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To Love Or To Be Happy 18+ – Season 1 – Episode 14 [Completed]

Episode 14

Of course, not with my baby.

I was too late!

I couldn’t go in. I picked my things and I fled. And for years, I cried every night, wishing I hadn’t taken what I had for granted. I wished and till today, I still wish that I hadn’t been too late!” He finished sadly.“You have a chance to make things right here, you have the opportunity I never had. If you are going to find him, go now before it’s too late!”

Priya didn’t allow him to say another word, and she was on her way to his parents house. She got his new home address from them and had to take a plane to find him.

When she got there, she learned that he had relocated and the neighbors didn’t know where he now lived. She burst into tears and cursed everyone who played a part In their breakup. She hadn’t realized how much she loved him till now and now, she wished she could take everything she had done back.

She had thought one couldn’t have love in their life and still have happiness. How wrong!

She was still crying where she sat in front of his old house when one of the neighbors told her that they knew where he worked. Adrenaline surged through her, and she was on her way there as soon as she got the address. She didn’t even pause for breath till she got his new home address from the company.

She got a taxi and minutes later, she was standing before a beautiful grey house. The surrounding looked just the way his house in her town had looked and she knew that surely, she would find him there.

She entered the house and called out his name, but no one answered. She searched the rooms but he was nowhere to be found and she was just starting to imagine if he had probably gone out to get something, when she noticed that a particular door that obviously led to the backyard was wide open.

She ran through it and there, in the hot afternoon sun, she found him lying on his chest on plush green grass.

She ran to him, threw aside her bag and laid on him.

“Priya. Is that you?” He drawled

Yes, it’s me. I‘m here now, and I’m never leaving you again.” She cried.

“I heard your voice. I heard you calling me.”

“I missed you. I missed you so much that it hurtbadly.” She replied, still crying.

Will you take this risky journey with me, Priya. We will probably screw it up. But will you do this with me?

I’ll go anywhere with you. Anywhere!” She replied and kissed the back of his neck. Hnn, he tasted so sweet.


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