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Too Late To Cry – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 7]

Too Late To Cry

Too Late To Cry

Episode 1
I prayed for him to die before he was born, but he refused to dance to the tune of hades call. Every single time he fell ill, I wished he could just return to wherever it is he came from. Sebi I had lived alone for years before he arrived. I could go back to the way things used to be between me and my parents.
I was an only child for a long time. Six years my parents waited for me. Friends, family, my grandparents on both sides. My birth was welcomed with lots of happiness and pomp. I had a roomful of toys, clothes, shoes and everything needed to make my life enjoyable. I was the apple of everyone’s eyes. I could get a faithful nanny sacked with just a whimper.
I gloried and thrived immensely. My parents were well to do, I was spoilt rotten. My grandparents spared no expense in making feel special. I was the one and only. People were nice to me in other to curry favor from my
parents. I was at the acme of life.
However as the years progressed, I got bored by the attention of the adults, most of their affections were faked and I knew it. Whenever I went shopping with my parents or aunties, and I see kids my age with their brother or sister, I had a longing to have one just like them. I thought about this so much that I was at the edge of depression. I could eat as physical hunger could feed this need. I became withdrawn and my parents and family were alarmed. I was taken to the hospital where the doctor diagnosed me of being depressed.
‘Ha-ha!’ my mother exclaimed, ‘why? Kilode, ki lo fe fa depression?’
‘Sweetheart’, my paternal grandma drooled, clutching me to her boisterous chest, pushing my face between the cleaves of her huge breast, ‘My angel,’ she cooed, ‘kilode? What do you want? Tell me, I am your grandma, I will buy the world for you if that is what you want.’
‘Maami, e ma suffocate omo yii now,’ my father reprimanded her, rescuing me from untimely death. He pulled me away from her chest, lifted and placed me on his laps. ‘Daddy’s angel. What do you want you know you can tell me. Do you want more dolls? Is there a toy you want me to get for you?’
‘I want a brother or a sister.’
‘Haa!’ my mother exclaimed.
‘ehehn, you see!’ my grandma shouted, turning to cast a look I didn’t understand at my mom. ‘I said it o. se mi o so fun e? Is this child not old enough to have aburo? Oun niyen. Have you seen yourself, even a six year old has more sense.’
‘Haba maami, ‘my mother cried and my father, held and squeezed her hand.
‘Maami, please do not talk to my wife in that manner. The God that gave us Eyinju will give us another baby and soon too.’ He then turned back to the doctor, ‘thanks Ore, for your time. Eyinju, I promise you, you will have a brother soon.’
I left the hospital in high spirit. I asked for cold stone ice-cream and pizza, my demand was met with instant approval. I believed my daddy because I thought there was a place he was going to just buy me a baby, but I noticed my mother was not happy and
grandma’s visit was more frequent in our house now.
‘Dad when are you bringing my baby home? Haven’t you placed an order for him?’ I asked at dinner one night, many months after our visit to the hospital.

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