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Too Late To Cry – Season 1 – Episode 5

The older Bob became the more I sank into the shadows, it almost looked as if I never existed in the house. However I noticed Bobola loved me I just couldn’t reciprocate. There were nights I’d wake up and find him cuddled on my bed. Other times when he grew much older, he’d bring his snacks to me to share. He always had this adoring look whenever he was with me. But something inside me had died.
Shortly after my entrance examination, I woke to see Mom seated at the edge of my bed.
I struggled to a sitting position as she smiled at me.
‘Good morning mom.’
‘Good morning sweetheart.’
‘Mom you are all dressed up, what day is today?’ I asked sleepily.
‘It’s a weekend. Sweetheart come here.’
I scooted close and she held me to her chest. I could feel her heart beating steadily under the sweatshirt she had on.
‘Look at me sweetheart. I need to speak with you.’
Something in her tone scared me and my heartbeat increased immediately.
and your father are getting a divorce and I have to leave with Bobola.’
‘What? Why Bobola, what will happen to me?’ I cried, flinging her arms away.
‘Baby, baby please. Listen to me. You must understand that this is a hard decision for me. In fact your father is ready to fight me tooth and nail because of this. It’s going to be messy. I need Bobo as a guarantee for you.’
‘No, no that is not true. You need Bobo because just like every one of them, you have always loved him more because he is a boy.’ I wept. The pain was deep, this news hit me hard.
‘Eyinju no. that is not true. I have always loved you. I love you both.’
‘Then why are you taking him and not me. Don’t lie to me mom.
‘I have to do this. Bobo is still young. If I leave him here, your grandma will ruin his life. I don’t want that to happen.’
‘What about me? What about my life? Mom please,’ I went on my knees. ‘Please take me with you. We will cope. I will eat whatever you can afford.’
She stood up and pulled me up to my feet.
‘You might not understand this now, but when you grow older, you will.’
She left me standing there. I didn’t run after her. I hugged myself and stilled my eyes not to cry.
Their voices wafted up to me from downstairs.
‘You cannot take my son.’ I heard my father fume.
‘The court will decide that Dayo. Please don’t stand in my way, I have a gun. I will not hesitate to shoot you.’
‘Mom I’m not leaving my sister. You either take the both of us, or you leave the both of us.’ I heard Bobo cry, then I walked out.
Another part of me was dead. I felt ice creep into my warm heart and as I walked down the stairs deliberately taking a step at a time, the ice slowly took over my entire body.
‘Go with her Bobo.’ I said to him starring into the distance, ‘If you stay here, I will make you die in your sleep.’
I was cold. The steel in my voice scared me.
‘What?’ they exclaimed. I didn’t wait for them to close their mouths. I walked back to my room with my head held high.

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