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Tinuke – Season 1 – Episode 2

Episode 2

As she slid the screen towards the receive direction, Karmal lowered himself on her widely open legs and went ahead into her.

She guffawed as she felt his hard part’s entry. This was extremely crazy, she knew that Karmal had deliberately made her pick the call so that he can continue to tease her from moaning during the call.

‘Tee.’ The familiar voice came through from the calling device. ‘any problem?’

Tinu quickly held her lips firmly, after two inaudible moans had escaped her, this was the last person in the world who should know about her current act.

‘Johnson!’ She finally said when she felt at ease. ‘There is no problem. What’s up? Where are you? Why didn’t you call with your own number?’

‘You sound stressed.’ Johnson remarked, ‘where are you?’ He didn’t consider her questions worthy of answers.

Tinu tried tossing the busy Karmal off her laps, but she was also enjoying the way he was slowly entering and leaving. She pulled him with the same hands that she had used to make a pushing attempt ‘Erm…Er…er…I’ve been slee…sleeping. I just woke up.’ She lied.

Karmal laughed inaudibly. A devilish face appeared on him. He knew too, that Tinu would be getting married to Johnson in three months, and he couldn’t place where he would then fit in her life, but what they both now shared, he really loved. He didn’t know what her fiancé was now saying, but he couldn’t resist a temptation to slap her buttocks.

A loud slap made its way on Tinu’s buttocks. The response was a playful frown which pierced Karmal’s skin reflexively.

‘Nothing dear,’ Tinu quickly responded her caller, ‘A mosquito just sat there sucking my arm.’ She lied again as she pushed Karmal off her, angrily. He had been too close in implicating her. Her husband-to-be had heard the slap too, and she was just prompt enough to fill that curiosity.

Karmal didn’t give up, he knew he had caused a naughty distraction, but sorry as he was, he still moved his fingers playfully around Tinu’s warm pot. Tinuke’s resistance was shunned with his other hand, she gave up resisting and moaned quietly.

‘Eh..?’ She asked her caller. ‘No, no.. nothing, I was only…I just didn’t get what you said…’

‘I said tomorrow is my brother’s birthday!’ Johnson was now obviously angry, ‘What’s wrong?’

‘Oh, sorry Sweetheart. I’m..I’m very sorry. I am still feeling sleepy.’

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