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Tinuke – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 3]



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Story Title: Tinuke

Episodes: 3

Category: 18+

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Episode 1


Tinuke felt droplets of warm sweats drop on her bare back, as she continued to move erratically beneath the source, the liquid slid down to her arrested rumps but Tinuke didn’t stop moving. She could feel it – she would soon get to that point where she wouldn’t feel distracted again – that point of untold pleasures. She bent her heads towards her back, as the heavy hands that had seized her buttocks got hold of her long braids and tugged at it.


This was the expected pleasure Tinuke had come for. Everything outside the exchange of pleasures totally excluded this particular man, but there was no time Karmal wasn’t ready to deliver it the way she wanted. Aside her total submission, she had nothing to compensate his commendable work but a deeply convincing moan of satisfaction.


‘Missionary’ the baritone voice instructed quietly, as the instructor retrieved his long shaft from its target for a short break. Tinu didn’t need anyone to explain what he meant, she had gotten accustomed to his styles. She turned herself over quickly – her back to the bed, while her full face and chest kept looking at him.


Karmal gave a short laugh amidst exhausted panting, he lifted her laps over his shoulders and applied a little spit at the tip of his phallus.


A ringing phone distracted the duo. There was an extended break, as they both looked in its direction, as if the phone was quite unfamiliar, or as if it was someone who was yelling their names.


‘Continue’ She whispered quietly, obviously disgusted at the distraction.


‘Nope,’ he responded as he retrieved the phone from the table, ‘the caller would not stop calling if you don’t pick, we – we got all day.’

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