughter anymore as he let out a loud laughter that filled the house

“But wait ooo, just a girl slapped you and you are like this”? He asked

“It’s not the slap that pained me oo,if it’s the slap it would have been better, but what pains me most is that I don’t know her before ” Desmond said and Mike was shocked because it’s seems Desmond is loosing his senses,how can he possibly sat such that it’s not the slap that pained him but the fact that he does not know the lady, so he placed on his neck to be sure that he is feeling fine.

“Eyah sorry, it’s obvious that malaria is worrying please go and treat it, that’s the only problem you are having. Please have some rest for now ” Mike said mocking him as he didn’t mind but continue thinking

Tessy was now lying on the floor with tears in her eyes, she has been begging them for hours now but it seems they are all deaf that they don’t want to listen to her. She looked at Raymond and regretted ever accepting him I to her life, only if she had known who he really is. Tears was flowing in her eyes as she kept shedding it looking at Raymond for help but it was not coming, she was now lying half naked with just her black pant only,her breast was so tempting and erect that sight of it alone can make one go mad instantly, Raymond couldn’t withstand the sight again as he tighthen his fist in anger ready to strike anytime soon.

Tessy was half naked, she had only her panties on, her breast was exposed and other of her body parts, she was shaking and vibrating ,her breathing rate increased from normal to abnormal.

“Spider, you go first it’s your turn ” arrow ordered still their gun point was at Raymond who was still thinking on what to do as as to save the life of that poor girl called Tessy.

Spider undressed immediately just on his boxers alone, while his long dick dangled in his boxer showing that the erected dick needs solution. He was about climbing on top of Tessy when the unexpected happened.


To be continued

What is the unexpected that happened??

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