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Tochi (short story) – Season 1 – Episode 11

Exams were fast approaching. Just two weeks left. Usually i hardly touched my books until its a week to exam day but this time around i just decided to start early with no reason.

The day was Wednesday and the time was 12:45. I strolled leisurely into the school library with my books tucked under my armpit. My head was covered with a black face cap which partly covered my eyes too, i just didn’t want to observe or be observed by anybody there. I found a seat and sat there alongside a guy and a girl whom i suspected to be couples romancing their books more than they were reading it. I hissed lightly and rubbed my nose.
Opened my mathematics textbook and started reading it. I was just a little too lazy to solve instead i solved in my head and crammed the formula for the ones i couldn’t solve. About 15 minutes gone, i raised my head from my books, i yawned and stretched my body. Three rows from where I sat i noticed someone that looked like Eva. I wasn’t so sure and i couldn’t walk up to her seat to check. I screeched my feet on the floor, it made a little lot of noise. Few people looked at me, i managed to hide my face behind my face cap. But my plan worked, she managed to look up, i recognised her with the style of her hair. I smiled at myself and picked my books, i felt my pocket and made sure her pen was intact. I walked up to her seat and sat besides her. She didn’t even as much as look at me.

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I coughed. She then stole a glance and focused on her book again and then looked back at me with an expression of recognition on her face. She gave a little smile and faced me fully.

“You again, i don’t have a spare pen here” she said

I looked at her with a fake shock on my face and smiled.

“so you are now calling me a pen borrower?” i asked still smiling

“Not exactly but i don’t see a pen on you and I’m quite sure u came here to read”

I looked into her eyes and shook my head.

“You know there’s something cute about you” i managed to tell her with my heart pounding at the prospect that i was actually going to sweet talk her.

“Really?” she asked her eyes focused on mine.

“Yea, and i was hoping we could go beyond pen lending and borrowing relationship” i said touching her lightly on her hands.

She gave me this feminine laugh that warmed my heart and made her beauty animate.

“So what should we now lend and borrow?” she said

“Well i would love to borrow your heart and besides i don’t think you have any pen that you can lend me now, do you?”

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“Well right, i don’t think i have a pen to lend you for now and about my heart, i also don’t think i can spare it either”

I knew it wasn’t going to be easy but i have started and i wasn’t going to stop.

“Well i don’t necessarily need everything, you can keep the part that pumps blood and all, i just need the emotional side of it” i said with a smile and still keeping eye contact.
She laughed.

“You are not serious” she laughed.

“I am” i said smiling.

She tilted her head and looked at me with the most charming smile I have ever seen which seemed to spread into her eyes.

“Whats your name?” she asked.

“Tochukwu and yours?”

“I thought you already have a name for me?”

“Do i?” i asked

“Maybe, well i’m Eve” she finally said

“Well i was actually close the last time i called you Eva”

She smiled and said there’s a difference. I dropped my nokia torchlight phone on the reading desk.

I pulled her pen from my pocket and waved it in her face.

“Well I’m giving it back to you on one condition”

“What condition?” she asked.

“That you write down your number for me with it” i said trying to sound confident.

She smiled, looked at me and then back to her still open books

“Well you may have to keep it for a long time” she said

“Why?” i asked a little disappointed

“Well, Because i can’t possibly oblige to your condition, and don’t border to push it cos it would be a futile attempt”
i moved my hand closer to hers on the desk, held her fingers and was about to tell her the story of my life when my phone vibrated in my pocket. I pulled it out and saw my brothers name on the screen, i swore under my breath and picked the call, placed the phone to my ear and said hello with a killer frown on my face.

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“Hello idiot come house” Martins said hastily and cut the phone.

I slid the phone back in my pocket. Picked my books. I made to pick my nokia phone on the desk but on a second thought decided to leave it there.

I looked at Eve again. Her shinning skin made me so weak i felt like i could fall. She looked at me and asked if I was leaving.

“Yea, my brother just called me”


“So when would i see you again” i asked her.

“Well, whenever you see me, you see me”.

“Cool” i said and pulled closer to her, planted a kiss on her cheek, stood up and observed the shock on her face which broke into a smile. I smiled back and turned straight for the door deliberately forgetting my Nokia phone on the desk,.

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