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To Love Or To Be Happy 18+ – Season 1 – Episode 10

Episode 10

He didn’t have a job either, but his not having a job had nothing to do with inadequacy and had everything to do with choice.

Unlike Priya, he got a lot of job offers but he rejected them all after an interview with them. They mostly didn’t offer him a job in the field he wanted he wasn’t going to settle for less.

Priya and him lived together for a few weeks till heannounced to her one evening that his parents wanted to meet her.

She knew what that meant, it was an engagement. She was going to get engaged to him.

She was excited about it, but somewhere at the back of her mind, she was scared. She knew that if she went ahead with the engagement, there was no going back. That meant she would be married to a man and she would be without a job.

It was a choice, and she had to choose.

Love or happiness?

She went to the Cafe that day but didn’t go there to browse, she went to sit with the Cafe man and told him about all that had happened. She wanted him to advise her, and he did so by telling her his story.

After years of following the girl he loved about, unable to tell her how he felt about her, an opportunity finally presented itself on a valentine’s day school party. He was pushed by his friends to ask her for a dance and she accepted.

They started dating that very night and became almost inseparable. But, they were both still young and couldn’t be seen together in public. They had to meet in abandoned building and secluded places and for a while, things went well for them until people started to notice. They got caught again and again and again and because of the eccentricity of the places they were always found in, everyone thought they went there to have sex and finally, her parents decided to send her out of the city.

He was just a second year student at a med school but when he heard that she was leaving, he dropped out of school and told his parents that he was going to find a job out of the city.

They let him go.

On the very day the girl left the city, he left too and they met at the train station. Their love continued to wax. She enrolled at a business school, and he got a job at a restaurant. Things were going very well for them, till things stopped going well.

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