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Till The Very End – Season 1 – Episode 9

Final episodes!
⭐Block Buster Ending!!⭐
The devil only attacks what he feels threatened by. Love is powerful, patient and sacrificial. Love was powerful enough to make Harry come to the aid of his dying wife even though he was still suffering from memory loss and couldn’t remember her. Love was patient enough to make Diana believe that her husband wasn’t dead and she waited for him to return home even though he was declared dead by the military personnel he worked with. Love was sacrificial enough to make the rescue team embark on a deadly journey to a far away land to rescue someone they weren’t even sure was truly alive. These and more are clear indications and confirmation that Love is selfless.
It was such a relief for everyone when Harry woke up from his slumber and agreed to treat his dying wife. For a moment, they thought he had gained back his senses and could hopefully recognise them, but it’s quite unfortunate that their guesses were wrong. Harry interacted and communicated with
his dying wife, Dan and the soldiers as though he didn’t know who they were. However, they were quick to sweep everything beneath the rug and just focus on making Diana better. They couldn’t hear the language he spoke and depended on the tourist guide for translation.
Just as instructed by Harry, the tourist guide stopped the boat and packed it along the riverbank. Immediately the boat was packed properly, Harry hurried down and ran into the bush. For about five minutes, he gathered herbs that were good for healing fresh wounds. He got to know about these herbs during his stay in the village. It’s possible that the village healer must have educated Harry on the use of those herbs because he spent quite a lot of time with him. After locating and gathering the herbs, he ran back to the boat and began to use his hands to squeeze the leaves to bring out tiny drops of water from it.
While Harry was engrossed in healing Diana, the soldiers watched him and were blown away. They began to feel bad for the dying lady due to everything she went through in the hands of the military a year ago. They sincerely wanted her to be ok and back to her feet again. Despite being aware of Harry’s strange behavior since he was recused, no one said anything because they were more concerned in getting Diana the healing she needed and at that moment, Harry was the only qualified person to deliver. After about an hour of administering medications on Diana, she slowly began to show signs of recovery and everyone was extremely grateful to God and Harry. Without wasting more time in fear that the hunters could still be after them, they entered back into the boat and headed home.
It took a whole day before they reached their destination. As they got close to the riverbank, network for phone calls came in and the soldiers quickly contacted their colleagues and informed them that two people were critically wounded. Before the boat reached dry ground, a handful of Military personnel and an ambulance were already waiting for them at the riverbank.
One look at Harry and everyone was dead-drop shocked. It was totally unbelievable and seemed as though they had seen a ghost. Despite the grown beards and a little change in stature, he was still highly recognizable.
What a day no one saw coming!
Immediately everyone alighted from the boat, Harry carried Diana but the medical officials quickly collected her from his hands and headed to the ambulance. The other soldier that was hit with the arrow was also taken into the ambulance. Without wasting time, the medical team drove off and headed to the military hospital, while the rest were conveyed by the military to their camp to rest after a hectic trip and for further questioning on what happened.
As they drove to the camp, some military officials who knew ‘Dr Harry’ were a bit confused as to why he was quiet all through the ride. He didn’t acknowledge their presence, neither did he show any signs that he knew who they were. The confusing countenance on their faces was quickly dismissed by one of the soldiers that went on the rescue trip. “He doesn’t understand a word we say expect it’s been translated by the tourist guide. He didn’t even recognize his wife so I doubt you guys stands a chance. Just let him be for now, he might have been greatly affected by the trauma of being away all these while in a far away land without civilization” the solider said.
That explanation was insightful and it eased the tension a bit. They couldn’t wait to hear the story behind Harry’s one year disappearance. When they arrived at the military camp, Dan and the tourist guide were given a room to share. They refreshed and laid down to rest properly before any questioning. On the other hand, Harry was checked into the military hospital for thorough check-up and treatment. The nurses took him to the bathroom to have a thorough shower. Afterwards, he was given a nice hospital clothing and food to eat. They noticed he wasn’t enticed by the food because it was different from the food he was now accustomed to in the village. After much plea and persuasion, he was able to drink juice and ate few spoons of the nicely prepared rice.
The military kept everything a secret from Harry or Diana’s family members for a while till they could at least find out what happened. It took another 24 hours for everyone to settle for questioning. Dan and the tourist guide were the first to be questioned by the military. They said everything they knew and didn’t hide a single detail. The soldiers were the next to be questioned and they also narrated the rescue mission exactly as it went.
After the first and second set of people were questioned, the senior officers saw no need to question Diana but they definitly wanted to hear what Harry had to say for all the while he disappeared. After series of tests were conducted on him, the doctors now knew about his memory loss. They were heartbroken by their discovery and didn’t hesitate to inform the military officials after running a physical test on him to see if he could recall past events from two years ago but he failed the test woefully.
“What do you mean by what you just said?” Mr Rex shocking asked after being informed by the doctor that Harry had amnesia. “Sir, he can’t remember anything before the accident that occurred a year ago that led to his disappearance. He can only remember the things that happened after the incident” the doctor revealed further. Despite being sad about the latest discovery, Mr Rex was a bit relieved that he could at least remember what happened to him. “Can we speak to him now?” Mr Rex asked and in no time, Harry was ushered into his office.

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