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Trapped By Love – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 18]

Trapped By Love

Trapped By Love

🌹 Episode 1 🌹

✏ Written by Certified Daniel Etim Jnr ✏

It was in the early hour of the morning that Tessy laid facing the ceiling. A mere looking at the room you will know that it’s a female room due to certain things that is found in the room, a big dressing mirror, and other female stuffs like that. Tessy laid on her bed facing the ceiling, her long brown hair covered her eyes as she fling it backward to have a clear view. The cool breeze was blowing and sweet scent of food was coming out from the kitchen, it’s obvious that Mrs Jerald Bailey was preparing food for her daughter.

“Tessy what are you still doing in there “? Mrs Jerald yelled from the kitchen in a loud tone that Tessy will hear. Reality struck Tessy that she has not even taken her bath yet talkless of dressing up, she stood up from the bed, taking off her clothes just leaving her white panties on. Hairs could be seen on her belly adding more beauty to it. She had a fair complexion as she dashed into the bathroom to have a quick shower 🚿, in less than ten minutes she was out tieing a white towel from her breast region to her thighs.
She applied some lotion, went straight to the wardrobe looking for a suitable clothe to wear. Soon her eyes caught a pink handless gown and she preferred that one as she took it and then put it on.
Doing all the females stuffs that they use to so in the room, she came out of her room looking so hot and beautiful as her shoes kept making noise.

“What took you so long Tessy “? Mrs Jerald asked without looking at her still concentrating on the food that was on fire.

“Mom in done now so no need to talk too much” she said and peck her from behind walking to the counter, she poured herself a cup of hot coffee and then empty the content and drop the cup down.

“My daughter it’s your first day in high school, I need to tell you some things and how you sh…. ”

“I know mom, I won’t disappoint you ” she cut her mother short without allowing her to finish her speech.

“See Tessy high school life is different from……

“Mom I know please if you keep talking now I will be late and that will not be good at all” she said smiling and her mom returned the smile

“Okay just have your breakfast first before you leave” she said setting the table as they both sat down scooping their food as the spoon kept making noise with the plates without a word from both of them.

“Wow what am I missing here ” Jerold said from the door coming in, seeing him Tessy smiled the more and stood up walking towards him. They hug each other and then he pecked him on the cheek.

“Come join us” Tessy said leading him to the dinning table

“Good morning mom” Jerold greeted and hug Mrs Jerald as she reciprocated

“Welcome my son, you are here at the right time “she said and he chuckled

Jerold is Tessy’s boyfriend they have good times with each other and the bottom parents knows about it. Tessy is 21 while Jerold is 23 which makes the two of them a perfect match for each other.
Jerold sat down and Tessy couldn’t help than to keep smiling at him and giving him secret glances, he noticed it but wave it off.

“Let’s go or you will be late ” Jerold break the silence as she stood up clearing the table and packing some of her stuffs which Jerold and her mom helped her with some of it, they head out the room to where the car is packed outside, opening the boot they put the stuffs and closed it back.
Jerold enter the driver seat while Tessy enter the front and her mom in the back, as he insert the key in ignition and then set the car in motion heading to the busy road.


Jerold matched the break and they all emerged from the car taking her belongings to the main campus.

“Room 212” Tessy kept saying it while walking and checking the number 🔢 it’s obvious that’s her room she will be staying, soon she found the number pushed the door 🚪 open and head inside. Getting inside she found two other ladies sitting on the bed playing naija whot. One was wearing a jean bumb short while the other was wearing a short skirt that stopped below her knees.

“Hey good morning ” Tessy greeted dropping her belongings while Jerold did same, the smell of cigarette and it smoke 🚬 was all over the room and it was Juliet who kept blowing the smoke out and the cigarette was in her mouth.

“Who are you guys “? Tessy asked

“We should be the one asking you that “Juliet said looking at her

” Fine, I’m Tessy by name and this is the room am going to stay, that’s my mom there and that Jerold ” she explained pointing Jerold and her mom.

“That’s cool, do you mind having a taste of this “? Juliet said walking to her stretching the cigarette to her

“No thank you k don’t take that ” she said smiling

“Okay anyway I’m Juliet by name and that’s Evelyn over there ” she explained

“Tessy excused me a minute outside ” she said and her looks alone could be described that she’s not happy with what she’s seeing, the people that her daughter will be staying with in school.

“Tessy, I’m not okay with this your roommate ” she said out

“I knew it mom that you are going to say it, but mom trust me. It’s still the same me I won’t change, I know how to handle this ” she said smiling holding her mom on the shoulder

“Are you sure Tessy? She asked and she nodded in a yes gesture

“Trust me mom I can handle this ” she replied

“Come here Tessy ” she said spreading her hands as they embrace each other.

“I love this your clothe Jerold ” Juliet said licking her lips and blowing kiss to the air.

“Thank you dear ” he replied smiling just then Tessy and her mom returned and after series of talks they bade her goodbye heading to the door 🚪 as Tessy followed them to see them off.

“I will miss you dear ” Jerold said looking into her eyes

“I know that and me too ” she replied

“Please take care of yourself ” he said and she nodded her head as they embrace each other.

“Bye” 👋 she said waving her hand at them as they zoomed off to the busy road again. She exhale and then returned to her room

“You have a cute brother Tessy ” Juliet said

” Oh that I’m sorry he’s my boyfriend not my brother ” she replied and sat down on the bed.
To be continued

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