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Tinuke – Season 1 – Episode 3 [Completed]

Episode 3

Karmal lowered his head and stuck out his tongue. Tinu flushed red – what was coming was going to be too much for her to contain. She closed her eyes to avoid focusing on the imminent experience.

‘So, tomorrow?’

‘Yes! Yes! Tomorrow, we shall celebrate his birthday. Right?’

‘No,’ the caller responded to a lost Tinu. ‘I can see that you are still feeling very disorientated just because I woke you from sleep. Just please call my brother on this line tomorrow and wish him happy birthday. I’d call you later girl.’

As Karmal’s tongue kept rolling up and down a tiny part of Tinu’s body, the petite lady crested as she entered into the twelfth cloud.

‘I love you sweetheart’ Johnson was saying on phone, his listener could barely hear him.

‘I love youuuuuu toooooo Dear.’ Tinu managed to respond, as she collapsed on her own bed helplessly. Under the physical and emotional influence of another man, she had gotten to the peak of sexual pleasure.


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