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To Love Or To Be Happy 18+ – Season 1 – Episode 12

Episode 12

She had chosen. Love or happiness, and she had chosen happiness.

She started to apply for jobs again and soon, she found an amazing job offer. She accepted it without pausing for breath, and she threw herself into it.

Morning till night, she was working. Of course, sex was a vital part of her life and just like before, she started to do it with random guys again. But unlike before, she could stick with a guy for a week or two just to have a steady inflow of sex and when things started to become the slightest bit of intimate between any man, she quickly dumped him andmoved on to the next man.

She was comfortable with her lifestyle. She had everything she had wanted to have but, why didn’t she still feel happy.

She felt terribly incomplete, like there was this huge void growing inside of her and she couldn’t fill it. This was supposed to be everything, this was supposed to be it all but, it wasn’t.

She kept as little as possible of male company, and even the little she kept, they were far from satisfying. No one ever took her seriously, and for them, it was either about sex or nothing at all.

Though, she didn’t need them for more either, but she was never treated with the slightest ounce of respect. She didn’t used to mind about things like that before and she didn’t understand why she did now.

It was like she was searching for something in a place where even her knew she wouldn’t find it.

She became richer more and more as months passed by and for a year, she didn’t hear from her ex-boyfriend. He had kept calling for two months after their breakup and she never picked it. He sent messages and she deleted them without reading them. Then one day, the calls and messages stopped and it was then that her real loneliness set in.

That had been a year ago now, but she couldn’t stop thinking about it as she ate that evening. Suddenly, her mother squeaked excitedly.

“Priya honey, I have great news for you!”

“What?” She asked uninterested.

“Holly Marshall has asked for your hand in marriage with his son!” She announced.

“Oh my God! Oh my….Oh my God!” Her sister screamed. She jumped up and hugged their mother. “This is the best news in the world!” She continued.

“What does Holly Marshall know about me? Why would he want me for his son?” She asked still not interested.

“Obviously, you are one of the few girls in this town who works. And don’t you know that he is from the same town as your father? Plus the fact that you are prettiest girl in the whole city and see, you won’t have to work ever again.” She replied grinning from ear to ear like an idiot.

Priya got angry. She stood up abruptly and yelled at her mother. “So now, I don’t have to work again!Now you don’t care if I have a job or not? Now it’s okay to get married without a job? Now it’s okay to make the mistake you made? Ridiculous! If you want to marry into the Marshall family, go ahead and do it. I won’t be a part of this madness! ” She yelled and stormed out.

Her sister looked like she had been slapped. Who wouldn’t? The Marshall family was the richest family in the city. They were known for the huge pile of money they made from exportation of oil in the country and rejecting them was just like rejecting a chance at eternity, and that was what she had just done!

To her, it was a dark moment, but little did she know that the darkness she thought she was in was only a tunnel, and soon, the light would come.

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