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To Love Or To Be Happy 18+ – Season 1 – Episode 11

Episode 11

He didn’t know why he did it, or what took over him. He didn’t know if it was the devil, or stupidity or his new found freedom that made him do it, all he knew was that he started to sleep with random girls.

Why we do things like that when we have a great life, only God knows. You know you shouldn’t do it but you do it anyway and you end up sad for the rest of your life.” He lamented.

“So what happened?” She asked.

I started with one girl, and then another, and then another till I couldn’t stop doing it. Soon, I became notorious for sleeping with random women and the funny thing is that my girlfriend never caught me.Though, once, she saw me hugging another girl and when I tried to explain to her, she said she believed me, and there was no way she could doubt a man who put his career on hold just to be with her.

I was pained by those words, and I felt terribly guilty for being the kind of guy that I was. So a week after that day, I broke up with her. It hurt her deeply but if only she knew, I was hurt more. She deserved better than an evil person like me and I just couldn’t stand the thought of being bad to someone who was so good to me.

I screwed myself with my own hands.

Just one mistake, one thing you know you shouldn’t do but you do, and everything is over!” He concluded.

His story scared her, but she was convinced that their own love would weather the storm. She left his place at noon and hurried home to change her clothes.

Her mother and sisters had missed her and were happy for her but as her mother added finishing touches to her dress, she reminded her of her own story.

It wasn’t that she didn’t want her to be happy, she just didn’t want her daughter to suffer the same way she did.

She hugged her mother and soon, the boy was there to pick her up. All through the ride to his parents place, she kept thinking about the Cafe owner‘s story and her mother’s life and the fear in her heart continued to grow.

She tried to shake it off, but she couldn’t. She knew what a wild girl she was, and she knew she was someone who didn’t think things through before she did them.

They reached his parents house and he introduced her to them. They had lunch together and was about to delve deeper into conjugal affairs, when suddenly she stood up and told them that she couldn’t go ahead with it.

She said she was taking things too fast and she needed time to think things through.

She ran out of the house and got a taxi that took her home.

That night, she did the wisest thing she could think of, she broke up with him!

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