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Too Late To Cry – Season 1 – Episode 3

‘I want this toy, can I have it please?’
‘No.’ she answered emphatically. I was taken aback by her bluntness.
‘This shopping isn’t about you Eyinju. You are not so important anymore. Your season has ended.’
‘Why?’ I cried.
‘You are having a brother, don’t you get it? You are just a girl, he is a boy. He is the heir of the family.’ She answered matter of factly and that really hurt.
I don’t why, but this statement hurt like hell. It still does every time I remember. I followed them quietly after that with my tail tucked between my legs.
When we got home, I ran in tears to my grandmother.
‘Grandma is it true my brother is the heir and I am not important?’
‘Who told you that?’ she queried without paying attention
‘Aunt Lisa.’ I forlornly replied.
‘She is right. Your brother is the heir because he is a boy
and you are a girl.’
‘But I am older!’ I cried.
‘Sorry love. That is the way it is. When he arrives, you must shift.’
I ran off to my room in tears. Then I began to think about the little things I had failed to notice. The lack of attention when I needed it. The refusal to grant my request.
I cried so much I refused to take dinner that night and to my chagrin, no tray was sent to my room. Then I realized I will be in serious trouble if this baby is born. I prayed that he should die. I asked the company to take him back.
My prayer went unanswered. Baby was born that night while I slept.
I woke up to an overflowing parking lot. Our sitting room couldn’t contain the guest. There was hustling and bustling and I wondered the reason for the hullabaloo.
‘He is such a peaceful baby.’ I heard the maid’s converse, they didn’t even notice me at the banisters.
‘Saved madam the stress of birthing him the hospital. Thank God for the doctor who arrived promptly.’
I tiptoed to my mum’s room and there she was sleeping peacefully with the baby’s cot beside her. I walked to the cot and looked down at the chubby baby. He was the most angelic being I had ever seen. I felt a pull at my hearts string. My eyes glistened with tears. Oh how much I wanted to love this child, but I couldn’t. This baby was here to usurp me and I couldn’t allow that.
‘Get away from that cot.’ I heard my grandma shout at me. ‘Have you sanitized your hands?’
I opened my mouth to say something but no words came out so I just clamped out back and ran away from the room.
I stayed in my room throughout that day. I was hungry but I refused to go downstairs for my food and nobody remembered me. How hurtful.
Sometime in the evening, one of the maids came upstairs. She met me in tears.
‘Eyinju why are you crying?’
‘Please just leave me alone.’
‘Your mother wants you in her room.’
‘Tell her to leave me alone. I will not come to her until she returns that baby to the company that supplied him. I don’t want a brother anymore.’
‘What?’ she asked aghast? She had a look
on her face that made me feel like I was an evil genius.
‘This is our prince Eyinju and he is here to stay. There is nothing you can do about it.’
I cried the more.
She left me in the room and I hid my face in my pillow. How could they all suddenly change like this? Just one day in the family and everyone had shifted loyalty. I was sure his continued existence will be my end.
‘Eyinju?’ I heard my mother whisper at the door but I refused to answer. My face was all swollen from continuous crying.
‘Eyinjuolodumare, Ashake Ade, my baby sugar sugar, my adorable superstar,’ she called to me as she walked stealthily into the room. I looked up and saw her wince. It must have been tough to walk all the way to my room. I couldn’t resist her as her arms went around me.

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