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Too Late To Cry – Season 1 – Episode 2

Dad and mom laughed so hard they almost choked on their food.
‘Sweetheart, your daddy has ordered for your brother or sister. The company is yet to supply.’
‘Ask from another company now.’
‘I have. In fact I have tried all the companies but babies are in short supply right now. However I have been assured that once there is a baby, I will be the one to get it for my adorable baby girl.’
‘That’s good.’ I replied happily and delved into my food with gusto.
Some months after, my mother fell ill. She was always sick every morning. She threw up her food and slept all day.
Then that afternoon, daddy rushed into my room, I was playing with Dammie my giant doll.
‘hey daughter!’ dad called out to me, squatting beside me on the floor.
‘’hey dad,’ I responded, resting my head on his huge shoulder.
‘I have good news baby. You remember that baby company heh? Yes, they have supplied our baby!’
‘Whatttt!’ I screamed, throwing my arms around his neck. I was over the moon, I was so happy I cried.
‘Thank you daddy, you are the best daddy in the whole world.’
‘Yes baby!’
‘Ok so where is he?
‘Right inside your mummy’s stomach. We cannot see him now. We will all see him in the next six months, that’s December. He is our Christmas gift.’
My grandmother upon hearing the news moved into our house. She was all over the place. She was suddenly my mom’s best friend. My aunties were all over her as well. Attending to her every need.
I was the happiest of them all. Dad told me I could speak with my brother and oh did I speak with him? Everyday day, morning afternoon and night. I loved this child who was going to complete me. I rushed home every day from school so I could speak to my brother. I remember the first time I felt his kick. I cried, I wept for I couldn’t explain how I felt; the ecstasy, the joy, the bond and the connection. I spoke to my baby, I pressed my ears down on my mother’s protruded stomach, and I whispered words of affection, a secret between us. I marked the calendar in my room as the months progressed. I didn’t notice on time that attention had shifted from me, I was too engrossed in my brother. I didn’t get even one gift the whole six months journey but I didn’t mind until one day.
I was to go on a shopping spree with my aunties. I pointed to a toy, just one toy I had fallen in love with on sighting it on the shelf.
‘I want this toy, can I have it please?’

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