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To Love Or To Be Happy 18+ – Season 1 – Episode 13

Episode 13

Her mother never brought up the offer again and Priya never even thought of it for a second.

Her life continued to crawl like usual and the money kept growing. But that was all she had, the money!

One saturday morning, she decided to visit the cafe owner. He received her warmly and for a while they chatted off like the old friends that they were before he finally asked.

How are you Priya? Are you happy?”

“Happy? You expect me to be happy. The truth is, I don’t know how I feel.She replied

“I never thought you would be, anyway.

“What do you mean?”

“You never think things through Priya. You just do things as you see people do it or as you think it should be done. You never think things through.”

“What should I have done? Everywhere around me, people were telling me stories of how their life ended sadly the way it did because of love and now it’s my fault?” She yelled.

“Why did you allow anyone’s story to decide how your story would go? Why? People make mistakes, I made a mistake! But that doesn’t mean you get to make the same mistake too. I only told you my story to help you wisen up, I never wanted you to make the same mistake as I did!” He yelled back.

They glared at each other angrily for a while before she looked down and sadness cast a thick blanket over her face.

“How can one manage love with happiness? Aren’t you supposed to choose one?

“Over the years Priya, I’ve got to learn the hard way that love and happiness are two things you shouldn’t separate. Choosing one over the other is the stupidest thing you could do to yourself. And look at you, you had both. You had the opportunity I never had but just like every other thing you do, you didn’t think things through before you decided to choose one over the other. Are you now happy!”

“But you tried to have both of them and you screwed up.

Does that mean you will too? And I didn’t tell you the whole story. Years after she and I separated, I ran into an old friend. We talked about a lot of things and finally, he told me he was still in touch with her. I was surprised, because I hadn’t heard from her for years and I regretted what I did so terribly that every night before I went to bed, I sat for minutes and stared at her picture and prayed to God to bring her back to me.

I was going to make things right and I was going to be the man she deserved. I got her home address from the guy and left for her place that very day. She no longer lived in that city, but I didn’t mind the extra mile.

I got to her house late in the evening and I was directed to her shop. She owned a successful restaurant and as I was peeping through a window, she saw me and clapped happily.

The happiness in my heart too swelled to almost bursting and as I waved back still from outside the window, she stood up and what I saw made my heart skip a thousand beats that day. I should have had an heart attack and died, but miraculously I didn’t.

She was pregnant!

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