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To Love Or To Be Happy 18+ – Season 1 – Episode 9

Episode 9

But she didn’t think twice or mince words in telling her family that she had rejected the job offer.

Life drained from their faces instantly. Her mother’s mouth dropped in shock and she asked why her daughter was making such a drastic decision.

And when Priya spoke, it was for the most unreasonable reason to her mother. She said since the job was in a city outside the city where she currently lived, she didn’t want to lose the happy love life she had.

Her mother started to whine. She yelled at her to reconsider what she had just said cause it wasn’t too late but Priya only picked her bowl of dinner and went ahead to lock herself into her room.

For days, her mother yelled at her whenever she was with the rest of the family. She kept asking her daughter to learn from her own story. She too had done something similar to what Priya was doing now, and she ended up having children which made it hard for her to consider ever having time for a job again.

But that wasn’t what exactly that made her life miserable, her husband had a job and they could still manage with the little he made. And they kept managing till suddenly one day, her her husband came home and announced that he wanted a divorce.

Living became triple hard for them and then she wished she had never given up working just to be with the man she loved.

That wasn’t the first time Priya was hearing the story, she had been hearing it since she was only a little girl.

What happened to her mother was definitely the lastthing she wanted for herself, but she trusted him and she trusted herself to have a happy story at the end of it all.

When a week passed and her mother was still nagging her about what she had done, one morning, she packed up a few of her things and moved out.

She didn’t have anywhere to go except the guy’s and that was where went.

He was surprised to see her and most especially, with baggage. He asked her what had happened and she told him.

She hadn’t told him when she rejected the job and now, it was almost a little bit of a shock to him too. He knew how much she wanted a job, but it was obvious she valued the sex and the little happy lifethey had together more.

He liked her spirit, and it encouraged him to finally take what they had to the next level.

He was going to get engaged to her!

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