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Trapped By Love – Season 1 – Episode 10

Episode 10 🌹

💜Story by Certified Daniel Etim Jnr 💜
The dragons were surprised seeing the axe men also present there. They were also the second strongest fraternity in the campus. Mike and Desmond were in the middle while the two groups surrounded them. Mike fear was that whether Desmond also belonged to one of the fraternity thus generating more fear in him.
Desmond drag Mike out of the circle walking out on the two teams leaving them to fight their battle which was not a small thing.
The fight between the axe men and the dragon lords was not an easy thing five men were killed from the dragon lords side while 4 men were looked from the axe men side as they all fought for their lives.
Mike couldn’t say a word to Desmond since they got home, he was still shocked and Desmond noticed it. Could it be that all this while he has been living with a cultist? Does it mean that Desmond too belong to the axe men fraternity?. All this questions were running through his head but no answer to it. He finally summoned courage to ask Desmond about it.

“Man, what was that”? He asked in a shaky voice

“What was what “? Desmond returned back the question of course he knew what he mean but he needed him to say it in the correct way

“I mean who were those guys back there that rescued us, those with red and green “? He asked expecting an answer from

“And why do you want to know “? He returned the question

“I demand to know what’s happening and who I’m walking with as a friend. Don’t tell me that you are leader of that gang “? Mike said in an angry tone

“Yes man I am, I’m the leader of the axe men fraternity ” he said aloud and Mike shifted in fear because he couldn’t believe it that all this while Desmond belonged to a secret group which he doesn’t know anything about . Of course Desmond noticed that he is really disappointed in him so he sigh and calm him down for the explanation .

“It all happened few weeks ago ” he said

***Flashback ***

Desmond was returning from lecture and he was in a dull mode looking down because of the thought of Tessy, he really loved that girl but she choosed Raymond over him which really made him go mad. On the way he came across Austin his childhood friend who he didn’t even expect to see by then.

“Hey Desmond ” Austin called walking towards him and just then Desmond noticed that it’s Austin too.

“Austin “? He called softly

“Yeah man it’s me ” he replied as they shook hands with each other and embrace each other which they missed for a long time and Austin noticed his dull mode which he later asked him

” man you look dull and weak whatsup ,what’s the problem ” he asked

“Dude it’s all about one girl like that has made my day dull ” he said and took time to explain everything to Austin including the girl’s name and the guy he chooses over him.

“What and who do you say it’s the guy he chooses you over “? Austin asked t9 be sure that’s it’s not the same Raymond he knew

“I said it’s Raymond the only son of the school chancellor ” Desmond repeat it and just then Austin was shocked hearing who Desmond has gone in contact with.

“Man that guy is so dangerous, he is a green snake oo” Austin said out

“What do you mean by that “? Desmond asked

“Man I’m just asking you to be careful since you’re my man. The guy is really dangerous, he’s the leader in the dragon lords fraternity and he is not to be joked with ” Austin said aloud and Desmond was really shocked hearing that Raymond who is a gentle man can join such gang.

” how did you know man “?

“It’s easy to know when you are the same person as me ” Austin said and the word confused him the more of what he meant by that.

“Don’t be confused man we need to talk ” he said holding his hand to a nearby joint which he took time and explained everything to Desmond that he’s one of the leader in the strongest cult I’m the campus and he has got to know Raymond and his team since from the very beginning but he’s not to be trusted.

“Don’t be afraid man, my men will always be following you to anywhere you go in case he wants to misbehave which I know he will ” Austin said assuring Desmond.

***Reality ***

Desmond explained everything to Mike who was just dumb founded and stunned, he couldn’t speak nor do anything because he was really confused that Desmond is one of them leaders in the gang

“Man you scared the hell out of me by telling me that you are one of them” Mike said and punch him on the shoulder which he end up laughing which means that it was Austin men that rescued him and they were following him in case of anything. Desmond does not belong to any fraternity.


One week passed and Tessy relationship with Raymond was now growing so fast and strong which people noticed it but Patricia was still in darkness because she didn’t know what was happening at all.
The thought of Raymond was still in her heart ,she missed him so very much that she couldn’t just concentrate in her studies.

Patricia was in a hurry to go down to her friends house which she was beyond time, she was in a haste, her books were in her armpits while sh3 kept glancing at her wrist watch to check her time so as to meet up with where she’s going.
she didn’t even know when she bumped into someone and her books fell to the floor, she too was on the ground as she wince in pain trying to stand up.

“How dare you, we’re you blind “? Patricia asked looking at the handsome guy that stood before her, she didn’t want to be carried away by his handsome look. He was with a red polo and black jean trouser, on his face was a black face cap.

“Were you blind young man? Patricia said in an angry tone which she was at fault but she didn’t admit that.

“I should be the one asking you that miss, you bump into me while looking at your wrist watch and here you are telling me something else ” Desmond said to Patricia who was still on the floor without thinking of standing up.

“I’m sorry miss ” Desmond apologized stretching his hands to her but she ignored it standing up on her own dusting her clothes.

“I’m sorry once again ” Desmond apologized again and Patricia spat on his face and send him a hot slap which came with a repeated echo.

“That’s for making me fall ” she said and walked away.

Desmond was really boiling in anger as he tightened his fist but Patricia was nowhere to be found as she shook her buttocks left and right and then vanished.

“Dragon Lords “!

” we are poisonous than snake ” they responded after was being said by Raymond who was not happy about his men that was being killed and he declared war between the dragon lords and the axe men fraternity, arrow stood up.

“Dragon lords ”

“We are poisonous than snake ” they responded

“We all know that’s it’s in the law of our fraternity that all laws and rules must be observed. So with that there’s an issue on the ground ” he concluded

“And what could that be “?

“It was written and we all have been doing it, so we are still going to do it. It was said that any member of dragon lords that have a girlfriend that before anything is done, it’s us that will have a taste of her body before the guy taste it ” arrow said and the rest concurred him

“So in this case I hereby said that the needful should be done, we all know that there’s a new girl that’s here, so it’s our own turn to carry out the rule that govern the dragon lords fraternity ” .
To be continued.

What is happening??

And what is arrow talking about and who is he referring to??


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  • They are referring to Tessy because she’s Raymond’s new gf and I know that Raymond will not agree to that rule, that will bring disagreement between them

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